100 thoughts on “Hasan Piker DESTROYS Tucker Carlson’s White Nationalist Propaganda

  1. Wow, this guy is pure cancer. No wonder he works for a hate group who chose to name themselves after genocidal scumfucks who murdered over 1.5 million Armenians. Its not often you can look at someone and say they are complete and utter trash with not a single redeeming value in their lives but this piece of shit is one of those people.

  2. If you ever needed an argument against immigration you just need to look at Hasan Piker. Literal anchor baby that should be grateful he's even allowed into America but instead is doing everything he can to destroy it.

  3. Attacking people by association is weak, Hasan. Should I line up all of your view points with various marxists and SJWs to demean you? Will that nullify your points? The other problem is that you can barely knock down your own strawmen. As such a progressive, its surprising that you wouldn't want to provide safety nets or economic stimulus for towns like Hazleton, but you're perfectly fine with replacing them with foreigners. Maybe we should start replacing white collar workers with lower pay visa card chinese/indians too? It increases GDP right, isn't that epic? What a sham you are.

  4. It's not diverse executive boards that generate better returns you dumbass, it's the other way around: only companies that already generate high returns can afford to tank their profits by hiring an executive board only on the basis of diversity.
    The fact that small and growing businesses don't give a shit about diversity is not a coincidence either.

  5. How would he feel if Turkey was forced to take 50 million africans in a 20 year span? They are already freaking out about becoming kurds.

  6. Fake. No turks would ever question having sex within their own family, especially with their cousins. That's some empirical evidens for you.

  7. So Hasan makes a living crying about racism and cherry picking stories that fit his narrative and he thinks he "owning" Tucker by point out hes doing it too?

  8. 4 million subs, 76k views. Ouch. Whats the point of paying someone to bot subscribe to your channel if your views show you arent popular?

  9. WHAT a rat! The anti-Western, anti-White agenda of The Young Turks, who enacted the Armenian genocide, is full-bore on with this rat. Has to throw in the anti-White racism of his masters. But he was completely cucked by Jesse Lee Peterson in an hour-long interview. All of Hasan's artfulness, his flapping hands, his lisping voice, could not stand against the Great Truth Speaker, Jesse. This rat, Hasan Piker, is completely un-American — like his Asian invaders, The Young Turks — does not respect truth, and like the cucked beta male he is, is all about political correctness, a communist view of economics, and mendacity in speech.

    He knows the "party line," but has little intellect and NO principles — he should be shipped back to his spiritual home in the Middle East. The Young Turks hate America, and hate American values. They should all be exiled back to the Middle East — where they can slaughter more Christian Armenians — because that's what The Young Turks love to do. But they are NOT American in any sense, since they spit on American values. The degeneracy of such individuals, the conviction that they are entitled to live in America and seek to destroy what America stands for (honor, self-reliance, and truth-speaking), should end. They should be routed out.

  10. Hasan Piker could not destroy a mens room after a 3am run to taco bell, and I use Mens room, very very lightly.
    The soy is very strong in this one.

  11. Imagine your whole job is kissing your fat uncles ass or it's back to Turkey. We would probably act like a douche bag to. No not really tyt is pathetic.

  12. This guy never argued any of Tucker's point. He simply does the same thing he says Tucker is going, cherry picking data to prove a point.

  13. worst part about these anti-right videos is how the presenter is always smugly shouting in your face like you are stupid for thinking or entertaining these things.

  14. Most 'DESTROY' and 'OWN' videos are made by a 3rd party. Making them about yourself is pure cringe. But TYT has to do that because no one else is making them.

  15. "saying dumb things when they are distraught" – you are hoping your ordinance can't read the tweet that you've got here which is a woman saying that someone 'deserves miserable deaths while feminists laugh' – that's not dumb, that's disgusting and unacceptable from anyone and Tucker should be outraged by them. Disgraceful.

  16. You say diverse executive boards perform better – that may be true, but you don't link the article and research! So the research may have not considered the success being due to other factors (let alone what 'success' means) so that could very well be a baseless argument, as you claim he uses

  17. Im mad cuz Hasan Piker hasnt had time to introduce himself to my vagina. Be great if he can squeeze that in sometime next week.

  18. 0:03 how ironic. HE said specifically that "on the left you may have notice that everything is about race, it's about race, everything – even things that have nothing to do with race ". Here you are trying to make Tucker Carlson out to be a racist when he just said the most non racist thing ever. Not only that, everything you picked out was out of context right after the first one by finding different words, and put it together, to make it sound like he only cares about white men. Whoever like this video is literally a bunch of racist sheeps.

  19. Hasan can only "destroy people" when they are not there to defend themselves. It's kind of like kicking a deaf mute grandmother who tripped over her walker.

  20. No, I don’t wanna see more retarded videos like these. Hasan is the epitome of the regressive left, an antifa(g) without the mask. Can’t debate, is childish, has anger issues, is really dumb but thinks he’s smart, virtue signals nonstop but in reality is a vile human being. (Watch Actual Justice Warrior’s video of him “debating” Charlie Kirk)

  21. The only benefit from diversity is out-performance of return- on- equity from corporations who have a diverse board of directors, a study of companies from 2008-2010? Laughable coming from one who disdains corporations.

  22. I don’t like tucker Carlson or Fox News. Like at all. But this video is trash and just as factually cherry picked as fox is. It’s all garbage.

  23. Is this Hasan Piker bloke a parody of a lefty sjw or something? either way, he isn't funny

  24. It's astounding how many right wingers comment here and NONE OF THEM offer an argument for why Hasan is wrong. Instead, they all just make lewd statements that any 12 year could make.
    Calling them "The Young Turds." Isn't that clever…
    "Is this Hasan Piker bloke a parody of a lefty sjw or something? either way, he isn't funny." Another clever comment.
    "This entire video is a baseless comparison and a compositional fallacy." Again, another Right Winger who won't say WHY Hasan is wrong, but just claim that he is.
    "Hasan can only "destroy people" when they are not there to defend themselves. It's kind of like kicking a deaf mute grandmother who tripped over her walker." Again, another critic who makes no argument, just a statement.

    Did any of you free-thinking "intelligent" Trump/Fox News supporters ever take debate in high school or college? If you had, you'd know that making a statement offers nothing other than your narrow-minded opinion. But maybe that's why you come on this site just to insult Hasan and the Young Turks. I think he's hitting a nerve in all of you and that's what pisses you off so much. That's what makes you angry, and then come here to write insulting statements, instead of arguing the facts…. Typical.

  25. U DIDNT DESTROY SHIT. Dude when Tucker DESTROYS someone on TV it happens during an INTERVIEW cause he has the BALLS to ENGAGE a person DIRECTLY. Funny to me how u dislike home so much you actually spent time editing him into a corner… behind his back.. and waisted commentary… on a piece that he, like me, would scan thru and laugh it off, and forget ur name in 5 minutes. LMAO….. Regards.

  26. That boardroom study argument isn't even used anymore because everyone realized how dumb it was. Well, almost everyone

  27. Hasan moooslim atheist Piker is a devout MARXIST (he's admitted to this.. look it up) who hates America.

  28. nazi's were socialists, this guy is a socialist who thinks that people who disagree with him commit incest 2:27 , hasan is a spineless braindead scumbag

  29. You can't destroy someone who isn't physically debating you. Lol. Oh, wow. You sat and made arguments while he wasn't there to respond!!! You totally DESTROYED him!!!!! He actually destroyed you and he wasn't even there. What a pathetic beta male. All the comments are AGAINST Hasan and TYT on their own channel. When are they going to realize how pathetic they are and that no one listens to then and their ratings are dwindling? Just beta male, Marxist cucks who argue off emotion and obnoxious, regurgitated talking points. Ugghhh *face palm*.

  30. Ad hominem and straw man. And "racist, Nazi, white supremacists." That's Hasan's arguments in every video, debate, argument, etc he's in. That's it. No claims with evidence. No logical thought process or following and argument through to it's logical conclusion or thinking for himself on the spot in the debate or any of that. Hat can them racist and use straw man. The only way Hasan can claim to win a debate is if the other person isn't even there!!!! Lol. Pathetic. What a waste of human life.

  31. Stop buying likes when more than half of the comments agree with carol Tuckerson MAGA TRUMP 2020

  32. Hasan doesn't seem to understand Tucker is pointing out the obvious. When the race debate against any ethnicity of color and any language you state (I.E. Any Donald Trump comment the left deems racist) is racist, it bias to not call out the white genocide comment. When you start accepting the white genocide comment as nothing and put "Go Back Home" as national news. You are slowly putting the ideology that any comment about people of color is not okay and white is okay. Which ofcourse Tucker cares because he is white. It's similar to saying a black person shouldn't care about racial slurs.

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