His Dark Materials | Dafne Keen: Bringing Lyra Belacqua to Life | HBO

His Dark Materials | Dafne Keen: Bringing Lyra Belacqua to Life | HBO

You are told, kind of, as a kid,
as Lyra is, “You’re not good enough,
you can’t do this, you can’t do that.”
And it’s all a lie. You can do it,
you can smash it,you can be the best at it,
even if you’re a girl,
you’re a boy.
Anything you are, you can do it.
♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Stepping into the world
is really easy, ’cause every time you went
into a set, you were in Wales,
and then suddenly, you were in Lyra’s world.We have brilliant writers,
we have such amazing people
working behind it.Lyra’s just lived
in this tiny, little college
in Oxford
with these really old scholars.
She just loves to explore,
that’s why she runs
along the roofs,
why she runs with Roger
through the kitchens,
why she does all of those crazy things
because she is meantto be an explorer.
She is meant to be someone
who is adventurous,
and she’s quite curious.
I want you to spy on the Master. DAFNE KEEN:That’s something
I would do, spying on people.
Or just looking at stuff that
you’re not supposed to look at. ROGER PARSLOW:
Do you ever think about what animal Pan will settle as
when he stops changing form? LYRA BELACQUA:
Pan thinks he will be a lion. ROGER: I don’t. I think he’ll settle as a sloth. KEEN:Pan is Lyra’s soul.It’s the conscience.
Basically, I think it’s the more adult part of you.She has a quite fun relationship
with Pan.
She’s very close to him because
he is Lyra’s best friend.
He’s Lyra’s cheerleader,
’cause he’s always like,“You can do this.”-LYRA: It’s locked.
-When did a locked door stop us?Lyra, I think she wouldn’t be
as healthy as she is…
psychologically, ’cause
she really loves Pan so much.Her energy at the beginning
looks very happy,
and very up, but then,
I think if you look deeper,
you see all of that darkness
of being an orphan, of living in a college
with people who aren’t your age,apart from Roger,that whole darkness
that she has inside of her
that you don’t really see
until probably,
like, episode five.I think I want them to see
the darkness
that she has inside of her.The personal stories
of every character, they’re very rich,
they’re very interesting,they’re very profound.Lord Asriel is her uncle,
and he’s a man
who’s very powerful.
He’s a lord.
And she really admires him,
but it’s quite sad ’cause he– you see, he really
doesn’t care about her, and she just follows him around,
and is like, “My uncle’s coming,
my uncle.”And everything that her uncle
has done, she wants to do,
and she has every postcard
her uncle has sent her.
She’s got everything her uncle
has ever done in her bedroom.
Lee is kind of…
the light in the story. Because the story is so dark. Lee Scoresby.
I can fight and I can fly. I don’t come cheap
and neither should I.And then Lee is suddenly there,
this American aeronaut
who knows everyone,who’s a friend with
an armored bear.
And he’s just so fun to be with.And that’s something
that Lyra really needs.
And him and Lyra
really understand each other,
because they’re both hustlers,
they’re both…
really strong people.
They’ve both got a bit
of a sense of humor,
especially Lee.
She’s quick.
And she stole my bacon. And they’re so–
They’re so similar. They understand each other
instantly.Mrs. Coulter is Lyra’s boss,
And Lyra really admires her,
because she’s this beautiful,
really powerful,
intelligent woman.
Mrs. Coulter listens to her,
and she kind of… controls her a bit, but at the same time,
lets her be. And that’s what makes Lyra
fall in love with her. You’re an explorer too? (LAUGHS) Oh, that is
such a grand word. But yes, I suppose I am. KEEN:Just her way of being,
her intelligence,
her beauty,
and her being a woman
’cause she’s barely seen
any women in her whole life. MARISA COULTER:
Be careful, Lyra. KEEN:
I think Lyra is a young girl
who’s been brought up
in this very repressed,
very chauvinistic world,and she is just trying to
fight herself out of the mold. Because she thinks this world
is corrupted.The rich people want
to stay rich,
and they want to carry on
dominating people like her.
And she just thinks, well,
this isn’t fair.
How am I supposed to trust you
when no one tells me the truth?! KEEN:It’s a beautiful
coming-of-age story.
And it’s a story about
a girl against the system.She’s been told her whole life,“You can’t do this,
you can’t do that.
You’re a girl.” Blah-blah.And she just says,
“Well, I don’t care.”
I’m ready to fight. ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

55 thoughts on “His Dark Materials | Dafne Keen: Bringing Lyra Belacqua to Life | HBO

  1. It is so good to see Dafne Keen a.k.a. X-23, a.k.a. Laura, a.k.a. Wolverine, on the big screen again. Pretty soon she'll be taking over for Hugh Jackman. Hopefully. Proud of you Dafne.👏👏👏

  2. Isn't she Spanish. She has a British accent. I mean I heard her speak fluent Spanish before, as a matter of fact. Her first language is Spanish. This kid is going to have a great future.

  3. I am amazed to find out that Dafne is 14, considering that her research on her character is deep and how she's able to convey her thoughts in such coherent and mature manner. Definitely cannot wait to see her portrayal of Lyra!

  4. Lyra: Pan thinks he’ll settle as a Lion
    Pan: I DON’T!!! 😤

    I love that whole exchange, Pan is going to be my favourite character, I’m positive

  5. I knew within the fist 5 minutes of the first episode that they’d cast Lyra perfectly! I cannot wait to see her flesh the character out more.

  6. I remember Dafne Keen in the final Wolverine movie. She was great in that and I think she'll be great in this. Can't wait for episode 2!

  7. I thought she was brilliant in Logan. Having just watched the first episode of His Dark Materials she’s great in this too. She has such a bright future ahead of her. I wish her the best of luck.

  8. First time Dafne will work with James McAvoy the younger Professor X from the new X-Men movies? Since she worked with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart from the Logan movie?

  9. The only thing I can find at fault (almost), with what these series look to be, (I haven't watched them yet, just judging from this and the trailer) is that Pullman wove a world with a hidden….agenda.

    By that I mean that there was this feeling of large forces at work, huge powers that controlled fate and destiny. Lord Asriel was a man with an almost etheric power and regality that I feel the series misses. Miss Coulter also, has a dark…hidden…cruel influence over society (especially at the Station).
    Later on in the trilogy, Pullman uncovers angels and heavenly powers and shows how they affect the lives of the mere mortals down on earth, and how they are intertwined. I feel like the series somewhat misses the huge scale on which pulllman based his books.

    And can we all lament for a moment……….. the utter thinness and frailty of the alethiometer in these clips:( What happened to the solid weight of a heavy, brassy object with knobs and a round face?

  10. I watched the first episode last night and thought it utterly brilliant. I have read all the books and this so brought the books to life. Compulsory viewing for the next however many Sunday nights.

  11. I simply love the fact that nobody is complaining about her hair color or stuff like that. This is a such a perfect casting for Lyra. <3

  12. Stopped watching after 30 seconds, didn’t want to look at her for the whole hour
    What an AWFUL choice for Lyra, just unbelievable

  13. Dakota Blue Richards was perfect as Lyra, same thing with the other actors. Say what you will about the movie but the casting was phenomenal.

    Dafne Keen will probably do a good job though. James McAvoy will have to work very hard to fill Daniel Craig's boots. His gravitas, coldness and downright scariness is hard to surpass.

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