Helpx/WWOOF/Workaway 1st Timer Advice! Volunteer around the world!

Helpx/WWOOF/Workaway 1st Timer Advice! Volunteer around the world!

27 thoughts on “Helpx/WWOOF/Workaway 1st Timer Advice! Volunteer around the world!

  1. Great! Thanks for that video, I was looking for something to "picture" how it's like to friends. Totally agree!

  2. Very insightful video. It gives the details from both the perspectives. I have never volunteered but am planning to on my next trip to Portugal. I came across a website named which I found easy to use. They have this map-based system to look for hosts. Would like to gather complete information about work exchange and then plan my trip. This video was very helpful. Have you tried this website before, or do you have some more advice for me as a first timer?

  3. Gracias from El Salvador, I am about to start my trip in South America and I am definitely will do Workaway!

  4. I want to do helpx so badly but I have to be 18 so I have to wait one more year and that is so annoying

  5. Hi! I would like to find out more about Patricia, the last host in the video, what what her volunteer work opportunity is about. could you direct me to where exactly I'd be able to find information about this particular opportunity and others similar to it?

  6. Thanks for the video! It's very nice & down to earth as I suppose is approriate for the topic.I'm tempted to click the thumb down just to make it slightly imperfect to be more realistic ;-P

  7. This was super useful, thanks so much!

    Looking into doing this myself in the spring, should make for even more interesting vlogging. Its great to see others experiences and opinions on it though, thanks for sharing.

  8. Is money needed for this? I understand you are provided room and food in exchange for work, but sometimes you need cash on you for unexpected reasons. Has anyone ever found themselves in a situation were you had to use cash that you had brought with you. Or are there ways to work extra hours in exchange for small amounts of cash or extra benefits.
    Asking because I am a broke college student.

  9. this is the first time I don't see any dislikes in a video , so i think heaters don't like volunteering hh

  10. This video is so helpful! thanks so much for your hard work I am planning to go on an adventure like this later this year 🙂

  11. agreed, great tips. The one I definitely agree with is "don't have expectations". I've had the best workaway experiences and my expectations were low so I was never disappointed!

  12. – Thanks for uploading this video. I feel really happy. I'm going to join My friend and I are thinking in traveling around and work as a volunteers. Thank you guys !! This video has a lot of inspiration :') <3

  13. Thank you so much for this. It really clears up some of my nerves! I can't wait to set off on my travels now 😀

  14. thanks for this video. I just joined Workaway,Helpex and WWOOF UK andcam starting my first position next week. It's a little more complicated because I am bringing my dog along. (I couldn't bear to leave her behind) and also because I'm a bit older than most volunteers, but better late than never!

  15. Fantastic video guys! We're just digging in to the world of Workaway (just signed up!) and this is crazy helpful. We've signed up with Workway, but we see that you do Helpx as well? Should we do both to cast a wider net or has one site been more helpful to you? Thanks much!

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