26 thoughts on “Hilton: Macron is completely wrong on nationalism

  1. So what are you doing over there you ponce? Your not serving the English interest. How stupid are your viewers not even to question your illegitimacy? Oh yes, I forgot, your white so it doesn't even cross their minds. You should be here spouting your racist, divisive and non-sensical garbage. Oh yes, you were but got booted out. Shame these Americans are not independent thinkers or intelligent enough to see through your fake news and laughable irony and give you no air time either. But then again I would miss out on having a laugh. It is so funny!

  2. I'm a nationalist, macron should be in prison for treason against his people, for God sakes someone wake up,your ancestors for hundreds and even thousands of years fought for you , no one else so for you to trade the very people your ancestors fought for is a very sickening thing.

  3. Typical spotty character employed by Fox News. Steve Hilton is the spin doctor for former British Prime Minister David Cameron. Prince William and David Cameron "have become embroiled in a row over corruption in football", says the Daily Telegraph, after Fifa released the full report of its investigation into how the 2018 and 2022 World Cups came to be awarded to Russia and Qatar. Details of England’s unsuccessful attempt to host the 2018 competition have been made public in the report, a condensed version of which was published in 2014. The Telegraph says the Duke of Cambridge and the former prime minister were present at a meeting where a "vote-swapping deal between England and South Korea was discussed".

  4. The problem with the President saying he is a 'Nationalist' is that many white supremacists think the he is saying he is one of them.
    Trump has NEVER clearly and without contradiction denounced white supremacists. He always hedges or quickly contradicts himself.
    It is easy to come to the conclusion that he is (at least) turning a blind eye to white supremacists/white nationalists.

  5. Macron is speaking the common sense truth, informed by an educated European's knowledge of the horrors unleashed by Nationalism. It's only Trumpie Traitors, his crooked henchmen, and the naive suckers who voted for Trump who can swallow this FoxPravda bullshit.

  6. nationalism = The hegemonic domination of the nation. patriotism = love for its country which is justifiable In Europe Nationalism it was Napoleon with15 years of war / In Italy : Mussolini etc… Nationalism has pulled WW1 and WW2 that's what means Macron no more wars everybody loses when there's a war

  7. I'm French and I 'm so sad to read all the insults about the French. Why people of USA hate us so much ? So sad because speaking for myself I really love Mexico !

  8. It is no wonder that France is overrun by Muslim invaders. Macron does not care about his own country and he believes that every other national leader should be more interested in merging their country into the global government than in maintaining a national identity. France is lost with this man and people like him in charge of their government. Congratulations France, you have committed national suicide.

  9. Agree..two of most disliked persons is Macron and Angela Merkel if you truly asked the main citizens in Europe and really hope other nations and not least Argentina will not give them safe heaven the day they need to stand accountable for tumbling our old continent.
    Greetings from Denmark and a ordinary taxpaying citizen who sadly live in a neighboorhood in inner Copenhagen simply flooded in sectarian tensions and killings these years from numerous immigrant gangs from here and also Malmø Sweden fighting and creating and making no go-zones, where it ain't the democratic system there are setting the pace and are in control.
    Nationtumbling is like the new sports genre for our EU horny politicians, and where Denmark is the main contributor in net gross pr citizen and the amount you pay to EU and Merkel are taking our own tax funds and using these to buy our politicians to do here tumbling work.
    I really hope these nation tumbling persons will be held accountable as with huge power it goes hand in hand with big responsibility, particularly when you, again and again, go again your own peoples agenda, and playing Russian roulette with the future.

  10. You guys are grabbing at straws 😂😂😂how are you not criticizing Trump about not honoring the american soldiers that died in France?

  11. It's pretty easy to figure out. Imagine if New York State adopted a policy of New York State first, or if New York City adopted a policy of New York City first. Now imagine that all of the other states or, worse yet, every other city in the US adopted the same self-centered policy. How would the US hold itself together for any length of time in such a situation? The same applies globally. If every state adopts a policy of me first, then how are we to build mutually beneficial trade deals? No government in its right mind would ever sign a trade deal that hurts it. This means that to succeed, the deal has to benefit all parties or it falls apart. The same applies to military alliances.

    Now, granted, the US can use muscle diplomacy in an America First policy as it did by muscling Canada into a trade deal that the US wanted. Now Canada is seeking trade deals with ASEAN and other countries more aggressively than it ever did in its history. In short, the US has just exposed Canada's weakness and humiliated it on the world stage similarly to how the UK had exposed China's weakness and humiliated it on the world stage in the Opium Wars. When you humiliate a state in the eyes of the world, it will react by focusing on setting itself up so that one day the US won't be able to do that again, however long it takes.

    That's the problem with nationalism: it breaks down international relations.

  12. 2 things.

    What’s funny is everyone cuts Trump down for using Twitter when he first came into office and became a “politician.”

    Now every Politician uses Twitter. He started that.

    2. The Media, The left wing media especially, judges a man and does story pieces off Trumps TWITTER SENTENCES. We judge someone off TYPED WORDS. Not dialogue between two people. And surely not action, and nothing in our own presence did we witness. That’s the key, witnessing is reality.

    We don’t know what Putin and Trump talk about behind close doors, we don’t know what Trump and Macron talk about one on one behind close doors. We don’t do any stories on that.

    Reality from Mass Media.


    Jean Baudrillard, you were right.

  13. lying bald twat trump never attended the ceremony he is the joke of the world. Nationalism killed millions in Europe that is where Macron he is coming from.

  14. Macron is an idiot. He wanted to make an important historical speech. Put your country’s interests first, global interests second.

  15. definition for nationalist
    a person who advocates political independence for a country.

    I truly hope my president is a nationalist because i want political independence for my country. If you are not a nationalist please leave the United States.

  16. very funny that talking tittyhead. LOL ! Fox getting nervous. Trump and his bimbo are dated. Change coming soon.

  17. Macron speaks this Globalist regime yet his city is surrounded by machine guying slinging police/army to stop the wonderful open border invaders!

  18. Trump got his ass handed to him and embarrassed in France. 🇫🇷 Nationalism and patriotism are not the same thing. Any academic will tell you that. Nationalism is taking patriotism too far. 1930s Germany is the perfect example of nationalism. Congrats Fox News on misinforming your viewers even more.

  19. Marco does not understanding meaning of NATIONALISM ??? Marco might need go to practice more English !!!

  20. Wish Macron was our President. Or Angela. Or Amy K. or Oprah. Trump is a racist liar. Unfair, combative, rude. Why people like that is mysterious.

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