Heather Heyer’s mom to white nationalists: You just magnified my daughter

Heather Heyer’s mom to white nationalists: You just magnified my daughter

because here’s the message although
Heather was a caring and compassionate person so are a lot of you a lot of you
go that extra mile and I think the reason that what happened to Heather has
struck a chord is because we know that what she did is achievable we don’t all
have to die we don’t all have to sacrifice our lives they tried to kill
my child to shut her up well guess what you just magnified her so so here’s what I want to happen you
ask me what can I do so many caring people pages of pages of pages of stuff
I’m going through I’m reading pages of pages of pages how she’s touching the
world I want this to spread I don’t want this to die this is just the beginning
of Heather’s legacy this is not the end of Heather’s legacy you need to find in
your heart that small spark of accountability what is there that I can
do to make the world a better place what injustice do I see and what does turn
away I don’t I don’t really want to get involved in that I’m gonna want to speak
up they’ll be annoyed with me my boss might think less of me I don’t care you
poke that finger at yourself like Heather would have done and you make it
happen you take that extra step you find a way to make a difference in the world
so remember in your heart if you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention and
I want you to pay attention find what’s wrong don’t ignore it don’t look the
other way you make a point to look at it and say to yourself what can I do to
make a difference and that’s how you’re going to make my child’s death
worthwhile I’d rather have my child but by golly if I got to give her up we’re
going to make it count

100 thoughts on “Heather Heyer’s mom to white nationalists: You just magnified my daughter

  1. You shills and trolls can't censor all of us!! Shame on this fake grieving mother, shame on YouTube censorship, and shame on CNN most of all bringing the American public a daily dose of propaganda.

  2. Dear Trumper: Next time you find yourself at a right wing protest, bring a classic american flag, some kids, some veterans, maybe a cowboy on a horse, but if you see one torch carrying Nazi with a swastika flag trying to buddy up to you KICK HIM OUT LIKE HIS NAME WAS HILLARY! No one needs that kind of turd in the swimming pool!

  3. For the love of god. People use some common sense. Would you be up there talking like that after your child died? She an government paid actor and a shitty one at that. This has been a staged psyops from day one. Nothing but a government run Hollywood production and they are doing a shitty job. Sad so many people buy into this bullshit.

  4. Her daughter is proud if this moment and is watching down on us and is still trying to help and protect us…. Thank God for people like this

  5. If people want to be white nationalists they can because there is nothing in the US Constitution to tell them otherwise

  6. Soros is proud of you !! Get a clue folks…this is a "Purple Revolution"…Mr. Soros and his paid goons are
    playing you.

  7. Craigslist ad: older, fat white female actor needed to stage a fake memorial to cultivate more hatred toward Trump. Must speak with southern accent. Contact CNN for further details.

  8. Her child was killed by a deranged psychopath. Not targeted to be quieted. Ridiculous. Fake. This woman is not even grieving. I call false flag.

  9. Talk about brain washed in USA the new way to deal with anything you dont like or agree with is that is all fake and staged or government plots! No wonder you are going the way of the dodo!

  10. Substance of the speech aside, how come a non-politician woman who just lost her daughter can give a speech like that? Her speech is like 100 times better than the best of Trump's speeches?

  11. Fucking Christ I cant stand this Orwellian 1984 bullshit with media trying to equate nationalism to white supremacy.
    The woman doesnt even give a shit about her daughters death. She actually looks happy about it so she can scream about being justified against the people she hates.

  12. Yes an amazing woman, I admire here and heather father for holding up so well. I am so hurt and sad today, thinking of Heather Heyer , Charlottesville Va , who was a victim of hate and racism, beatiful woman, she lloked like an angel, every time I look at her picture I feel I knw her, she had that nice familliar face, shame on and shame on for who killed her. I am so worried, America is not America any more, I came to this country America, and I had a big American dream, I left Egypt and came here to live my big American dream, Love and peace and freedom, I never thought that i would see this much hate and racism as I see now. and a big invitation from the highest power of the country for hate and racism.
    but I am saying NO to any one involved in this biggest crime in the history.
    and I say no to any one would compare Heather Heyer and her peacful grouop to the other very violent groups.
    I prey for this country to get back united, again. I have a big hope.
    I prey for Heather Heyer the beautiful honest woman, and I prey for her family and i give them all my support.. God bles them.

  13. “I'd rather have my child but by golly if I gotta give her up we're gonna make it count" as she goes back waiting to cash her check.. Which I doubt will be as much as she hoped because this acting was horrible

  14. Blood in our veins
    not mere tap water
    We march through shrill bullets' barking
    And we die
    so one day
    we'll be reborn
    As steamships,
    and other lasting deeds!
    – Vladimir Mayakovsky

    Rest in peace, Heather Heyer. Your name will not be forgotten.

  15. This cannot be genuine. How can she speak? She sounds like a motivational speaker at a seminar. This is wrong on so many levels. It is obvious that she has not lost a child.

  16. Does anyone know if it's true that Heather Heyer was taking part in breaking windows out of cars when she was struck?

  17. Thank you CNN for this youtube embedded at "Magnifying Heather Heyer and POTUS Trump’s Twitter BLOCK of COMMON DEFENSE" by Eileen Fleming

  18. this crisis actor mom is a disgrace to humanity. nobody died. You'll probably see dead woman walking heather or whoever she is in another mainstream media production probably along the Korean border or maybe eating cats in Venezuela.

  19. PLEASE RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF!! This is a 100% staged psychological operation in which no one died. This govt orchestrated event involves crisis actors to feed you the narrative. THE WOMAN SPEAKING IS A SELL OUT LIAR FOR MONEY!! IN REALITY, Human mothers that care and love for their loved ones whom have died will actually show signs of emotion, the biggie being tears, puffy eyes, cracks in voice, etc… PLEASE INVESTIGATE AND RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF!! THE CIA runs the media, look beyond the lies and it will all make sense

  20. Nationalism has nothing to do with race .I am a nationalist and also a minority. TRUMP was right to condemn both SIDES the Nazis on the left and the Nazis on the right were both armed and violent so both SIDES are terrorists according to the media logic and standards

  21. I'm sorry for these girls like every normal man, but am I really surprised that the mother is able to hold a speech a day or two ?! After the tragedy! ? ''They tried to kill my child to shut her up '' They tried!!? And finally, the first news was that she just crossed the street and then that crazy guy came in with the car

  22. Sorry she is not acting at all like she lost her child. Either the daughter is not dead or she did not care about her kid in the first place and now has a spotlight for fame.

  23. Clearly an actress delivering her script convincingly. The whole thing was like a movie set. Nobody was killed in fact the alleged dead person is likely fictional.

  24. My condolences for her loss but what she is saying is a complete LOAD OF SHIT! THIS is the mentality of these bleeding-heart liberals who are anti-white and anti-male. I knew they would make this girl a martyr. THIS is why they block streets and attack people in cars. THIS is why they provoke people, because they are looking for martyrs to make them all look like victims. Listen, no one needs to fight against white racist groups, the great majority of the population disagrees with them. It is the black racist groups that our society accepts, like BLM, that are a bigger problem. They can get away with anything.

  25. No one cares about this dead fat woman. Not even the liberals. If they had the chance to press a button and make sure she never died, not a single liberal would have pressed it, maybe her mother excepted. Maybe.

  26. Another Bad crisis actor, wistfully skipping over all established stages of grief in order to appear on CIA-CNN and bring tears to the eyes of the Sheep. God knows she doesn't have any. As usual….

  27. Message to mom: You raised a bleeding heart liberal daughter who walked side by side with ANTIFA and your candidate (Hillary) lost 307 – 232.

  28. You are such a brave lady!!! much Love to you mother. Big hug!!! One Love!!! Sorry for your loss and stay strong lady, i see you are doing great!!! Excuse my sentence construction from Africa.

  29. Sounds like she doesn't care too much about her daughter dying over trying to keep white nationalist queers from walking around with tiki torches.
    Your daughter actually only magnified the white supremacists and their shitty cause.

  30. Something is VERY fishy in this video. First off, there were no tears. She just lost her daughter, I would be balling my eyes out if that happened. She looked soo damn calm when she was talking. Second, there was an article from The Washington Times saying that she thanked Trump for his words of comfort. Other sources said the same thing, but days later there were articles saying that she won't even talk or respond to Trump. HOW did she flip sides soo damn fast? There's just soo many flaws to this for it to be real. ESPECIALLY the way she was soo calm. Correct me if i'm wrong.

  31. Bro, largely your fault. Parents teach their children the way to go. You taught her to root around in the dumpster.

    Press S to spit on grave

  32. Sorry she's dead but isn't it a bit over the top the people dying all over Europe we don't do this we move on otherwise it's giving into a terrorists also whatever we do is twisted by bad people into their favour

  33. Such contrast to the soldier's mom at the Republican convention who attacked Clinton and blamed Hillery for her son's death. Our hearts are with you/your family, Mrs Heyer. "They Wanted To Shut Her Up. They Just Magnified Her (Heather Hayer)." Take the extra step and make a difference.

  34. Hey! That's the same woman who played the role of "Vicky Soto's Mother" back in the Sandy Hook news story. She got a little bit fatter and dyed her hair gray. Not sure who the people who stage these events think they are fooling. Same stature, same face, same voice…. same actress.

  35. Heather appears to have been a chip off the old block. 40 years ago, Mrs Heyer would have been on a platform spouting the same left crap

  36. I felt heather s spirit..when she died..and even though idk her ..now I know her. Her spirit went right to heaven..she was an angel of god..and heavenly..don't worry about your daughter..she was heavenly..and an angel of god..went right to heaven and god💌

  37. Heather Heyer died from a heart attack from being a fat pig who drank soda instead of water and did not hit the gym.

    White nationalism is the idea that White European/Caucasian people have a right to exist like any other race of men regardless of what fraudulent or false DNA tests claim or what globalists say. The same people who whine about White nationalism are hypocrites since many of them support Tibetan nationalism, Native American nationalism, and Jewish nationalism even though two of those groups are ethnicities and not races.

  38. She supposedly died because she was a obese fat slob crisis actor of a heart attack! Not killed. Why do they not use the photos of that fat slob the day she died.? Instead they use a old photo…

    And is this fat cockroach the fake mother from sandyhook or not? Where are the two mothers standing side by side to prove it wrong?

  39. Heather Heyer doesnt have one fucking peaceful bone in her body. She died trying to be a soldier for things she can hardly understand. Her own stupid left wing volunteered her.

  40. " you magnified my daughter" : 33,118 views.

    " two scoops for trump " : 245,624 views.

    "Trump lends hand to marine whoes hat blew away" 6,895,176 views.

    Magnified to who?

  41. How can you be so calm about your own daughters death?

    If I lost my daughter I would be in a state of eternal grief. Probably consider ending my own life.

  42. I can’t detect a hint of grief from this woman. Very strange. Seems that she cares more about political ‘progress’ than the death of her child?

  43. This fat bitch is a fucking liar,James fields was being attacked and your daughters death was the result of that,th is hag is a known leftist and now a liar,just look at her,her face is that of a traitor,weaponized by the left to push their anti white agenda.james fields trial was a sham,and tyhis fast pig knows it.

  44. This is same woman who claimed her daughter died at Sandy Hook. Her name was Soto 7 years ago. Here is a link, go to the 2 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=89&v=eWjyAVSr5sA

  45. Your daughter was an impudent moron who went looking for violence and couldn't handle what she found. Let that be a lesson to all liberals. You don't want war with the right.

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