History: The Rise of Nationalism in Europe (Part-1) Class 10 Chapter-Notes Series

History: The Rise of Nationalism in Europe (Part-1) Class 10 Chapter-Notes Series

hello and welcome to the chapter the rise of nationalism in Europe Thomas chapter qu7 parts recover Korean gay will be comprehensive subject matter ke sath fell apart the French Revolution and the idea of the nation second the making of nationalism Europe then the age of revolutions then the making of German unit Li visualizing the nation nationalism and imperialism last May chapter key Samri hogie hamara lucky Yani in video tutorial series co they are condemned a local luck she had a very good knowledge base to be complimented with hundred percent marks in board exams or a palooka be helix institutes a hoga he so study well and was the video tutorials with full attention so let us begin the first part of this tutorial series for the chapter the rise of nationalism in Europe the pella topic the French Revolution and the idea of the nation is mahom a che topics putting a Frederic sorrow you Joe kick French artista was knee for prints kicks reads 1848 meteor key dismiss knee up like European vision means apna Sapna cousins are apni others sculpt Naja got poor trick here this may Junia co democratic and social Republic's bunty's with the higher key was a rapper aggressor a Ness instead by Nicola searching the symbols of absolutist institutions the rank assassin was taco effectively Agha birthday chilies are he see in the picture Statue of Liberty any certain 230v hot may masala the torch of enlightenment when the Gianna jagruti key michelle gielan corporate career looked on sukira Baraka personally do three hot may the charter of the rights of man any mono kiku shoddy card you say her howl me my lady a cusco show corteguay or either look birthday chiles are searching the symbols of the absolutist institutions jessica monarchy in iran Koosh Koosh and Webster go thoracic artery twist cutting away a big rowdy Cara Cisco do Statue of Liberty go Pascal Suki hey muchacho que haces que pase who nation state bunch okay yes a Switzerland and the United States France Sam Lisa goes awry any it is trying to become a nation state costumes in Cape May have flex a pitcher germany in italy a sip regards o'clock train but nation state ki nation state has a defined territory ignition vocal aquí la quwata la grotta and they share common identity in terms of language religion history decent or common identity co sheer got a journey un key pasa therm hehas Jonker decent yom kippur was Kanaka milk hot a common in his connect definition the via nation-state key nests instead is one where the great majority Yanni Rajaraja Musa Kazakh jockey Addison kitchen sinky conscious of common identity whoa common identity Co follow car Theo or same culture co-chair Cortijo sharing the same culture some who say Rasta Rascals up there but we try to understand it with the diagram nation is statically though Chi Chi hoon is Rui hey I got selfish TT say a witness perhaps I state is a political unit or entity yeah a charismatic Danaher political concept defined territory radiata state car this India – India key boundary nice it has constant Nishita east-west and north-south hick define boundary here people Laura the sovereignty means progress after some point of this in 1947 magellanic a bath vara tech pros at the tzompantli internal and external here Nikki barbule and the day so say someone this habit kindig lecithin through her or satiny under up nice ass on of stock which ironically so ten three we do so this was a dictator nahi kar sakta a legitimate government we state Chi cung Janiak of where the Sircar who Nietzsche serve somewhat Colonel sir carbonate yet indium a valid government ahjussi Laguna to incur bataya ecstatically a it is a Kenichi a nation he is cleric that boundary who needs a year no need not have a physical boundary a crack the egg this Marathi way Kooskia boundary of power he seduced a days so need not have a physical boundary refers to people bound by common identity log exogenous Cathy say Judy who shared history common language ethnicity decent is comic speakers immerse at their Jesus a Quebec Tikvah savolta distribution hosaka bolta tameka's a tanky day to share a common language whose kaatham adduced reggaeton Shaima thumbkin gay did they share a common religion the EC Pro cards happy CC concept called Abu Qatada yep origins and cap AKC they speak though you can easily understand what do you mean by shared history common language ethnicity decent love decent minsky hamari pool was same as you say we are Indians tohe Mary pool was Indian city America carnival evictee Indian origin can hear Husker decent Kanaka America's Azula hoga India's is lava nay hoga history same are given terms custom all currently common identity collective identity to see some as name is a depression in a unity ethnicity Muslim moon Kindersley Joss Joss Mooney you cost him someone stare a feeling of calmness and emotional attachment Rushdie Culp Nagisa shake emotional attachment jalaja I am horrid Cavalia bharat samara emotional attachment Huckabee biryani so sati even Bharata crushed heck in he India is a nation or not yogi Harper queasy clang business quick Tommy happy look nahi Monta both each other be Buddha tahe Halicki Buddha Tommy X I stop it cut 3d camera actually a condor a condo at km kalpana kartik hamari rushed Kokua crash to Prasanna he now try to find out why it is so and you judge yourself India can be called a nation or not Nestle some rushed worth identifying with one's own nation and supporting the promotion of its interest yeni ham up nicob neeraja joerger chalet whose supreme grey who still about okay Oscar he talked about how odd in Cuzco much good kindig oppressor COBOL day or Gillingham a shot at par a a grassy feeling say they rushed what a feeling Kalani unit means you are nationalistic you love your nation you are devoted to your nation or aggressor near the Carina ganging up rushed vodka feeling Hey bugger who steals it away but nationalism can manifest differently in different scenarios and situations they rushed what Allah Allah group under syrota Allah Allah groups in manifest hota so I'll give you a chapter spawning a Indochina car or nationalism in India so they can get manifest in the situations and scenarios of Indochina and India the French Revolution in 1789 was the first expression of nationalism the 1789 the French Revolution cook last nine up Laguna Salada hoga so it was a clear first expression of nationalism Jonnie rushed wat keep a thumb of evictee mana gotta have Francie Quantico yogi look Equis or a coke aruna resistance cooker fika is Casa ero purpura a Nabokov / b kc the french revolution inspired Nestle's among young people francy grantees in Laguna criminally or rushed vodka but how am Allah who lo Haga Beach maybe 0k other parts Moretti transfer of sovereignty to a body of citizens any sovereignty do Pelican myth in Haiti acreage amick rectum and he would transfer OB body of citizens may happen estates-general came upon her work is pro card say restaurant cooker finca gaya talk assassin whilst occasional a kekkaishi equipped in an indica the body of citizens co sovereignty transfer okay we presumed to be the ultimate source of shaping the destiny of the nation Yani rushed to abolish near Mata Baha'i Genta destiny of the nation rasca visual identity craggy Nagiko a quick T developing a sense of collective identity or sa prey Askia gay he loves you but a but a semi Sousou coneja o coneja eco joy or collective identity coma soos car a exogenous on on Cuban jaw is cliquey après-ski a gay the ideas of la patrie Lisa T own promoted the feeling of United Community Yani hamari mathrubhumi acre Comiskey nog Rica is not even iike the is a Taco Bell milta royal standard jockey resistance Capricciosa cotton car to be squeezed yogic tricolour French flag atop kia kia the state's general was elected and renamed the National Assembly toe up nipper how back last night make his precursor state general key meetings of convene de solo going to be through here 30 state Laguna is kendama delicate national assembly rock the yoga so Esper car say sorry cheeky hinges sickness Liam Coburn homily no hymns were composed nice to T&A Easley KK oats taken pretty cocky gain support illegally rushed Kingdom Moltres commemorated this book tour so he don't kakugane key again custom monkey again yes up nationalism cooper ionically a centralized system was installed a kendrick investor luckily he can manage oh sorry Nagre Cokely existing internal custom duties were abolished or laboum a taco but hamid any clear Ashdod keep hinako praedyth corniglia custom duty Schoology accustomed Kiyosaki there should be freedom of movement of goods and services and capital uniform system of weights and measures adopted and he exists in October was Telugu key to develop a common language people were asked to speak French and son speaking regional dialect Laguna Seca Haga cue apne a chi 3 buzz honk of ülker French possum bath curry is semi ikkaku Bahama milta hai you must keep it in mind that language plays a great role in uniting the people or developing a solidarity among themselves besides volume Canada Thea hey stop it condemnee or a shared common culture develop condemn a take for example India India does not have a national language as a caregiver I think we rush to pass on I think over it and find out yourself the French nation was supposed to consider it as a duty to liberate other peoples of Europe oh boy I say come on Kelly GJ hi Jovie France kilo get some aesthetic even ki a duty Hakata hey ki jai singh dhoni vodka chip Conley aho a Bruce Lee so magical own collaborate curry Rustin same octi rely on nation state one name a mother decree impact of the event in France on other parts of Europe so France would you cut Niagara to use car or che through percaya prabhupada happy homie the hisagi collective identity develop chronic leaky après-ski again students and middle class members educated fraternity Jyoti Munna Jacobian clubs bananas rookie Jacob it clubski bury my upper class named Apollo hoga Robert Speer Akiba remember he's my logo cha-cha-cha Cartier or ax and Lina is pictured say OTT the people debated on the things the policies of the government etc they supported the entering of French armies Jesse gibeom nipple hockey France kilo Kepner cut up some aesthetic he would jacquard do rich head room will be local liberate Korea mukarat standard say the French Army's disapprobation or Chitra mr. Holland her Belgium as usual and her the hopper Jacobin Club slogan consoie Katya the idea of nationalism is spread more with the Revolutionary Wars though French armies Capri biscotti hypocrisy cobalt mill SATA our Revolutionary Wars Casati sadness Liz America Otis Elevator Napoleonic reforms Napoleon destroyed democracy hung Napoleon could blame the technically Napoleon a democracy go Concordia yoky cetera so namazi 1789 he jus Kranthi with use nearest enrico custom Piazza or Napoleon II do bara rast and give up seeking anarchic establish kiya Latinos make coffees are the preciseness with Harkey the sake irrational or efficient government is habit Kiyosaki so subsequently her civil code you need Napoleonic Code of 1804 it removed privileges based on birth privileges means Vichy shoddy car yo hablo mucho de caramel tanuki bellacor Kucha dakar di di throw privileges k like he say pradhan mantri he rushed but he have VIP happy bhai peace in sub k hum say da da de Caro tan they have privileges though jumper that is sorry pal which is Kadam he established equality before law right to property was secured and he's an argent carne or right to property kiss exe Minnehaha hyssop camellia yeti car Reformation in this Republic sigil and Italy Germany French impaired caffee do Rockefeller guava you from Vienna keys and Dicky bar even putting a to Hadouken gay he French Empire caja Tata Reformation in does Republic's vigilant Italy Germany the hopper administrative reforms key a feudal system abolished miss Samantha West Academy Kiki peasants freed from serfdom unique Reseda sir to say cassano khajit Craig and Manuel do son komaraiah someone took everybody's a giri who teaches because unconquered ET arose mrs. soft be Jota a joke benoît my turkey three who have become Cartier or and keep et cetera say who's cool ami say Julie right et though assume kombucha raga now they were made a freemen reforms in towns gilded restrictions were removed Gilda means associations of merchants or crowds persons in Japanese Ramu who are contented in a guild cajeta Tata worshipable deity in Academy Jana guilds abhinaya Shakti T lo Gaffney associations Banaszak TT transport and communications improved transport communication coffee so the Archaea guys may become encased anime history some youth case have taken Napoleon and democracy could destroy Kia but he did very good in terms of ringing administrative reforms and many other things like civil code etc reaction of people to the new palenik reforms AB Napoleon ensued Harkey was Kiki uppity really Laguna Beach may pigeons artisans workers new businessmen welcomed the reforms in Laguna in Sudan oka swagat kiyow kiyow kiyow kiyow JD Masucci he have ovitch a citrate kar sakthe they concocted a uniform laws standardized weights and measures common currency was to facilitate the movement of goods and capitals from one region to another our Isla Vista swagath kia kia he in open since with her own say he's a second affirm laws standardized weights measures common currency Hulagu we say we're Park Omaha malaga there will be freedom of movement of goods and capitals from one region to another or a safe prosperity me but Hagee reaction of people in the conquered areas licking jinsha trauma french armies pasta the french empire fell owatta the france coach worker joe other areas t g hopper napoleon Casa Santa maja per capita crea who young monkey in the beginning the French were welcomed by people as a harbingers of peace though shuru me to buy you a car seis Antigua dude some jagiya or own cosmic icky icky icky they have come to liberate us and they will help us in establishing nation-state I mean idea milling gear the car milling gay con una semana gato these were the expectations the people became hostile licking zemeckis at look Guzman kotha Chile gay French armies que se Kyung they became hostile due to some new administrative arrangements preciseness with her as a junior asana here as I say taxable Hadiya gay forced conscription any French army schools and cookies Ruth OTT though George St cinema party quartet Elanco though is similar gusto gay al Qaeda Bundy L agree with E he and if Kootenai Azad in a tedious you known a who meet Kitty the in he was a shallow trench are Miska dushman whole gay and they became NT to the French Army's difference proves the French mission of liberating the people of other parts of Europe and new worlds book maneuvers ke naam Saku stone Steiger they say absolutist yoni near on couche Wadi the assay caiman Oracle form of government resistant that was centralized Anna Kendrick adversity a quick team in Heathrow TT militarized Sasson sanic okay sorry hella car Tata c'mon Carrie who Tata Ito Qian a nice up endures a vision of a society si Samara CBO's taka udders and Joe Culp Naja got me who I just gave a stricte ke roop Mahoney geek we Hashanah who to say it would be encouraged oughtta play with it a direct vote by which all the people of a reason are asked to accept or reject a proposal he said Jen Matt kata means longer Beach may kiss EMU deeper low here I'm Alicia teeth you speak of near a cymatic Rupa be this a Twitter smatv kar sakta T the supply be shipped he say hum election schedule Canada except a there is a difference between play vc10 election so here the first part of the tutorial series for the chapter the rise of nationalism in Europe and sere hope reduce elaborate hygge please spare some time it would be highly appreciated if he spare some time to give your comments and feedback so that the channel could be improved tutorials could be improved or agaric you click query here to say be a pushed Korea comment section may or hopparoo reply Kaneko she squeezed yogi please support this channel by giving you feedback and promoting it thank you thank you for watching the video tutorial see you in the next video till then bye-bye take care

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