3 thoughts on “Hayek on the Use of Knowledge in Society

  1. This "problem" is a direct result of the fact that people must compete against each other for basic necessities under capitalism.

    Super-brilliant capitalism apologist:
    "OH NO, how come the data isn't all in one place?"

    Because no one wants to starve and sharing their data could mean losing the competitive advantage thereby losing business, possibly going out of business, losing all of one's capital and starving. If you wanted the data all in one place, you shouldn't have designed a system where data must be kept confidential so competitors don't lose their advantage, go out of business and lose everything.

    Maybe if these greedy monsters didn't ruin what humans naturally do (work together and share information for the benefit of everyone) by exploiting everyone they meet for their own personal gain, the data would all still be in one place because no one would be competing for their lives and there'd be NO reason to keep any data secret. It makes me sick this kind of garbage passes as academic and scholarly, it's complete & total nonsense and that goes for all economics. There's no such thing as an invisible hand, it's all made-up fairy tales passing itself off as science and it's disgusting and offensive to real science.

  2. of course this ignores the fact that psychopathic scumbags rise to the top….. (i guess that's why they're called scumbags)

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