27 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Sounds Like A Republican On Foreign Policy

  1. you think, she's talking like a republican in the 2nd debate? wait until the 3rd one, where she sounds like Ronaald Reagan's and Maggie Thatcher's love child. And she even attacked Trump for attaacking Reagan. Really. So she's been on the right to him in the last debates. Coompared to this, she sounds almost like a centrist in the Town Hall debate.

  2. You are a joke. How can you say that we should intervene in Phillipines because Duterte is committing a genocide but then say we shouldn't intervene in Syria, where there is also a genocide. Double Standard

  3. This single policy could sway my vote from Stein to Trump. With all the drills that Russia has been doing in preparation for a potential nuclear conflict with the USA, this is the single most dangerous policy Clinton can have. Forget the hundreds of civilian casualties that Clinton admits could come about from her foreign policy in Syria. If Hillary institutes a no fly zone in Syria, which leads to a nuclear exchange between Russia and USA, you are looking at BILLIONS of casualties that would be caused by a potential nuclear winter depending on the extent of the exchange.

  4. Maybe you shouldn't have spent so much time totally deflating Bernie Sanders supporters….

    saying Bernie don't stand a chance at all, every chance you got, way back when he was at his peek and still had every chance in the world!!!!

  5. Kyle is such a idiot. He made a video where he wanted the US to do regime change in the Philippines because Duterte was killing drug addicts and drug dealers. He even called it a genocide lmao. But he doesn't want to do the same for tyrant who is in fact engaged in a genocide. C'mon Kyle, I know you admire Assad but at least be a little consistent.

  6. Saddam should have been toppled- the over 25 million who are able to travel to Iraq for world's largest annual peaceful gathering on Arbaeen is proof. The problem was that the toppling was not based on justice. Had the world gone to Iraq on the basis of his inhumanity towards his own people and the constant intrusion on country borders, we would have surely seen a result we could have been unanimously proud of.

    History has taught us that evil means do not result in righteous results- the ends do not justify the means. Unfortunately, as we could see from all that you have stated, our candidates do not agree with this philosophy in the slightest.

  7. Kyle, you have to fix the description, it says "How did Dolores Umbridge defend his lewd and sexually aggressive comments against women in the second presidential debate? ISIS…".

  8. She is a republican! That is old news. She is just a moderate one with some sanity. Which makes her miles more intelligent and qualified than Donny boy.

  9. Surprisingly enough, not only Al-Assad of Syria but also Saddam Hussein had a single-payer health care for all & tuition-free education at all level 1979 to 1984. Infant mortality rates fell from 8 % to 4 % and UNESCO reported that Iraq had one of the best educational performances in the region.
    After USA started to send Iraq massive MDW. Saddam Hussein cut public health funding by 90 percent.

  10. There's really no difference between Trump and Clinton supporters at this point. They're both completely ignoring terrible shit at this point.

  11. Maybe dont arm Al Qaeda to attack Assad and then the Russians wont try and bomb them. I like how literally everything that is the US's fault they just blame on someone else. None of this would have happened if the US just stayed the fuck out of the middle east.

  12. Trump Knows What He's is Talking About U Edited The Tape God Damn It He said I Do not Agree with My Running Mate,I Need To talk to Him.He said this against Jeb Bush Same thing about Syria Dumb ass and He just Said the Iran Deal Was Bad.

  13. This is my prediction for WW3:
    USA, EU, India, and Israel vs Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran.
    Note that all of them have nukes. It would be the end of the world as we know it.

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