Hassan Diab calls report into his extradition a 'whitewash' | Power & Politics

Hassan Diab calls report into his extradition a 'whitewash' | Power & Politics

a review into what many have called the wrongful extradition of Hasan diab released its conclusion today it found no rules were broken and the review says federal pot prosecutors acted ethically and within the law D AB was extradited to France in 2014 where he spent three years facing accusations related to a 1980 bombing outside a paris synagogue the CBC's David Cochrane has covered this story extense Lee and extensively and he joins us now David the external review says the department did nothing wrong what were the key findings yeah Katie this is essentially an exoneration of the Department of Justice at least that's the findings of Maurice Siegel the former Deputy Attorney General of Ontario who did this review and he deals with three big allegations that were made by Hasan diem and his supporters and that Canada was overzealous and helping France that when the French case was about to collapse it was Canada who directed France to replace discredited handwriting evidence and while that was happening Canadian lawyers scott court delays the by france time to do that work and amongst other things that canada did for france was that was a fingerprint comparison with Hassan Diaz fingerprints and the fingerprints of the man suspected of a 1980 bombing outside of a Paris synagogue and when those fingerprints did not match those were never shared with Hassan Diab or his lawyers now Siegel's review finds that all of this did in fact happen but he concludes that it was all appropriate because this is all permissible in an extradition hearing the the argument being that an extradition hearing is not a trial and different standards of evidence and and conduct apply so he says the allegations made by the defense team were without merit he concluded that the criticism is no merit and that counsel for government acted in a matter that was ethical and consistent with the law and with their ethical policies now he did make some suggestions on how things could be improved going forward including sharing evidence with the defense even when there is no legal obligation to do it and to seek assurances of a speedy trial once someone is extradited so they don't languish in a French prison like Hassan di-did but when I spoke to Marie Siegel today despite everything that has happened to his son di he said that the extradition Act is working D AB was treated fairly this outcome it was just unfortunate so how are D AB how are his supporters reacting to this well it was a strange day for Hassan diya who spent three years in a French prison with no charge in no trial I was just told that the system worked perfectly so he's not a guy he gets super emotional in public but he was quite angry and he called this report a whitewash this was hassan d ab earlier today we boycotted the external review because we believed that it would amount to a whitewash exercise it is profoundly upsetting to see our concerns and fears materializing d ABS lawyer Donalbain was also with him today and a year ago when this review was launched being predicted that the findings would be that the justice department did nothing wrong there would be ways at this that things could improve but really the blame would lie with France he felt that the terms of reference rigged that outcome and that is essentially where this report landed today and Don Bain is quite upset here's what Hassan Diaz lawyer said this is a report that excuses all the conduct of the Department of Justice international assistance group lawyers who did this case it defends the lack of disclosure of evidence of innocence it endorses all of the troubling aspects of the current extradition law and system in Canada and it supports the decisions of Canadian courts that the evidence of guilt was reliable enough to deny dr. D ABS liberty and to justify a trial in France so Katie they're obviously quite frustrated with the outcome of this review they have not dropped their calls for a public inquiry those are being backed by groups like Amnesty International the BC Civil Liberties Association they are all still supporting that and what's interesting today Katie is that Hasan diya despite everything to happen to him has said he didn't want to sue the Canadian government he didn't want a lawsuit he didn't want compensation you just wanted the extradition laws change today they say they are reconsidering that that that decision and now the possibility of a lawsuit is on the table so what's the government saying well David lameta inherited this file the extradition happened under the Conservatives the review was ordered by Jodie Wilson Raybould but he says he accepts the findings that nothing wrong in here but that there could be some improvement and how his department handles extradition here's the Justice Minister obviously we I have a great deal of sympathy for dr. D AB and for his family and what they went through nobody wants to see nobody wants to see anybody sit in prison in a foreign country for that period of time waiting for their their case to be tried and so Maurice Eagle has given us a good series of recommendations to think about in order to make the trend the the extradition process more transparent in order to make it more understandable to Canadians and also to improve the process so that that hopefully we can do things at our end during the extradition process that will prevent that will prevent this kind of situation happening again and you know Katie there's probably a sigh of relief in the Department of Justice for another reason because this report lands right in the middle of the Hmong Wong's Oh extradition the former wall way the wall a executive who's being held on pending extradition to the United States if a report had landed saying Canada's extradition system was a mess that would resonate in Ottawa in Vancouver and in Beijing that did not happen so that's a comfort I think to the Department of Justice but certainly not for Hasan dia and his family David thank you got it the CBC is David Cochrane hi I'm Vashti Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

7 thoughts on “Hassan Diab calls report into his extradition a 'whitewash' | Power & Politics

  1. Its is not a surprise when a Canadian Kangaroo Court system has to decide the demerits of their unlawful action in the public arena. The verdict will be of course a "WHITEWASH". Canadian law and in particular extradition law is not only a sham but reminds oneself of Alice in Wonderland: "Let the jury consider their verdict," the King said, for about the twentieth time that day. "No, no!" said the Queen=(Crown) "Sentence first–verdict afterwards." "Stuff and nonsense!" said Alice loudly. To no avail of course!
    This case and the outcome of an innocent man being extradited shows the vassal state status of prostitute Canada with respect to the whims of the big pimps of this world. Canada's answer?
    I will jump as high as you want me to jump… Chulo Master!

  2. We need to fix our extradition treaty. Other countries are abusing it and taking advantage of it to benefit their country. Hopefully what DIab does can improve our extradition.

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