Hero Society is The Greatest Villain | My Hero Academia Chapter 236

Hero Society is The Greatest Villain | My Hero Academia Chapter 236

let's get one thing fundamentally clear we can feel pity for child sugar Aki but we cannot feel pity for adult sugar Aki our current main villain of the storm and let me explain why when you look at this chapter when you look at the origin of what birthed evil itself what birthed the greatest villain that the my hero academia verse will ever know his origin is sad and you would be like if you would have done so and so then this would not have happened it's you know things could have been different he could have potentially become one of the greatest heroes if things didn't go sideways but because of those events it led to his actions later on in his life and you cannot really excuse him for those actions so regardless of how you feel about sugar Rocky's character how you feel about him as a child you still have to remember the monster that he does become and he is in the current timeline like I said you can understand his motive you can definitely you know in some ways feel bad for when he finally does get defeated but he still needs to be brought down because he is a monster and what he is doing is not something that the world necessarily needs so let's talk about that part ago she did a fantastic job I think with handling sugar taki as a villain because if there is one thing that I have seen from a lot of stories is that when writers want to give backstory context of villains and give them actual real motives that makes you feel for them there becomes a major issue and a story and that issue is is that sometimes the villain overshadows the main hero and it makes you start cheering for the villain and you don't even care about the hero anymore you don't care about what the hero is fighting for you just want the hero to finally be done because you want the hero to lose because the villain has a better motive and you want the villain to win because he actually is trying to save the world there is a lot of stories actually do this and it's not necessarily bad but not bad stories they're really good stories but there is an issue the issue is is that you care more about the villain than you do as the hero and that is kind of why an arc like this is very hard to do and it's very especially hard to do and a shounen manga because when you think about Shonen you know it's all about the main character you know the characters coming-of-age story the character achieving their dream their goal you want to see them win in the end but when you have a villain that's getting a lot of focus and backstory it makes you think like I don't care about this hero anymore and it's risky it's a very risky thing to do and when you see this chapter horikoshi positioned it in a way to where you still want ISA ku to win but now we understand sugar taki and we will love his character growth and what he becomes even if he is a villain he's a monster we cannot wait to see how he changes the world but also when he has finally brought down by Iza KU and so the way this character's origin story is done it makes it to where eASIC who isn't overshadowed it's a perfect balance between both characters shigaraki and easie KU and I respect that that's really hard to do and I think here you know whore Takashi he did an insane job with handling both characters throughout the story and especially with sugar Aki as well because even if it's been very obvious for a long time that sugar takis development is kind of happening at the same time as ease of coos and whatever eASIC who's going through he's going through but we never really had as much time with shigaraki as either ku and so seeing how in just the span of like 20-something chapters he's is developed almost as easy ku it kind of blows my mind a little bit it's kind of like he finally unshackled himself from all for one that's kind of what you can look at this arc for and it's very similar to eASIC who shackles that he had to almighty do you remember that that was the whole context of eASIC whose growth as a character as a hero was that he was constantly trying to replicate almighty was always trying to replicate him try to use every move like him exact you know etc etc and eventually he realized that he needed to navigate away from trying to be just the mirror image of Almighty Nia to become his own man and so because of that that's led to his growth in the current series and shigaraki is a very similar way he's a guy that just is a a naive boy a typical villain evil and now that he's finally getting his you know memories back he's remembering everything and he's getting context he's finally unshackling himself from his mentor which is all for one he is finally able to grow and become his own man which is what all-4-one wanted in the first place was for Shakur daki to become his own man and that is what has happened clearly after this chapter there is mainly just narration to this chapter and the narrator obviously is sugar rocky himself adult sugar Rocky and he tries to give context to individual events that's happening on you know the manga like a certain given point in each panel and as we know he's kind of explaining why he did so and so why he did this or the emotions behind so and so like you know what he did to his father at the end of the chapter he tries to explain it to us as the reader but when you think about his child self it's still a very different entity and let me kind of clarify when you think about real life okay let's you know all look at ourselves for a second if you take back and look back at your life you most likely can realize that your childhood self compared to your current let's say teenage adult self is completely different there are two separate individuals most likely your child self was very immature didn't really understand how to vent or show emotions you know very emotional etc and your adult self is more mature and that's kind of what we can look at sugar donkey as he has grown as a person become an adult he has become very matured and mellowed out he is now able to dissect and look at the situation of his life and analyze it but when he was a child he didn't really know he didn't really know or understand what he was really doing even if he was showing emotions like murderous intent he had no idea what that really meant until now that he is an adult so the two individuals the two sugar Aki's we see in this chapter are very distinct very different you have child sugar Aki and adults sugar Aki and you you should understand that the context of this chapter with him narrating is it fully supposed to represent what child shigaraki was filling because with how much time has passed there is time to where his you know viewpoint on himself could become rather skewed or he might not fully understand the context at that time example he talks about when he first attacks or no when he first gets rid of the dog and you know haunted you know disintegrates as well he wasn't intentionally doing that that's when his quirk was starting to activate and they both disintegrated and he thought it was a villain attack and then as soon as he touched the ground and then it started going towards his mother and his grandparents and they started disintegrate he realized he let like basically destruction just flow through him and he realized what he was and how much he kind of hated everyone and then he purposely attacked his father even if adults sugar Aki is giving a proper accurate representation of the events like explaining it to us the emotions were very fundamentally different when you look at that scene when he goes towards his mom he wasn't actually letting you know anger and all that flow through him he was actually someone that was just so confused you can tell by his face he was so confused he was needing warmth from a loved one he needed someone to be able to tell him it's okay and when he reached her his mother the very person that he wanted desperately to tell him it's okay disintegrated in front of him and so his emotions just very conflicted and he broken that moment when the you know sheer rage and sadness he directed all his hatred towards his father because he fought his father was the cause of all this the reason why all of this has happened the reason why everybody is disintegrating he was blaming it on his father as a child and so that is why he attacked his father and when eventually if that he found out the emotion that he has longed for and that is the ability to get rid of the itch that has played him you know the itchiness on his face and this explains a lot about current sugar takis character and his motive this one line where it says the itch went away is very important very very important one of the most important lines out of these past few chapters of sugar Rocky's backstory let's talk about it the reason why it's important is I guess we got a look at what sugar locky wants sugar Toki he wants to destroy obviously but with the context of the previous chapter he tells Reed estro I don't want everything to be destroyed he doesn't want a future like that or no future he wants something the thing is is that little moment at the end of this chapter explains the sugar donkey just wants to destroy the things that bother him and this has already kind of been obvious to begin with but it gives more context things that bother him caused him to have an itch this you know itch where he just keeps scratching at his eyes or whatever and it hurts him and he does not like that feeling whatsoever and every time he feels this itch he is reminded of his childhood he's reminded of his father slash family and he does not want to be reminded of that so that is why he wants to destroy the things that he does not like because he is reminded of what started this all so like I said that's very important because now we understand why he wants to attack people like all night why he wants to take out heroes is because it makes him just have an irritation which reminds him of his origin and he wants it gone so I love this chapter it's a really good chapter to kind of explain all of those events I think horikoshi perfectly captured the emotions of a scared child in this chapter it starts soft where he's holding his dog and his dog is just a pile of meat on the ground and the sheer horror the the facial reaction from sugar Aki says it all he does not know how to cope because this is a child at the age of five four and you know he's obviously never seen something so horrific in his life and he sees something like this after watching you know you know heroes on TV or something or hearing about them he knows this is probably a villain and he's freaking out his mind is racing and all that he doesn't know he feels like whatever's happening it can happen to him his emotions in his face just say so much you don't need words to really explain the emotions he was feeling and then as Hana walks up as he's dizzy and confused he reaches out for the closest person and then Hana breaks into pieces and this is kind of something that would happen to an individual it would happened to a boy his age or anyone honestly when you see a shocking moment like this happen in front of you you wouldn't reach out to the closest person which he did but then they broke and then he was still trying to cope with what was happening because just so much was happening at once with so many emotions just flaring that then after everything was broken down he realized what happened he was the one causing it all and then we see the events at the end seeing his emotions turn from like scared to horrified to just you know sheer happiness and rage at the end speaks a lot about just these 15 pages but there's a big thing about this that stood out to me and it's that sugar donkey he clearly he clearly wanted to hear just one thing he just wanted his family to be on his side and say I'm sorry I love you whatever and he wanted that but he couldn't get it and it's just like what Hornick oh she's been using a lot throughout this arc or actually with a lot of villains it just takes one bad day and the concept might be a little bit used a lot in this arc but it still is very very true it is something that does happen to people and it kind of shows what separates the villains from the heroes in that it just takes one unlucky day to really turn your world upside down and then you're the biggest monster that the world has ever seen see things could have been very different for easy coup if he would have not become a hero and he might have you know been constantly pushed down by society because a ball could go he could have become a villain it's potential there was potential for him to become a villain if things would have been slightly tweaked and so when you think about it all the heroes we see could easily become what sugar Rocky is because when you think about it sugar taki his quirk activated at age five when you think about his quirk it's not something you can really prepare for you can't really prepare to have a quirk like that no matter who you are example let's say courts actually existed in real life right now and your sugar naki you have a happy life regardless if your father wasn't you know being evil to your whatever regardless of the situation sugar taki is in let's just say that your quark activated and you were holding your mother and she just shouted in your arms that would don't break someone it would legitimately break someone and it's not something you can actually be prepared for you cannot prepare for that you can't say oh this child is gonna have you know a court to disintegrate people you can't actually judge that so everybody could turn out to be like sugar taki shigaraki was just birthed with a very unlucky circumstance his quark and if it wasn't for that he would not probably be in the exact same situation it might have been worse who really knows but the point is is that you cannot prepare for something like that and that is something that society in general in my hero academia isn't properly realizing is that some people are burned with quirks that destroyed their life it's like a disability and they can't do anything about it twice good example toga good example and then spinner as well way he is pushed out in society and then now sugar donkey we know now that these individuals because of their upbringing or what they were born with this caused their lifestyle to be like it is and society isn't properly handling this they're not properly looking out for individuals that might have words that are extremely dangerous but they're not so obviously we're seeing more flaws within the society that needs to be Korea you know correct it's something that needs to be changed and it's something that is going to continue to happen because even as sugar donkey is defeated someone like Kim will eventually come about once again even if they're not as powerful someone like him will come back because there will always be individuals that are born with quirks are so destructive in nature that they can't do anything about it like they they get their quark activated and the first activation of the court just harms the people they love very similar to what happened to gentle you know when he used this Cork and he messed up and he you know you harmed individual civilian and all that but he was trying to be helpful stuff like that could happen it just you know the corks are very dangerous and even if hypothetically clerks were completely removed from the equation they didn't exist the problem would still stand with how could current you know current society as current society isn't perfect either so there's just a lot of issues and it doesn't seem like this world is ever gonna be perfect but there needs to be ways to kind of figure out who is dangerous and who is not and be able to help them or may be a way to potentially remove their clerk if it really is that deadly whatever the case may be though this chapter does open up a lot it's a loaded loaded chapter and I cannot wait to see what's gonna happen next so let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you enjoy my content you know please subscribe if you like this video please leave a like and if you want to get notified for whenever I upload a video please click the bell icon down below and with that GBL

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