20 thoughts on “Herman Cain Foreign Policy Fail

  1. I tried to pimp the Right of Return because I was married to a Jewish girl for a year like six years ago. Didn't work.

  2. I miss the Republican primaries, they were without doubt the most entertaining I have ever found politics – coming from a Brit, who has never previously followed an America election before. Awesome entertainment. Your politics makes for more fun viewing than your sports.

  3. Everytime the Republicans cream their pants about a new candidate, you know a hundred more cringeworthy you tube videos are on the way.

  4. Yep, with Palin as vice president; Team Awesome!! Your blaming Obama for the fact that Islam has a high proportion of morons.

  5. Ugh… I can't stand this guy. Even the way he say says the word "with". He says "wiff". And the fact that he is a sleaze who sexually harasses subordinates, makes me wanna throw up.

  6. Candidacy for U.S. President obviously has degenerated to the question who has the biggest ego (with Cain ranking pretty high), and who has the most "Tshoot-Spuuh".

    Someone said, the lineup of Republican candidates resembles a freak show.
    That assessment is correct. Does´nt matter, though – it is the 1% that governs, in ANY case.

  7. Good foreign and domestic policy insights require YEARS of continual research and analysis. The issues are MUCH too complex for someone to feel that a few months worth of cramming can make one expert enough to tout the intelligence and knowledge to lead. A leader is suppose to present THEIR OWN REASONED positions then compare and contrast them with those of their advisors. If Cain were elected, he would be a puppet president if ever there were one.

  8. SOME blue-eyed, dirty white boys, over here, know what's up, & who the bad guys really are; also, we know WHO belongs there, the Palestinians, & that "Israel" ws a foothold, for Britain & US, in middle east. THERE, I said it, clearly.

  9. Wasn't it VaNessa Redgrave, back in the 70s, who was the only one, brave enough, to recognize & support the plight of the Palestinian people..? True heart, even if in Hollywood, & down came the racist Jew hammer, on her, later…IF A GROUP OF PEOPLE HAVE A VOICE, SO LOUD, WE R INCESSANTLY HEARING ABOUT HOW "BAD" THEY HAVE IT, DOESN'T IT MAKE U ? AS TO HOW MUCH POWER (INFO. CONTROL) THEY REALLY HAVE..?

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