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  1. You can’t stop the progress . If they can’t build them there the jobs and capital will flee elsewhere . Ugly reality but you can’t have both .

  2. London need to nuke all the evil "unique and historical" buildings and replace them with good hughmungus ugly blocky buildings made out of concrete glass and tin becuase thats the future right.

  3. I dont really think large towers in Historic cities work, like a someone else's comment towers dotted around the place looks awful. Planners should at least designate a certain part to be the skyscraper area, so people looking to build will build in that area. Moscow I would say have nailed this idea, they seem to have the tall skyscrapers placed in a certain area away from the historic red square area.

  4. I’ve worked on some of these they are no way worth what they selling for they use shoddy labour cheaply built and they just cover the bad work in marbel and and shiny things This country is in tatters

  5. They are building high rise buildings everywhere. A lot of people cannot afford it, yet they prefer to leave people homeless, sleeping on the streets.

  6. id refuse people to build these rich properties because they will be eventually priced out think about were they stay while on construction

  7. there always goin on about cheaper houses but no ones got money for them unless your a toff or a celeb or royal familie

  8. Affordable London is fast disappearing. History is being wiped out for asset value antics for the super rich corporations and, as we plan to crash out of Europe, our property ties and and our company ownership is now all overseas. We sold off the family silver and pander to the international global corporates who build buy-to-leave at the expense of us all. But hey "we're taking our country back" shout the uniformed morons

  9. Wow, that view is so ugly. Pay £1million for a view of concrete.

    I'd rather pay £1million and get a view of my planet. Not London. The mountains, a lake, a forest, something with a bit of colour and life.

  10. Interesting reading some of the overseas comments. I doubt many tourists come to London to take photos of the post WW2 buildings, any more than they go to Paris to take photos of La Défense.

  11. You though London has a skyline view war. Manila also, there's a condominium tower that is called "the national photobomb" because it destroy the view of Rizal Park, Philippines most prominent park and especially the Dr. Jose Rizal Statue which is a historical thing
    And that developer of the "national photobomber" also build 2 condominium towers in my city that IS STANDING LITERALLY ABOVE A ACTIVE FAULTLINE that is predicted to have a dangerous Magnitude 7.2 earthquake

  12. This is very ugly. Skyscraper are better in groups not everywhere like in London. Look Paris or Frankfurt, skyline is beautiful.

  13. Poor London ! Poor Georgian and Victorian Period !! I don't recognize my city like that :'( :'( :'( Where is the history of London through these ugly new buildings ? :'(

  14. The investor in me says "its okay they should be able to build where and what they want, there are wealthy people who can afford it and they will buy" the human in me says they should be building homes that the average worker can afford" Its a Catch 22 ultimately perpetuated by the government of course. In order to make a return on investment of the cost & taxes it takes to buy undeveloped property in the center of London and make a profit, they have to build for people who can afford a $500,000-16 Million for a home. It's not entirely the fault of the investors it all goes back to the government but they're going to try and deflect the blame.

  15. I hope they will build as much as they can and then when the property market collapses all their wealth will be destroyed and they will have to sell it for cheap 🙂

  16. New buildings are okay for development and more people can afford housing, as long as they don't bulldoze beautiful and historic buildings. Those old people who want to boycott developments because of St Paul Cathedral's view are silly. They're so egoistic.

  17. British attitude: don’t waste money on high speed rail connections to outer London .. don’t build high rises in the cities… never happy

  18. pure non-sense! instead of providing affordable housing and preserving London's historical character and architectural style, the short-sided local councils just keep on building these phantoms. At least the post-war construction booms were aiming for social housing rather than investment tools for rich foreigners

  19. Wonder how many of these high rise buildings have foundations that hit underground lines or sewers , or they being built to fall over with a large gust of wind

  20. It's not the height of these buildings that bothers me. It's the design. Facade-less and character-less buildings. They will date soon and no longer be wanted by anyone.

  21. Turning into New York 😣 😭
    Whos gonna buy these anyway.
    It's ok for Britian to be different from America!!! Leave the highrises for America.

  22. In the time of an earth-wide flood, lets say 150ft plus, guess who will most likely survive. They always preserve the elite, and the masses can die and become fish food or bird carrion.

  23. The ones that are protesting the views are clearly the ones that have their own homes in a nice part of town. Not to worry they will be leaving this planet soon old goats.

  24. Short term greed resulting in vandalism. Historical London will soon look like any other soulless corporate city. Where are the people who should be taking care of the city's heritage? A clear dereliction of duty, and absolutely shameful.

  25. Could you skip around the word any harder? It's called Money launder. As for the fear that speculative market going down at the top end. Yes it will have an effect it will drive prices down to an affordable rate. If brings down the British economy at large well you allowed it you own it, did we learn nothing from 08?

  26. When people complain about "tall buildings" in London what they dont want is more safety deposit boxes in the sky for overseas rich and powerful. Theres a serious housing shortage and all the places being built are not for the majority that need them.

  27. I really don't think it's that bad. If they do build affordable housing then that means that they are increasing supply which is good and if they don't then they have to pay money to the government which is then used to build affordable housing, so that means there's more homes and more jobs created, London will always be expensive purely because everyone wants to live there and there's just not enough room, so expecting the average working class/middle class people to be able to afford penthouses in skyscrapers bang in the middle of London is just unrealistic. And as for the view, that shouldn't even be taken seriously, homes and concrete economic benefits shouldn't come before something so meaningless

  28. There is nothing wrong with the fact that these apartments will be affordable only by the rich. If 300 rich people move to a new tower, they will vacate their current houses to the rest of us.

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