History of Russia – Lesson 3 – FIRST RULER of Russia

History of Russia – Lesson 3 – FIRST RULER of Russia

In today’s lesson, we speak about the first ruler of Russia. First, you should understand that due to the lack of historical sources it is impossible to know anything about this period for sure. Please, take the following information with a big grain of salt. The main source is theTale of Bygone Years (Повѣсть времѧньныхъ лѣтъ). It combines a history of Kievan Rus’ from about 850 to 1110. Originally The Tale of Bygone Years was compiled in Kiev at the beginning of the 12th century by the monk named Nestor. You should understand that it was written several centuries after the events we’re going to talk about today. So who was the first Prince of Russia? According to legend the tribes Chuds, Eastern Slavs, Merias, Veses, and Krivichs “…drove the Varangians back beyond the sea, refused to pay them tribute, and set out to govern themselves”. Afterwards, the tribes started fighting each other and decided to invite the Varangians, led by prince Rurik, to re-establish order and to «govern them». Rurik came in 862 along with his brothers Sineus and Truvor and a large retinue. According to the Primary Chronicle, Rurik was one of the Rus’, a Varangian tribe likened by the chronicler to Danes, Swedes, Angles, and Gotlanders. Sineus established himself at Beloozero (now Belozersk), on the shores of lake Beloye, and Truvor at Izborsk (or at Pskov). The brothers died shortly after the establishment of their territories, and Rurik consolidated these lands into his own territory. He later moved his seat of power to Novgorod, a fort built not far from the source of the Volkhov River. The meaning of this place name in medieval Russian is ‘new fortification’, while the current meaning (‘new city’) developed later. Rurik remained in power until his death in 879. On his deathbed, Rurik bequeathed his realm to Oleg, who belonged to his kin, and entrusted to Oleg’s hands his son Igor, for he was very young. We will speak about them in my next lesson. Up until today, there is a controversy among historians about the origins of Rurik. A Scandinavian origin of the Rus’ has been bitterly contested by Slavic nationalists. Starting with Mikhail Lomonosov, East Slavic scholars have criticized the idea of Norse invaders. If you want to learn more about this subject, you can look up the Normanist theory and the criticism about it. For today, I want you to remember that Rurik started a dynasty that lasted up until the 17th century! Everybody knows the Romanov dynasty, but actually, it was Rurik’s descendants who ruled Russia for more than 700 years.

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  2. Thank you for doing these lesson. Did they teach these kind of lessons about the Russian origins during Soviet times?

  3. Was kayak fishing around Dana point California today and they had sailing day with about +30 sailboats entered in for a cruising day… 3 boats with Russian main sails were there…. I approached one of them but they couldnt hear me! I shouted “Otkyda Tbl “ but I was certain I knew the answer ! Mother Russ

  4. Magnificent illustrations Aesthetic BGM
    Very sophisticated touch in terms of documentary und most of all luv ur narration as always enjoyed a lot Спасибо большое Пожалуйста keep making them

  5. A DNA map would be interesting. May settled some of the controversy about origin. Or not…..some people like to believe what they believe.

  6. Thanks for the great history lesson today! The graphics are excellent!👍😊 I look forward to learning more about Russia from Arkansas 👍 ❤️💕

  7. Sorry for the previous terrible message, Daria: it is the fault of the tablet concealer. I rewrite it – I hope correct – with the computer: thanks , Daria, it is very interesting to me to know the ancient History of Russia. Good work!

  8. Отличная история, этого России (правильно?), Daria, it’s a wonderful research I’d love to be engaged, even if it was “cum grano salis”. Rich, interesting history!

  9. Thank you sweetheart. It seems that all real history has been changed or " lost " . It is hard to control people who know their true past.
    We keep looking tho……

    May you have a wonderful life,a life full of wonder.

  10. Chud', Merya and Ves' were not Eastern Slavs, they were Finno-Ugric tribes, only Krivichi and you also forgot to mention Ilmen's Slovene (Novgorod Slavs).

  11. I love this….this is where my family tree has lead me. As far as my research had gone I am related to Saints Olga and Vladimir.

  12. Hello I am Mohammed from Iraq I would like to apply for study in beloved Russia 😍 So I would like to meet a friend from Russia ❤ I love Russians

  13. Это было очень интересно Дарья!👍🤔😀 Большое спасибо! 😄🙂😊





  15. At first its good to hear your voice again, dear teacher.
    And next i have to say you as a teacher doing perfect and that was an interesting story and history.
    Tnx and looking for your next video.⚘

  16. Я люблю историю, спасибо Дарья. The Norman theory? I wonder if it matters in the long run. If they ruled for 700 years then they are Russian. There a Scandinavian people all over the world and they would see themselves as a citizen of whatever country they live in. Although, I sort of understand. In the early 2000s Australia made a turn to the right and now racism, fascism, bullying & lying are now embedded in the behaviour of many Australians. I hate this new attitude and I find myself wishing I was living in Europe. Either Slovenia or Russia. Because of my health I can't leave Australia. The health system is too good. But I no longer identify as Australian as strongly as I did when I was younger. The main exception, of course, is sport. I will support Australia in all sporting contests (with a soft spot for Slovenia).

  17. This kind of video makes me feel more interested in learning this language. It sounds complicated, but as you said learning languages is a step-by-step process.

  18. HI Daria!
    As always, you have given us interesting information. And believe me , this is a compliment because although the fact that I don't like history , I have watched and listened your videos about Russia History , carefully. .
    Пока, пока!

  19. Privet Daria, Have you studied any Anthropology? I have been taught there was a "land bridge" between Russia and Alaska, and many of North Americans Native peoples were from Eurasia. I'm sure if you could trace DNA, we would find many things that people wouldn't accept, so I would tend to believe, this controversy has basis in fact. Joe

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