Hasan Minhaj Was Barred from an Indian Political Rally That Trump Attended

Hasan Minhaj Was Barred from an Indian Political Rally That Trump Attended

-One of the things I like most
about your show is — you give context to stories
that I don’t feel like get covered a lot —
not just on late-night shows, but even on news shows
here in the States. Prime Minister in India,
Prime Minister Modi, and he was here, and Donald Trump
went to this rally. -To open for Modi.
-Yeah. -It was a big deal.
-Yeah. So, explain that, because it
certainly seems surreal to me to watch President Trump
holding hands with another man, just sort of walking through. -And they were full-on swinging.
-Yeah. -It was a strange thing to see. But for those who don’t know,
you know, Prime Minister Modi had
sold out NRG Stadium, where the Texans play,
in Houston. 50,000-plus people showed up. And then Donald Trump was like,
“I’ll open.” -Yeah.
-I’m like, “Oh, I’ve got to go.” This is like the Jay-Z and
Beyoncé of ethno-nationalism. -Yeah. -Like, imagine
a Jay and Bey concert but with no white or black
people and no coolness at all. And so I was like,
“I got to be there.” -So you went. You decided,
“This is the perfect thing for our show to cover.” -Yeah, because I knew that,
like, what Modi pulled off — And this is
a political gangster. A lot of people in the Indian
community don’t rock with Trump. But because of
this weird pairing, they just had to stand for DJT. -Yeah.
-Yeah. Like, imagine if you got
Ed Sheeran tickets free. -Uh-huh.
-Sold out, NRG Stadium. And then, a week before,
they were like, “Special guest — Bill Cosby.” You’d be like, “All right,
you’ve got a monster, but then I really want to hear
‘Shape of You.'” And all the aunties and uncles
were like, “I got to do Shape –‘”
Yeah, yeah. -So, you go down there.
-I go down there. Well, I was like,
“I have to be there.” So we submit
our press credentials. Immediately get an e-mail back. They’re like,
“We’re out of space.” I’m like, “Word.” Like, I’ve been to
Indian weddings. You just walk in.
-Yeah. -You’re out of space in
a football stadium? No. So, I reach out to
the organizers. I’m like, “Hey, come on.
This is my community. You guys get it.
Like, I want to be there.” And they’re like, “We’re out of
space, but we are discussing.” -Oh, my goodness.
-I’m like, “All right.” And if you’ve ever
done field pieces, you know that you’ve got to
show up and, you know, be a good-faith actor,
and they’ll take care of you. -Right, right. -So, I show up to
the press table that morning, and they’re like, “Mr. Minhaj,
we are out of space, and you’ve been denied
because of some of the comments
you have made.” -Wow! -And I’m like, “I’m sorry for
making fun of cricket. It’s not just a sport for FOBs. It’s an international game
that is taking over the world. They’re like, “No. The comments you have made about
Prime Minister Modi were not appreciated,
and you’ve been blacklisted.” -Wow! -And I was like,
“Dude, you’re treating me like Indian Jorge Ramos.” This is Trump 101.
-Yeah. -And I’m in Texas,
so you guys pretty much think I’m Jorge Ramos. So, I’m in the parking lot
and I’m just watching this whole thing on live stream while I’m looking
at the stadium. And I’m watching the program. And during the program,
they’re honoring prominent Indian-Americans. “Indian-Americans
have done so much in arts, music, even comedy.” And then they show a photo of me
on the Jumbotron, and people start clapping. [ Cheers and applause ] So, you understand what’s
happening. -So, this — And we do have
a photo of where you were when you were watching that. -I’m in the parking lot. So, they were honoring me
for my comedy while also blackmailing me
and blackballing me and kicking me out
for my comedy. It was the most
Indian thing ever. They were like,
“We’re proud of you, but we’ll never say it
to your face.” It tore me apart, man. Like, inside the stadium
and outside the stadium, there were protesters. So, it’s all my community. This is my
basic community, right? And when everything’s filling
out — you guys get this — they were arguing. Everyone is arguing
with each other. They’re yelling at each other. Cops are trying to break it up
in between two people. And I was like, “Dude, come on.
This is us. We live in the same
neighborhoods. You guys probably
both work at Google.” -Yeah.
-“You both weigh 135 pounds.” You both have never fought
in your life.” And the police officers
are like, “Why are you guys arguing
over sweaters? Everyone can have cashmere.” And they’re like,
“That’s the problem. Everyone can’t have Kashmir.” So, that was the event.
-That sounds very intense. -It was intense. Yeah. -Was this more or less intense? You went and you spoke
before Congress. -Yeah. -You addressed
the student-loan crisis. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes. -And was it Maxine Waters
who asked you — -Maxine Waters. Yep.
-She invited you. -Yeah. -And, so, what was the
experience of speaking before Congress? -Well, I was kind of shocked,
’cause I was like, “Is this where we’ve gotten?” -Right. -Like, if we need to move
the needle on an issue, you have to call up a comedian? -Right, yeah. -Like, “Oh, man, the opioid
epidemic is out of control. You know who can solve this?
Gilbert Gottfried.” -Yeah. -“Let’s see what
Gilbert’s doing, and maybe we can get this
thing through.” But, look, I’ve watched
one-hour dramas on TV. Like, I thought Congress
was going to be hot, sexy, witty banter, you know,
affairs in the air. No. It was like the DMV
in there. -Yeah.
-Just, like, gray lighting. You show up. They give you a Dixie cup
and hand you a “Men’s Health” from 2014. When I was in Congress
testifying — C-SPAN didn’t get this, but in
the corner, like where Fred is, I saw a mousetrap with cheese. I was like,
“Dude, Trump is right — there are rats
in this building.” -Yeah. It’s so low-end,
though, right? -Yeah.
-It’s just, like, brown. -Yeah. It’s really not —
It’s really not hot. -Like, the shot of
the congressmen and then the shot of
the person testifying is always very dramatic,
but every time they take a wide shot — -You’re like,
“Oh, this is an open mic.” -Yeah.
-“Three people are here.” All of the seats are empty. -‘Cause they just —
People file in, they ask you five minutes
of questions, and then they just
vamoose, right? -They do their five.
and then they leave. -Yeah. -And I stayed there the entire
four hours, no bathroom breaks. I thought that’s what you’re
supposed to do. -They don’t give you
bathroom breaks? -No! And Maxine Waters
told me, at the end — She’s like,
“You should have asked.” I’m like, “You really wanted
me to be like, ‘Um, Mrs. Waters, can I get the
cube with the bathroom key?'” -Yeah. Did you
have student-debt crisis? Do you have loans?
-I didn’t. I’m lucky. -Yeah.
-I’m lucky. I did not have student debt. You know,
I have immigrant parents, and they forced me
to live at home, so I don’t have
crippling student debt. -Yeah. -I have crippling
emotional debt. -Oh, sure, of course. -Yeah, and Congress has yet to
do anything about that. -Yeah.
Likely never to be repaid. Hey, man, it’s always such
a pleasure to see you. Can’t wait for your show to
be back in November. Thanks for being here.
-Thank you, buddy. -Hasan Minhaj, everybody.

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  1. Hasan Minhaj is not an Indian. On his shows he has blatantly lie about India. He didn't even do basic google search on India before spreading misinformation. Its surprising that Indians haven't got together and sued him yet for blatant lies about India. For example: On his shows he claims India is denying citizenship to Muslims to make India look facist country. The fact is lot more Hindus than muslims are denied citizenship because they didn't have any proof if Indian citizenship. But Hasan happily ignored that fact and only mentioned Muslims to get more clicks and spread propaganda. Fact: https://www.sundayguardianlive.com/news/assams-nrc-list-not-biased-religion

  2. It was very satisfying to know Hasan Minhaj was not allowed entry in Howdy Modi event. In any case I don't know why he is complaining. He should have felt right at home with the pakistanis protesting against Modi outside the stadium. Looks like he got be be exactly where he really wanted to be and deserved to be.

  3. Hey y'all. I'm a progressive YouTuber. I've made videos over student debt, climate change, foreign policy & the Democratic debates. Please watch & subscribe!

  4. India is the worst place to go if you are a woman or a non Hindu or just your average meat eater, death sentence for you.

  5. To all the Indian Americans who are supporting Modi I request them to revoke their American citizenship and move to India and never look back again.

  6. Ure an Indian but my understanding is that Indians HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOUR they take every joke to their hearts ..see how they reacted to the jokes by Trevor Noah couple of months ago over Pak-India crisis…seriously these guys are comedians thats what they do but small brains Indians dont get it 🙄

  7. This is damn hilarious!!😂😂

    Out of tickets !! Whole stadium was empty but there was no ticket for hasan😏😅

    "We are proud of you but we'll never say it on your face"🙂



    Hasan! you are the best and whatever you are doing just influence people!! Keep it up

    Glad that you're coming back in November😇😇

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😚😂😚😂😚😚😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Yeah he is talented..so if you bullshit about India's serious issues…which is totally wrong…thats the problem.I am glad he is kicked out.

  10. While you morons are parroting back his joke in quotes, excuse me for butting in for a rather more reasonable outrage how this went down. But kudos to Minhaj for putting him on the blast on national TV. I actually saw the video clip where he was denied entry.

  11. He will also be barred from a visa to India, he will be welcome in the group of handful of Pakistani protesters screaming about nothing.

  12. Your problem is being Muslim and Indian are punishing Muslims in kashmir. They can't tolerate muslims in india. Feel sorry for you.

  13. Two things most indian peoples love right now is
    1.) Modi
    2.) Cricket

    And you fucked them both thing in your T.Vshow, no wonder they were gonna kick you out which you probably should have known earlier

    Anyways , full marks to you for trying.

  14. He want to do cheap anti-india publicity for his show. criticism of govt is OK ..india is a vibrant democracy too but he behaved like a biased muslim when commenting on indian politics and against a particular religion . Can he make a skit on Islamic terrorism and how Pakistan is epicentre of it and how they were also instrumental in 9/11 , how they hid Osama bin laden and how india was a victim of it for decades…etc.

  15. Honestly, Hasan's episode on Modi was one sided, he really didn't say how stupid his competitor Rahul Gandhi was(He's the Trump of India. Rich, stupid, most corrupt party ever – read about just one of it: 2G scam, can't form a sentence, comes from a tricky family who stole Mahatma Gandhi's last name to win elections for decades (they're not even related), they try to divide India based on religion like Republicans do based on race).. How can people not see this ? Basically we had Trump equivalent(Rahul Gandhi, an idiot) and Hillary equivalent (Modi, corrupt but not stupid and is doing something.for country) !! We''re pragmatic, we chose Modi twice based on his party's work..

  16. It may interest you..that on the night of Mr Cosby's conviction a strange occurance fireworks and the stringing of LGBT colored lights on my neighborhood. The VERY next day. I lost Justice Kennedy…maybe you don't know what that means. But I'm sure the robe will tell you. But that's for Federal investigators.

  17. Do your job in USA and stay away from India..and stop telling half things to people ok.
    International media runs a propaganda on kashmir including some people like you…
    When pm of Islamic republic of Pakistan will organise a rally you can be a part of…
    One thing be like Sundar pichai who make India proud but you are running agenda against India man do comedy that is your job, leave politics on politicians

  18. His parents made him live at home partly to protect him and make sure that marriage came before sex… The ultimate turnoff is a guy who still lives at home, and they know it.

  19. Feku modi is also a fake comedian
    Hasan minaj is a professional comedian if Hasan minaj entered in to stadium, feku comedian's career would be ruined.

  20. Not Indians, but US Citizen Gujarati audience, given their huge number in Houston. Non Indians don't know this, so for them, Modi is a popular Indian leader. Houston, being a Democratic stronghold, Trump's hoping that Modi's fan base votes for him!

    Great optics overall!

  21. VERY FUNNY! Indian guys arguing, they probably are high tech employees, they are likely middle class overeducated high IQ and have never actually fought anyone ever, and likely 130 pounds soaking wet. Same for other Asians in USA.

  22. Modi is the literal ring leader of an active ethnic cleansing campaign wherein his party henchmen massacred 2000+ muslim men, women and children in a matter of 8 hours. He's a fascist

    On the other hand, the rally was decent political strategy for both sides involved. Modi gets to disingenuously push a narrative to the international community that he's a moderate candidate and to send a strong message to Pakistan about the U.S. consensus surrounding Kashmir and the republicans get to whatever little traction they can find for 2020. Given that Ted Cruz almost lost in the Midterms and everybody knows that if Texas turned blue, it's all fucking over

  23. "no white and black people no coolness at all ???"
    i bet this bloody conconut couldn't understand single india language .

    his life was saved there by authority
    because everbody know he would have performed somekind of propaganda muslim stunt and
    nri modi supporter are generally not so apologist to mullah spread fake propaganda generator
    u can search what happened to journalist rajdeep sirdesai
    when he was bullshiting around when modi visited manhattan

  24. Its like this, if you have a Paedo Uncle in the family he will still be in the family albums but he will not be invited in your kids birthday party. Hasan was mentioned along with the other Indian Americans but the Organizers of a private organizing committee for a Welcome Rally for Modi rightfully decided that he is undesirable. Hasan doesn't welcome Modi then why the F he is there ? So he can get his visuals of him inside and unashamedly Edit the videos to insult participants so he can play that Skit to his Racist White audience who are so happy to laugh at my expense. BTW Paki supporting Al Jazeera was blocked at the entrance and their press credentials were removed after a scuffle and intervened by Houston Police, Al Jazeera posted that video, so what it made Pakistanis more angry and Indians happy.
    PS-Example credit Zax Collix.

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