Hedging the potential for Populism in Canada

Hedging the potential for Populism in Canada

hey everyone hedging or speaking out both sides of your mouth at the same time in terms of political rhetoric just assures that you can always pretend that you were right all along or in the know so to speak headline out of the National Post I don't think candle will be the great exception to populist disruption expert says the electorate is now more polarized on cultural issues than it's ever been in candidate we'll have to see where that goes Eric Coffman said well he just love when they use the term expert yeah that's political speak for forget about everything you've heard from anyone else this is your ultimate authority and the moment I see that happening or being presented me is the minute I'm saying I'm looking elsewhere I want to see what other people are saying that aren't the so-called expert as presented by our thought leaders and he should do if you want to be truly informed it's being reported by Stewart Thompson July 19th 2019 Kandahar managed to avoid the populous disruptions seen another Western democracies but the social fabric tying the country together may be starting to fray a leading expert on the issue said what makes this person I I just kind of bring up that what makes this person an expert please pray tell like I said that word gets tossed around much too freely these days in his book white shift political scientist Eric Kaufman described Canada as a possible exception to the populist wave in the West but in a recent interview with economist Tyler Cowen cop and said the precarious status quo is now under threat the idea that English Canada is immune to this is actually wrong and I do think we're going to see more of it going forward Kaufmann said the electorate is now more polarized on cultural issues and that's ever been candidate we'll have to see where that goes but I don't think kanda will be the great exception it has been for much longer I mean come on is this guy to bring up the fact that hey why would that be the case why would you think that Canadians are exceptional in some way thing but if people on the right side of the political spectrum or the political aisle were we're suggesting that canes were exceptional in comparison to contrast to everyone else in the world well the accusations of white supremacy would be bannered about and tossed around in articles even such as this to push back against it but once again it depends on where you come from in terms of the political divide in this country that's on glaringly obvious display not just in this article but many others as well but before I continue on reading this article I just want to point out the main reason why Canadians are seemingly late to the game as far as populism goes or pushing back against the ruling elite or the authoritarian collectivist in this country is because they've been woefully and inadequately informed by the political and media establishment in this country but yeah have no fear social media proponents and content creators like myself are stepping up to provide the Canadian people with the information needed with a reflection of genuine reality and yeah of course that's playing a role on getting more and more of the Canadian population on board with supporting anyone that's willing to challenge the status quo or the rule is an attachment those who represent or align with the rule in attachment they won't tell you that but I will as evidence of this Kaufmann pointed to the newly founded People's Party of Canada which advocates for reduced immigration levels and Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government in Ontario which he said has elements of this populism Ford's government though has mainly steered clear of the immigration issue except for a brief spat with the federal government over funding for resettling asylum seekers could cross the border illegally at least it's nice to see someone using the word properly yeah illegal border crossing not a regular neither the federal Conservatives or Ford's PC government have called for a reduction in the amount of legal immigrants that can to accept each year Maxim Bernie ain't the leader of the People's Party the candidate has called for a reduction in the number of immigrants allowed into Canada from 310 thousand to 250,000 the current Liberal government hopes to boost the number to 350,000 by 2021 on Cowan's podcast Kaufmann said he'd also noticed recent polling that shows support for immigration isn't changing much in Canada but that it is hardening along partisan lines immigration attitudes are now very different depending if you're a conservative or liberal voter that didn't used to be the case even five years ago so there's more of a politicization of that issue now he said a recent poll by ego's found that nearly 70 percent of conservatives surveyed believe that there are too many visible minorities among immigrants while only 15% of liberals agreed with that sentiment just five years ago the same poll showed 47% of conservatives in agreement alongside 34% of liberals in his book which grapples with the end of white majorities in Western societies Kaufman devoted a chapter to Canadian exceptionalism trying to explain why the country has managed to avoid a pot in this backlash despite high levels of immigration so his book which grapples with the end of white majorities you're going to become the book reverences the fact that if your way you're gonna become a minority and what you would receive is your country our country based is built upon your kind or your people and apparently he seems oblivious to the fact that gee you think that might play a role in this ramp up of populism of more and more Canadians of those white names which still represent a majority of the population this country you think that might have anything to do with the fact that there is now this rise of populism and candidate who these people like I say when you're talking about both sides your mouth at the same time this is what you end up getting for rhetoric and once again like I say the fact that Kaufman devotes a chapter to Canadian exceptionalism what what about Canada or Canadians is this common character suggestion that makes them exceptional in some way and does not seem very elitist very supremacist in nature Kaufman argues that there is an elite consensus in Canada about multiculturalism and anti racism that makes many populist ideas too taboo for example when Kelly leach ran for leader of the Conservative Party on a plan to screen immigrants for Canadian values she was overly branded as racist by pundits and rivals people will start to resent this oppression only when there is a breach of etiquette by a successful populist politician which pulls the center right across a norm boundary wrote Coffman in English Canada the poll by echoes found about 40% of people think there are too many visible minorities in their communities but the difference is there are no political vehicles channeling this at the federal level Coffman wrote taboos are particularly effective at enforcing moral norms because people act not only on their own beliefs but from perceptions of what others think is correct he wrote this helps explain why anonymous polling on immigration tends to show more negative results and white norm breaking politicians like Donald Trump can sometimes inspire what seems like a spontaneous ways a wave of support Kaufman takes care to differentiate between Quebec and English Canada and argues that France saw the Gaul coalition devenir Quebec which was elected on an immigration reduction platform fits the profile of a populist right party the difference Kaufman argues is that English Candace historical lack of identity has been replaced with multiculturalism while Quebec has always maintained a distinct culture where Quebec ID and Ian's territorial historical and cultural the contemporary Anglo defined Canadian identity is futuristic a missionary nationalism centered on the Left modernist ideologies of multiculturalism broke Kaufman although english-speaking Canadians and Quebecers share similar sentiments on issues that have traditionally been embraced by populist parties for example on banning the burqa carbon argued that the distinct elite forms of English Canada account for the difference in mainstream support as long as there is no system breach English Canada may be able to repress criticism of multiculturalism and mass immigration in deadly Kaufmann wrote in his book published in late 2018 since then he fears the system may already have been breached kumquats again hedging wishful thinking on the probably the former aspect his predictions and an actual recognition of reality on the other side of it or on the back end like I say folks the minute you hear someone in the media especially if it's from any portion of the Asajj media reference someone as an expert that's a pretty good sign that's a key word that should not only raise the alarm bells but make you want to be even more steadfast in your approach as far as being probably informed and getting information from alternative sources because like I say that's political rhetoric meant to have one purpose in mind and that's to supplant the idea in your mind that this is the person that knows a whole lot more than you or anyone else so you better agree with them or be ready to be lamb basted or accused of being a knuckle-dragger or someone who's uneducated or ooh a blue-collar worker like I say folks these elitists seem to be projecting while at the same time somewhat recognizing that big wall of reality that's never encroach upon them and hedging the rhetoric so as not to be proven to be completely out of touch and wrong at some point time the future how well that's going to work well that completely depends on our ability to get alternative media information and sources out there that challenges the status quo I'm doing my part are you doing yours it's Kinane libertarian and I love Liberty

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  1. Off topic but don't believe in any of those bs polls. One was done yesterday saying the kind were gaining support after the SNC Lavelin scandle, and they were tied with the conservatives. That's complete nonsense how they don't even mention Max because they know he's going to win this fall

  2. I'm disappointed but not surprised by so many Canadians who keep saying that they won't vote for the PPC because the Libs will win. So, yeah, let's do the same thing over and over and expect different results! What the heck has the CPC Conserved over the last 60+ years?
    Many old people are PoS for saying, "Oh well, I'll be dead soon, not my problem"

    A nation of Sheep will soon be ruled by Wolves!
    Islam is "peaceful"! Oh please, just look up what Muhammad did and said, not what some Muslim "claims".

    What does CPC, Libs, NDP, Antifa, Academia, Media have in common? They all push the UN's Replacement Migration and they KNOW that Caucasians are so scared that they won't protect their nations, their people, their IDENTITIES from replacement. No more Irish, Brits French, Germans, etc. bye bye. if they DON'T GROW A PAIR!

  3. WE CANNOT SPLIT OUR VOTE. Our enemies keep networking, and consolidating their power in everything. It's how they succeed. We need to start doing the same thing. I think the first, most important thing we need to do is decimate the liberal party and OUST TRUDEAU. We need to vote PC in a huge block to accomplish that. Bernier's time will come. But this isn't it. Soon.
    WE need to start voting strategically and thinking long term making moves that work us towards our goals instead of constantly acting as independent voters all wasting our power for our own wish fulfillment.
    I don't even particularly like or trust sheer. But there are too many people right now that HATE trudeau because of his obvious policies that still don't understand globalism and identity politics. They're looking to sheer because he's not pissing off the multi-culturally blinded people that aren't seeing the reality we're stuck with. We need to join forces under one candidate.
    trudeau's managed to piss of the woke and the awake both at the same time. We need to take advantage of this moment. Sheer is still a better type of liberal conservative than what we have now and getting trudeau out should be our immediate goal. Together.

  4. Ty Ben, I've been recommending your channel to lots of people who have been approaching me about the PPC and libertarian values. This is the most important election in Canadian history and if the PPC or conservatives don't win the next election might fair us better as people are getting sick of the msm collectivised narrative.

  5. This is and has always been, nationalism vs globalism. I'm not anti-jewish and am sick of being painted as such for wanting what little local representation we have left.

  6. Bring on the live debates. It's ass kicking time. Both Trudeau and Scheer are in for a reality check, live in front of the entire country.

  7. Voters registration is a lien, makes you responsible for all they do, Makes them untouchable by our ignorance, According to the Supreme law of the land a politician is a double minded man and not to be trusted. Deuteronomy. (It takes a strong people to maintain a good society, Only a weak society can beget an Evil one.) Instead of standing on the shoulders of the founding fathers, We be pissin on the graves by allowing Communist rule, COMMON- WEALTH.

  8. We need a libertarian/ NatSoc alliance with the tankies in the communist/anarchist sphere. Our enemy is the same.

  9. We are kept back by the government that make decision that most Canadians don’t agree with.Immigrants,they leave a country full of corruption,war and suppression,come here and want to be first before us the real Canadians.Fix your problems in your country and stop letting them in to fck up our country.

  10. Great work. Unfortunately my $1100 per month Canada Pension don"t allow for donations. Well done. Gary aka: minds.com/garyhalo

  11. check out how PPC compares to other parties here www.compareppc.ca
    lets share the PPC message with as many people as we can.

  12. Did you see the interview with Bernier on ctv yesterday. The women reiterated to him that they were irregulars, but he didn't fall for it and still referred to them as illegals. And they wouldn't allow comments either.

  13. I watched this other video, I think it was last night but may have been this morning. – It almost feels like it's a direct response to this CL video here. It's worth the watch as it seems to address alot of the rhetoric you mention here.

  14. It's pretty clear that the PPC is the only rational choice this October. Hope enough folks wake up to this fact.

  15. Got to get rid of that smartphone as Polly says where is being groomed mine's gone flip phone now love it I'm using my tablet here and there

  16. Band together everyone PPC Mad Max spoke from the heart and told it like it is and NEEDS to be Period !!! Change my mind! not happening !

  17. If I'm having a house party with free food and drink i want meaningful specific invited guests that will make the evening cordial and return the hospitality

  18. Just ignore Climate fraud?
    Climate Fraud exposed.

    Valentina Zharkova 2019 Grand Solar Minimum Interview



  19. The crowd roared when Bernier said he vowed to put up fencing. Finally a Canada First Leader and the funny part is you can here the CPC'rs are just gnashing their teeth over it..lol

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