Hearts of Iron IV – Politics Part 1

Hearts of Iron IV – Politics Part 1

all right so we introduced some stuff that I think we might have mentioned during maybe Gamescom in Germany a little bit about this but I went through basically a new take on internal politics politics and like internal politics in Holly free was something that you didn't really have that much interaction with and we wanted to make it more interesting and let you kind of build up your nation in more detail and introduce the interesting choices and stuff so first up I introduced the concept of political power which is something we modeled after well basically how Hitler cannot go into power from four to six onwards by being well a very very lucky guest sir and seeing how the other nations would react the kind of Germany going on more aggressive path again so that political power does is it basically simulates how much power you as the leader have and how much direct control you can do and it sort of slows you down a bit so you can't just do whatever you want you have to kind of convince people that you know what you're doing and so I create this loop of kind of setting up a goal for the nation that's a new thing called national goals and fulfilling this goal and that gives you more political power you can kind of try and keep this rolling and get everything you need to do political power is also used for kind of setting up the cabinet so say you want to want to prove yourself and you set up some goals and say you're a militarized the rhineland show that nobody actually bothered to stop you they could of course but it might not be great for the other nations to do that early and that gives you political power and you could use this for either immediately going for another goal that for example Angeles Austria or say getting no you know the right people that you want in the gun direct control and so that's kind of the core of it we also introduced fan favorite from hot iron to which was called tech teams back then and we call on just companies now because they directly influence manufacturing stuff as well and it's basically we researched historical companies that did stuff and you can kind of pick who's gonna be your primary developer for each branch that we have like a light aircraft manufacturing tank manufacturing stuff like that and each kind of a combination of either research bonuses or actually change the starting stats of units so I know it's something that people have seen as a criticism is that the tech trees is the same for all the nations in the world but actually when you go into and select different companies the ends up being being different so say a heavy tank for Germany with the same year as Japan would be different because you'll have different companies developing it and it would kind of nudge the stance in different directions so we feel this will add a lot of cool flavor and make each nation be a little bit unique different yeah how did you actually come how did you actually come to that decision to actually go back to what were in hearts of are you you have the tech teams obviously yeah and they're now they're now companies why why does that initially remove from hearts of our team 3 to begin with and why are we bringing it back now well they had a couple of issues in the main issue was like balance wise because of a very specific and it made it hard for minor nations it was it was kind of straightjacket II and just a lot of balance were tied into like historical research stuff whereas now they're more like a bonus it doesn't limit how many research this research tasks you can do at the same Time stuff like that so I'm thinking we avoided most of the issues but kind of retained all of the flavor and I think actually the flavor of changing the stats you get once you research rather than just the speed kind of even makes it more interesting more freely before yeah which obviously turns into which ties into some other mechanics in the game as well that we discussed earlier when it comes to modifying yeah so I think was that the very for maybe we talked about variants experience upgrades so this is something similar so say that you say you pick Porsche which historically did turn a little bit to advance designers that had reliability issues and they like the electronics a bit too much and stuff like that and you so that will be a weakness we Roman force as you main tank producer you're gonna end up with slightly more well slightly less reliable tanks they're gonna break down a lot more in the field so you can have too much production or once again of kind of experience going using them in the field you can actually try and fix these arrows what's your experience been with that way Porsche tank so far well they tend to get stick stuck in a model of the tent overheat and they tend to catch fire somebody's been watching there are girls enjoy yes yeah exactly for those people are not aware there is this Japanese there is this bull Japanese animes like this is exactly the same thing there's Japan animation called girls and Panzers and there's this video if you go on towards the forum basically it shows you the impression of the Porsche Design Tiger tube with the time with the Porsche tantaran on there that how heavy will suck out of them it was an 88 I thought it was two Sundays maybe eight 105 I'm not entirely there's a little bit from Taylor they had a big I don't remember how big but it was a huge armor plate they welded onto the front of course it it yeah so it was kind of from toffee and stuff why didn't you see justice for Elephants boy did it's a target photo Wow really think about it I think but it was an outside-in one what if we don't remember when the first design started being made but because wasn't really that also I'm I'm not sure if for one reason I think it might have been simpler to make it flat yeah and they probably counted on nobody being able upon it was somewhat stark – yeah yeah weather goes down at 5:30 yes Oh fair enough this moment what it was introduced it was something sloped Armour was standard for the t-34 forward t-34 took quite a while before actually had an impact I mean the Germans didn't make slope until the panther they had prototypes in between oh oh we can confirm is that a hand shall make the superior design yes we're we're all very very the Tigers are slightly over back yeah they should have built more Panzer force and my person improving or doubt to building maybe deploy you know we can weaken sperg about historical accuracies about which panzer was better than the other ones till the end of day because everybody has a different opinion we all know which one is the real one anything yes yes in the end it's the tank does satori oh they came two weeks after the world has doubled abyss oh man the time to be real man to discussion is real apparently for the people in the broadcast so in the meantime we also have another guest here we have Andre Osvaldo tough here as well Andreas when you first was at was asked to start composing the music for our hearts of our and for how much experience that you actually have in the hearts of our in for to begin with or did you did you ever actually play any of the game itself at any point in time well I have played their older games hard to learn too music four and number three so I had some experience yeah don't know if the game actually was playable when you started making know the music I get to start to a bit earlier nowadays yeah I think what I said was like please please not anything like ride of the Valkyries because okay during development watch I'm free right Valkyrie stops up when you start the game and on the development machines it runs in on maximum volume of the game so I've listened to write something first if you do it over several months this is hard to find inspiration when you've done I mean you don't do games already in harder you said it's it's hard to find inspiration it's it's hard to sort of see what you want to do the next time around or it's just sort of like is it obvious like other why should have done that otherwise I do do well I have more to go on yeah with the themes because I have several things already established No so I would say it's a bit easier okay done again you know you have to make it I feel fresh yeah yeah exactly okay so when Dawn came to you what was the what was the initial inspiration for because it's been a while since hearts of iron 3 came out or even 2 there's been quite a bit of a shift in in popular culture when it comes to how these errors were approached whereas when we used to have like this bombastic bombastic style of music going on whereas they kind of shifted to a more melodic the horrors of war approach says since that time okay what was the what was the main inspiration for the soundtrack well you know there's a lot of different inspirations I mean I want to have the you know much like music here they had in those times but I'll also want to have the thematic approach you know so you can get a feeling or a time period so well you know I'm trying to eat as much as I can how much how far you come how much is fun finished yeah yeah sure all of the main things are finished and I would say we're around 50 percent all right cool let's go and take a look here at some of the political stuff apparently one of the commanders don't doesn't have these his insignia on the right side of his chest would you like to comment about that oh yeah I already thrilled our artists off the balcony here we're on the 23rd floor you didn't even get to commit seppuku no no so you also mentioned that we have these these goals and how much of these are actually railroad e4 for for our four players and specifically for AI as well because these are sort of guidelines for both the AI or for our players but is there anything like what is the reason behind those and how railroad is the game really compared to say our surviving three could you turn the German Reich in this case into a benevolent democracy together with France and invade the USSR that's fascist yes I would say so yeah you can at least certainly try we have ways of kind of shifting the government which depending on how far of structure is in cause civil wars so then you'd have to basically win the Civil War to get what you expect yeah so say Germany converting the democracy early probably have to do some groundwork there pull that off or you know make sure you get support from the democracies

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  1. I wonder if Paradox will introduce the "genocide" mechanics in the game. You like it or not, but this was part of our history. I would suggest instead of that to include "change culture of region" mechanic. The same as it was in EU4. Then the evil people who want to do genocide could pretend to do that by changing culture. Others would imagine it as spreading your own culture by peaceful means. Win – Win in my book.

  2. Ok. What about changing a ruling party ? Is there any way we can do it ? For example can we chose a Komunists to rule in France ? Unability to change ruling party was a big problem in HoI III. And what about Poland ? In HoI III when you decide to join as poland to Axis or Comintern (what was extremely difficulty) all AI just stick. Germany do nothing and all other countries whas frozen.

  3. Could you change the kind of government of Germany? They were not fascists but national socialists. And don't say "same shit gne gne gne" because look at modern USA for example, they are liberals even though they attack other countries to expand their government.

  4. I hope there is a great deal of techs.  I tend to like the idea of getting technology above and beyond, usually into the cold war or even modern tech levels.  And A-Historical events, like what if germany or japan wins, or if the comintern beats germany early…. the idea that japan might beat china early or might attack USSR and push to the urals, or that it wins against usa.  And also, what would be funny is if the AI nations responded to overwhelming force desperately, like they finally realize that you have thousands of units bearing down on them and panic.  And one thing i found annoying was the supply issue as island nations like japan, because i used to make massive armies and they would run out of supplies even if there was a crapton of convoys.  My solution?  If i were the supreme leader of an Imperial Industrialized nation, it might be a good idea for me to order that 25% of the productive capability in each province STAY in the province to be used as a local supply production facility for its general area.  That way all supplies and resources dont go from the provinces to port, to the capital and back to the provinces.  More efficient supply would be an option to localize a portion of supply production to feed troops and units stationed in an area with localized caches.  Then the forces in the areas can be supplied easily and still some production can be freed to use for construction, unit production or goods.

  5. It would be intresting to see how the company system works differently for country with different ideology.   USSR, Nazi germany, and USA.

  6. I would choose the MAN company over Henchel because I think the Panther Tank was overall superior but thats my opinion

  7. Jesus not that 'idea' crap again, i hate EU4 idea system and now they have to add it here as well.. btw it looks too cartoonish this suppose to be a game about WWII not mickey-mouse-barbie-pony-sims bs.

  8. The design is very unlikeable. I know they tried to go with the theme of the era, but compared to CK2 this looks bad. Colours are washed out and everything looks greyish. Not a fan. 

  9. will this game have an open ended sandbox untill the the present…hearts of iron 2 pissed me off when the game just stopped and i couldnt play anymore.

  10. [Nerd] The Tiger didn't have sloped armour because development started before the invasion of the USSR. Germany had 0 intel about russian tanks before operation Barbarossa. Sloped armour hadn't been thought of by the allies or the Axis. Adding sloped armor was considered too drastic a change so late in the development cycle. After all, the first Tiger (30.01) prototype was tested in late 1941. When the first Tiger crews layed eyes on the Tiger field prototypes (late 1943), they were very disappointed by the lack of sloped armour. The engine was in fact a very good engine, except that you had to be a rocket scientist to operate it properly. Tigers were able to travel thousands and thousands of miles without a single defect. Training halfway during the war wasn't considered to be as important as before the war. [/Nerd]

  11. I play a lot of Paradox games, but this is going to be my first HOI game. Can you release nations like you can in Victoria and Europa Universalis? I want to play as my country which I can't do otherwise.

  12. What's with all the people arguing about the Nazis not being fascist and such? Is it because far right parties are kinda in vogue right now in Europe but they don't want the bad rep of being associated with the WWII baddies?

  13. Be cool if you could reintroduce the German monarchy as a figure head or something in the game, would add some flavor to the game. 🙂

  14. omg did we seriously just mention girls und Panzer? I assume I was a crazy person for even knowing what that was

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