High tea in South America

High tea in South America

11 thoughts on “High tea in South America

  1. Argentina, crisol de razas!! Todos los climas en un solo pais !! Es unica mi Argentina 🇦🇷 me encato tus videos !! Llegue por casualidad..

  2. Hi! So nice to see tourists in my province. There are many welsh tea houses in Chubut, because welsh immigrants founded many cities and are about 10% of the population. We also hold events like the Eisteddfod. Next time you come back, I recommend you to go to Ty Te Caerdydd in Gaiman, that tea house is really famous bc Lady Di visited it. Also if you come around winter you can visit Puerto Madryn to see whales, penguins and sealions just like she did . Good luck!
    Fun fact: Trevelin means Windmill city in Welsh. Also because of its proximity to Chile, the citizens had to vote whether they preferred to part of and they chose Argentina.

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