Here's Why Denmark Election was a WIN for Nationalist Populists!!!

Here's Why Denmark Election was a WIN for Nationalist Populists!!!

alright there everyone it's good to be with you I'm actually enjoying a very very nice camping trip with my family and some dear friends here but I really wanted to take a moment and comment on the latest elections in Denmark that just happened the other day because I think it's very relevant to the emerging Nationals populist paradigm that's going on throughout Europe in case you didn't know the Danes took to the polls the other day in their national elections and it was the center-left Social Democrats that came out on top with about 26% of the vote followed by the ruling pro-eu Liberal Party which got twenty three percent of the vote this is really your your milquetoast center-right party the head of the Social Democrats the 41 year old matter of Frederickson far call her she's slated to be the nation's youngest prime minister it's a very interesting thing and you would think that this election would have been a defeat for the nationalist populist paradigm that certainly did appear to be the case at least when it came to the Danish People's Party that's their nationalist populist party their support got cut in half in this election they were down to about 9 percent of the vote become like the Tories and the UK but at the same time we saw the emergence of two new nationalist right parties the new right and what's loosely translated as the hardline party the new right did get 2.3 percent of the votes as they'll be entering in Parliament for the very first time there in Denmark hardline failed to get the minimum 2 percent that you need for representation in Parliament's all together nationalists right got explicitly around a 12 percent vote margin which admittedly is a steep drop from the support that they got in their last national election so what's going on here was this a real defeat for the Nationals populist I would argue not in the least what I think really accounts for this drop in support for say like the Danish People's Party is not so much a drop in support for the nationalist populist policies that have been animating you of late instead I think it is what has been happening in Denmark as a whole what the nationalist right has actually been able to effectively do and this is something that scholars had been pointing out over the last couple of years what the Nash's right has been able to do particularly in Denmark but as a whole in Europe and we've had videos on this is they've been able to move both the center left and the centre right toward the nationalist populist paradigm we've seen this explicitly for example in in Austria with with the Austrian People's Party we've seen it in Hungary we've seen it in Poland and we're seeing it in Scandinavia and particularly in Denmark what makes Denmark so interesting is that this paradigm shift towards nationalist populist right has been happening explicitly within the center-left so the Social Democrats in Denmark I've got a line here from Bloomberg a headline puts it this way Danish leftist turn on migrants in bid to regain power and I think there was a couple of headlines that I saw this morning that said that the Social Democrats won but only after turning to the hard right on immigration in fact the Social Democrats in Denmark have declared in the recent pass in the last few months that they're not going to be forming a coalition with any other left-wing political party now of course what we'll see how we'll see what happens there what's most likely going to happen is we're gonna see sort of a fluid coalition a coalition fluidity they're gonna they're gonna caucus with the left on issues of the environment but they're gonna caucus with the right and even the nationalist pockets right on issues regarding immigration and that's because Denmark's political parties both the traditional left and traditionalist right they're all vying to demonstrate to their voters that they are more conservative they are more to the right of their opponents when it comes to border security border security and immigration is no longer a left or issue in Denmark it is now officially and formally a pre political issue every party in effect is declaring the necessity of border security and now really it's just a matter of who can do it more effectively so that my friends is what we call a paradigm shift this is a political paradigm shift we're a once marginal or peripheral political policy or party moves in the margins to the mainstream okay and it moves in the political fringe and now becomes the consensus opinion among not just the population but the all the political parties at large and when it comes to border security in Denmark even its political left has rejected the globalist vision of the European Union and it's open borders and instead has shifted in mass to the Nationals populous right so what is this pre political paradigm now mean for nationalist right political parties like the the Danish People's Party well right now in Denmark it's kind of like what happened at least this is what I think it's kind of like what happened to you Kipp right after breakfast you know you have been Britain once brexit got passed it was like the electorate basically said okay we'll default back to our two mainstream parties Tories and labor you know do to get us out of the EU to work that out you kept really design UKIP's role was to have a referendum get it passed that was you Kipps role now of course we're going to defer to our mainstream parties that have all the power all the leverage all the money to go and effectively get that job done so of course it seems we're seeing something similar in in Denmark where the Danish People's Party the immigration issue is now settled and their contribution to the protection of Danish identity has been fulfilled and so what are we looking at well we're looking at the nationalist right having to find another naturalist populist angle that has yet to be met by any of the mainstream parties maybe it'd be like prologue issues are distinctively Christian identitarian issues our good friend even Tran home who was actually running in that election with the hardline party she's making a revitalization of Christian spirituality in Denmark as part of the Denmark's old the Danish soul at the center of her political angles so it's gonna have to be something like that something that mainstream parties aren't providing that only the nationalist right is or we're going to see the center left in this case the Social Democrats screw up when it comes to border security in the manner comparable to the way the Tories screwed up with brexit and that will give the nationalist pop is writing another opportunity to say hey you know we told you you know don't go with an imitation go with the real deal here and that means voting in us the nationalist populist right so now what we'll be looking at in the months ahead in Denmark is the extent to which the Social Democrats remain faithful to a right-wing vision of border security whether nationalist populist parties can offer renewed visions for Danish identity and a flourishing future for the Danish people but make no mistake a paradigm shift has just been solidified in Denmark as of yesterday anti-immigration border security is now the one policy that everyone agrees on and that makes Denmark a very interesting and unique success story for this new nationalist populist vision for Europe alright so I'm gonna get back to my camping and having some fun we're having a great time out here but I am gonna try to make another video and comment on the elections going on today in Peterborough in the UK where we may have our very first brexit Party MP a Member of Parliament in Westminster so I'm going to try to take some time and after those after those results come out I'll try to take some time do a video and post it for you first thing tomorrow morning so see you then god bless

27 thoughts on “Here's Why Denmark Election was a WIN for Nationalist Populists!!!

  1. No, they lost. Mette Fedrikson did a coalition with the rest of the socialist and greens and has totally 180'd on immigration! Do a video on this!

  2. Iran says our White House is afflicted with Mental Retardation; this coming from a nation of Goat🐐 Hummpers!! Yea, let's listen to these Decent men!! BS!!!

  3. Just to clarify. No, not every party is for border control. Only about half of the parties. We have an obligation to the Schengen agreement and border control will be different in the years to come. Fx scanners in stead of police checking.

  4. I'm a Dane, this video is bullshit. The left won, they are going to let more refugees in, there are immigrants shootings on a weekly basis where I live, we are going to turn into Sweden within 15-20 years.

    I can hear the gun shots from my apartment, then read about it in the newspaper later. And the controlled media is normalizing and downplaying it. 15 years ago this would have been massive news, and would have been talked about for weeks.

  5. A nice spin on a rather dismal result Dr Steve. I hope you are right in your predictions but maybe some nations have been so cowed by political correctness that they just cant even decide or know if they jumping over the precipice. Afterall isn't the Lemming a Scandinavian animal

  6. As a Dane I feel obligated to correct you. What is partially true is the part about the paradigm shift in the sense that The Social Democrats have indeed moved to the right on immigration politics and the fact that The Danish Peoples Party has had a lot of influence on the tightened immigration laws passed in recent years. However, this election is a clear shift to the left despite two new far right parties entering the scene. The Peoples Party lost more than half of their seats in the parliament and will now be part of the opposition with no real power. The two new and small right wing parties can't make up for the voters they have lost. Not even close. Besides, the likely coalition partners of The Social Democrats are all left wing parties who all want to roll back many of the tightened laws made by the current government and it will be practically impossible for Mette Frederiksen not to make some concessions to those parties if she wants to become prime minister. Technically she also has the option to form a coalition with Venstre (Denmark's Liberal Party) but that would be considered a betrayal by most of her voters.

  7. Unfortunately it won't really mean a thing if they leave islam in the ghetto and allow it to breed exponentially. Denmark will become an islamic state unless it starts deportations. FACT!

  8. It was not a very good election for us the leftist scumbags are already talking about making people have to pay if they drive a car to work, and other insane taxes. and sadly Stram Kurs-Hardline party didn´t get in this time in 4 years they will after the socialdemocrats and radikale have ruined enough. sadly radikale got lots of votes from the immigrants if you look at the votes for them in the ghetto areas

  9. I live in dk. I dont agree it was a win for nationalism. It is gonna be the most left wing goverment in 40 years. It was the opesite of what is Known as the earthqeak election in 73, when politics shifted from beeing dependent in class baggrund to beeing populist. This time was a win for the 4 old partiets, the liberals, social democtats, social liberals, and conservatives. It is true that every party in Denmark are pro border kontrol, But not all Wants hard. That does not means we are all nationalist. We have reealized that Our immigration polecies for the past 30 years has faild, as we have had the same ideas as sweden, in order to not lose Our identity and the kontrol over immigration completely as the nightmare that is sweden, we do need border control. That by no means means we are all hard liners. The parti hard line dit not get in. ITS run by a man who Wants to depot all muslims, and determan Danish ethnecety on nazi like rules. He is a joke…but i do find it scary that 1,8 % voted for him.


  11. Nationalists are winning lately around the world because the leftists are goofing in every direction. Too democratic sometimes doesn't work. Everything becomes loose and possibility of losing control.

  12. The west, America have caused more freedom, safety,equality, medicine, etc to spread throughout the world for more people than could ever have been imagined. But this is about the west thriving and growing for our OWN people. Nationalism MUST defeat globalism, for the west,and for the health of the world.

  13. As a dane the hardline party is lead by a nut case and that is saying it in a nice way but we danes are open to anyone as long as they follow the law if not there is only one way

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