Hearts of Iron 4: Fascist Ireland | And now, the conclusion… | Let’s play episode 81

Hearts of Iron 4: Fascist Ireland | And now, the conclusion… | Let’s play episode 81

Thank you very much for watching. Best of luck lads and I’ll see you in the next series. Ireland forever!

22 thoughts on “Hearts of Iron 4: Fascist Ireland | And now, the conclusion… | Let’s play episode 81

  1. I thought this campaign was amazing , the US invasion was great, i would like to see a Bulgarian campaign the next time u are playing hearts of iron IV , keep up the good work

  2. If Ireland can do this, Mayo can take Sam today!

    Éire abú!
    Maigh Eo abú!

    Good series man, honestly surprised I stuck straight with it this long but it was good to chill out to after work with a cuppa.

    Edit: Also I sort of like the Free Indian state being there. They earned their place in the new world with blood! A new and loyal friend to the Irish people as they march forward.

    I like to think there would be an 'India Day' in Ireland to celebrate them and their gallant efforts.

  3. Enjoyed watching this every morning with my cup of coffee. Look forward to your next Hearts of Iron. Cheers my friend to an amazing run!

  4. Amazing job! I loved every episode of this campaign and would love to watch more. For Free India i would recommend using console commands to declare war on them.

  5. ten years before the day that Ireland took the world, World war II started and Ireland quickly joined in the war. Now instead of the world reigning under the Axis flag, it reigns under the Irish flag.

  6. Thanks for an awesome series! I loved that it was so long and spanned a whole game. World conquest, even, Keep up the great work. I'll definitely be watching more of your videos.

  7. Watched the whole game from California USA. Loved every second…. (except for the Marine "incident"). Not sure if you're still active on YouTube, but I intend to find out. Thanks for the hours of entertainment. Even though I am of Irish decent and have spent time in your country, I have NO idea what your outro was. 😀 Thanks again. God bless. -AT

  8. This was grand. however, you were pissing me off in the end there around mongolia and middle asia. Not using all your armies, not using the strategic line properly. letting small pockets of resistance trough your fingers. All in all grand, but man that was annoying at some points

  9. really enjoyed the whole series!! i only started playin/ found out about hoi4 only like 2weeks ago. I first started as ireland, your series was a great help for me to understand the game and how to go about things, even playing on a diff version(i think its 1.5) i still have managed to follow in you region of terror across the world.

    Tapadh leibh airson na bhidiothan, cùm suas an obair mhath. ireland gu bràth !! <3<3

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