Hillary Clinton: “There’s No National Emergency At Our Border” | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Hillary Clinton: “There’s No National Emergency At Our Border” | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

There’s gonna be a new Attorney General
confirmed in a matter of days, weeks there’s a lot of consternation from
Democrats about whether the findings of the Mueller report are gonna see daylight.
Are you worried about it when you when you look at the landscape? I think that anyone in a position of responsibility has a duty to keep the American people
informed and I would expect that duty to be fulfilled and if there is a report,
that report should be sent to the Congress and made public. The President
might call a national emergency in the next two weeks – if you were calling a
national emergency on any topic what would it be? Where should we be most
focused right now? I just don’t think you should call national emergencies unless
they’re truly is a national emergency. There’s no national emergency at our
border and he’s frustrated because he can’t even convince his own party to
support his requests and he shouldn’t be breaking new ground and and causing new
precedents that you know really could come back to not only haunt him
but haunt our country. So he should go through regular order. He couldn’t get
Congress when he had Republican control if he can’t get it now then work with
Congress every Democrat every Republican wants to do what is right to secure our
border they disagree with his demand that there’s only one way to do that.

24 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: “There’s No National Emergency At Our Border” | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

  1. I Really wished I'd have Voted for Hillary instead of Listening to All that Fake Information about her !! I didn't Believe or Trust Trump so I didn't vote at all !! Sure wished I'd had !!! 😢 I'm sure a lot of people was like me !! I sure Wish Hillary was President now !! And I still don't believe or Trust Trump today tomorrow or Ever !!!

  2. Voting for Trump was the Biggest mistake of my life! I have ruined my kids future with this buffoon false Demi-God currently in the WH. To everyone, I'm So Sorry!!!

  3. Since trump came to destroy the government, I just hope that 'regular order' will be restored before it's gone completely. 🌹

  4. I truly believe that Hilary Clinton did win that night, the Russians did something to change our votes trust me😲😤

  5. No NATIONAL EMERGENCY at the border. Just a big egotistical liar in the W.H. He's just looking for cheers and applause because he hasn't had a good busted nut since his last rally during the midterms. That's all he lives for. His big EGO but doesn't have the sense of a turkey.

  6. I've never thought I'd say that but I wish you would've won. And I know it seems hopeless now but never give up you can still be the first female prasident of the United States

  7. I truly believe that she was robbed of that role by a corrupt draconian system that is now being controlled by rich old white men.

  8. Face it all you Trump strumpets, you're in the minority and all the BS you spew keeps it that way. You have no more help from Putin and now Its Mueller time! Ha ha!

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