Has the LGBT rights movement become a victim of its own success? | IN 60 SECONDS

Has the LGBT rights movement become a victim of its own success? | IN 60 SECONDS

After years of debate, our divided
country has appeared to reach a consensus in support of same-sex
marriage and the acceptance of gay and lesbian people. But these changes in
American culture have led to a growing disconnect between public perceptions
and the actual experiences of LGBT people. Perceptions of discrimination
against gay and lesbian people have plummeted since 2013, particularly among
young adults. This stands starkly at odds with the
actual experiences of LGBT people. So how has this happened? There are a couple of
explanations. First, the focus by activists and the media on same-sex
marriage simplified the more complex views Americans have on LGBT issues.
Second, opposition to gay rights is increasingly absent from popular culture.
And finally, Americans have had greater access to the lives of gay and lesbian
people through television and social media than ever before. As a result, many
Americans are left with the impression that we have reached a comfortable
consensus on gay rights. Do you think gay and lesbian people face a lot of
discrimination in the US. Let us know in our poll. Also, let us know what other
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35 thoughts on “Has the LGBT rights movement become a victim of its own success? | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. I would like to see more ‘time tested’ truths addressed. Our society and our culture is so quick to define truth based on PC. For example: transgenders that are now in their 60s and 70s are exposing transgenderism for what it really is. The truth about transgenders,according to men and women who lived it, is a result of decades of very serious child abuse. I would also like to see a truth article about gun violence with the absence of guns. In every school shooting there is always a press conference with students. In EVERY press conference these surviving students admit the shooter was extremely bullied. I would also like to see a truth article about the purpose of a father is a family. This society has come to a wrong conclusion about the need for Dads thanks to our pandering media.

  2. Don't bother with this video. Their source is NBC news.
    If you follow back to FBI .gov, you can find that the "3% rise" from 2016 to 2017 can easily be accounted for by the difference in reporting agencies.
    Every year, due to government mandate, more agencies are required to report more hate crimes, and they expand what qualifies as a hate crime.
    16,149 agencies in 2017
    15,254 agencies in 2016
    That's a 6% rise in reporting agencies with only a 3% rise in hate crime numbers!!

    If you choose to look at the population covered instead:

    306,435,676 in 2017
    289,814,003 in 2016
    Huh, still just a 6% rise in coverage with only a 3% rise in reported hate crimes.
    There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  3. I think heterosexuals and especially cisgender heterosexuals are facing a lot of discrimination right now. Thanks to Climate Change Fear Mongering, nobody is hated more than the family with more than two children. And God forbid that they reject getting divorced to marry transgender prostitutes that "deserve" their attention.

  4. No. The perceptions of LGBTQ people are distorted and are shaped by a very toxic progressive ideology. They got what they wanted — demanded – and, now, they're more miserable than ever. At least, before, they could blame their problems on "homophobia." But, now, they have no one to blame but themselves. As a group, they have no capacity for self-reflection. So, rather than look inward, they continue to externalize their problems and project them onto the dominant culture. Trust me. I was immersed in that community from the late 1980's to the mid-1990's. They are their own worst enemies. They even complain amongst themselves about how toxic their "community" is and how the LGBTQ community "eats its own," but won't dare acknowledge that publicly, lest they be ostracized by their own. In order to give credence to their false claims that they're an "oppressed" minority, they make up fake hate crimes. The vast majority of so-called "hate crimes" reported are made up. Some are just interpersonal issues that they turn into "hate crimes" because they can get more narcissistic supply out of claiming to be a victim of homo- or trans-phobia. They have a lot of interpersonal problems because many of them have personality disorders, addictions and, yes, even even demons. But, those issues are rarely addressed because they've convinced themselves that their misery always somebody else's fault. Their "solidarity" is not rooted in Judeo-Christian values (i.e., the Golden Rule, etc.). Rather, the cohesive glue that binds them is their collective sense of "oppression," their hatred for traditional values (oppositional defiance). So, it's not as though they simply won't give up the false "victim" narrative. They CAN'T give it up. If they do, they'll have no solidarity to hold their "collective" together. Without their collective identity, they feel that they've been erased. Their psyche becomes shattered. They experience "social death." There are some who think for themselves. There are some who are individualists who don't view themselves as part of the collective. There are some who refuse to perceive themselves as victims. Usually, those few are badly mistreated–ostracized and abused–by their own kind. They're viewed as "traitors" or "Uncle Toms." The incentive for "feeling" oppressed and discriminated against (or, at least claiming to be), for those who identify as LGBTQ, is great, and is compounded, over time; especially when society continues to capitulate to their demands.

  5. As someone who spent decades supporting LGBT (which means Left wing and does not represent all gay people) I will never again. It has changed from an equal rights movement to an authoritarian movement itself discriminating against anyone and anything which does not bend 100% to its demands no matter how irrational or indeed destructive they are. All while defrauding billions across the Western world from taxpayers through victimhood NGO's. Quite frankly it now more resembles a criminal gang or hate movement than one of equality and love these days and its only getting worse

  6. the LGBT movement is just part of the same agenda that managed to "wish" into existence the so called "velvet mafia" .

  7. I cannot say since I am not an American, but I do think that there is definitely a larger trend across the western world.
    …and it does really seem quite positive, all in all.

    Of course, there are still some problems.
    For example, if you are looking to rent an apartment or get a job, you might end up facing the problem of prejudice. If you are open about your sexuality or it just ends up coming up, you may have people not want to have you as a tenant or employee.
    And while this affects many other groups as well, sometimes even respectable professions like lawyers – who people might see as dangerous tenants because they know the law much better – it is something that can make your life a bit harder.

    And there are still people who will see you as the one who stands out as a "legitimate target for violence", but again, we are not alone there.

    I think all in all, being gay puts you in a similar position as for example being Jewish. You are now thankfully a respected member of society, but there are people who will resent you for irrational reasons.

    Nevertheless, we are truly blessed that we live in an age were there is universal political consensus that attacks on gay people are a vile thing.
    Never forget that this is a recent achievement and that it makes life so much easier.

    We live in an age where christian conservative politicians will be overall friendly towards homosexuals, especially in public.
    Please let us defend that great world we have reached together!

  8. Irony of the LGBT movement:

    I marched in Stockholm for em at PRIDE, I had rocks thrown at me, abuse shouted etc. The real kicker about it, I'm barred from most LGBT groups for being branded a transphobic bigot. ( I'm not obv, even want gov to pay for reassignment surgery – I'm Swedish. ). These people, these organizations are loons full of hatred and bigotry that they project on others, they'd find any reason.

    Walked through Muslim areas where we are most needed, branded an Islamophobic. Second irony is that the counter protesters against us walking through that place was mistaken for homosexuals on their way back and thus harassed and caught several rocks. ( Did I mention that they too threw some rocks at us too? ).

  9. Of course they still do, America is importing thousands of Muslims and third world migrants into the country each year.

  10. any kind of citation for that claim buddy? you had a graph for your first point
    too hard to get a second one?

  11. I came out to my family when I was 15 in the 90's and thankfully even though my family is religious and conservative they accepted me and didnt shame me. It's a non issue, just as the orientation of my straight siblings is a non issue. Broadly speaking I think our culture has gone past the point of acceptance and to a point of exaltation. This I'm not a fan of. Gay pride used to be about civil rights and now it's about debauchery and lunacy. Who can be the most offensive and risque. I fear this creates a backlash among tolerant conservatives who just dont want to be constantly pushed on gay agendas. LGBT activists dont represent all gay people and they do a disservice to the community by over reaching into the school system and libraries and children's lives. I do not support that. Conversely, I know presently of a young man who came out to his parents recently and they disowned him. He was kicked out of his house and even his extended family want nothing to do with him. This poor kid attempted suicide a couple weeks ago because he has lost his entire life. All because he just wants to be authentic and acknowledge his orientation. There is still hatred for homosexuals. Theres are still lives being destroyed simply because a person is trying to live happily. Being gay is not something any of us grow up deciding. And to deny your gay orientation is just as hard as a straight person denying their orientation. Until you can honestly say you would be strong enough to deny your own straight impulse, you have no place telling gay people they should deny theirs.

  12. The problem is right here in the comment sections. Proving the point of the video. No matter what people will find a way to justify their hatred and ignorance.

  13. If a group is recognized for its antipathy to society at large it should not be surprised to find that society is has less than favorable views about it. As was said "The love that dare not speak its name now can't stop shouting it." I favor living in integrated communities with no preference for any group but if a given group, or its representatives, persist in demanding greater recognition than any other then they will not be welcomed by me. Do not demand that I endorse that which I will accept but with which I am not in agreement. Society is out of their bedroom now they have to get out of society's face.

  14. As a lesbian

    Yes. Yes it has. It’s become a movement about equality to a movement about shaming people that aren’t lgbt and using it as an excuse to bully companies, treat people like shit and get away with it less people fear being called homophobic and all that

  15. Gay people exist. They are people and deserve equal treatment. People need to just accept it and move on. No matter what side of the isle your on.

  16. The left can't figure out which bathroom they're supposed to be in.
    You progressives have full grown men competing in women's only sports and even breaking 3 women's records at the same event. How on earth is this fair to our mother,s daughters or sisters?
    And you somehow think this is normal behavior.

  17. Fuck no, they get everything handed to them on a silver platter. If anybody offends them they destroy their lives through social pressure if not legal because they get special protection just because the genitals they are interested in.

  18. They have become too absolutist. They get full support from all the media at the cost to non LGBT people. They have erected the wall they want to knock down with the attitude of "you are with us or you are against us". This "purity standard" they preach is so caustic as such, no one can abide.

  19. THe LGBTQ community has shredded it's credibility and exposed it's oppressive radical nature by openly persecuting the religious community for not licking the jack boots of the LGBTQ community and because of it's perverse addictions to absurd ideologies such as letting men into the ladies locker room.

  20. They movement is full of hate hidden behind acceptance. That is the case with most movements nowadays (/ever).

  21. Go be gay and leave other people alone, if you can't leave others alone, there will be consequences.

  22. 0:32 so the headline and th emain text seem to imply the rising percentage of 3% they are talking about there is percentage of all hate crimes. if it is that, then that is a completely irrelavant statistic to use to say there is a rise in lgbt descrimination.
    if it doesnt mean that and it means numbers of lgbt hate crimes is up 3% in one year then what is the surrounding data on that? had it dropped constantly for several years and then rose for one year? taking one statistic like that is very suispicious. a headline like "anti lgbt hate crime constantly rising every year for the past 20 years. if that was what the data showed then that is what the headline would be. ther eis no way they would down play it as a one year rise. so if it that there is a rise in one year, even without the data in front of me i'd be pretty confident in saying that headline is some garbage journalist with an agenda using one very selective statistic to try and lie to people.

  23. Some of the studies and polls mentioned were longer term than the one about the 2017 rise in hate crimes against LGBTQ people. I'm just saying.

  24. Funny, that a lot of these comments, claim we have gone too far. Yet, we STILL do not have our guaranteed civil rights. Only 1/2 of the states have them, and the Federal Government doesn’t either. Also, currently the state of Alabama has discontinued giving marriage licenses at all, so as not to have to give them to the LGBT community. Also, Texas is working on canceling spousal benefits to LGBT married couples.
    And, the federal government is currently trying to make a religious freedom Bill, allowing doctors and other healthcare professionals to deny having to treat LGBT people. Ha ha I was waiting for you to get up and see if we were going to go or and, the federal government is currently trying to make a religious freedom bill, allowing doctors and other healthcare professionals to deny having to treat medically LGBT people. This is also being done for federal workers as well. Meaning they would not have to give marriage licenses to LGBT couples.
    Sadly, 86% of the American population believes, that gays are protected, WE ARE NOT.

    FYI, The gay agenda is about FREEDOM! I don’t give a crap, whether you except me or not. However, like any other minority group, I DEMAND that we be treated, respectfully.

    PS; I agree about Pride Parades being over the top, and not about PROTESTING, for our RIGHTS.

  25. As a lesbian I think that LGBTQ movement completely lost it. It's not about equal rights and acceptance anymore, it's all about identity politics,rainbow capitalism and special treatment which is a SHAME. What is worse, people think that all gays and lesbians vote Left, and that is not true. I don't go to Pride and I really think that LGBTQ do not need/deserve the whole month of June to be all about them. It's all gone too far and it makes me sad and angry.

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