42 thoughts on “Has Nepal become a foreign policy disaster for Delhi?

  1. To all my brothers, sisters and friends from Nepal who are reading this, I am sorry. I apologise for the bullish tactics of my government who interfere in your personal matters out of the stupid sense of entitlement. We truly care for our friendship and feel ashamed that our political representatives actually stooped this low. I do hope that an extremely gorgeous country like Nepal outperform us economically, become a power to reckon with in the near future and make the arrogance of New Delhi take several seats. We don’t deserve your humility and affection.

    Once again, we are sorry for this dark blip in our history.

    Love and Respect.

  2. Indian policy towards Nepal will never change no matter which party rules in India . The very people that are against Indian action now on Nepal will be defending it if and when his/her party comes to power. Having said this – what is Indian policy on Nepal? Divide and Rule! India controls everything in Nepal – media, trade and commerce, appointments, industry, and the Nepali politicians. All of these Nepali politicians, whether pahadis or madhesis, cater to their Indian masters. Like prashant jha, these politicians only have one thing in mind: what is it in for me? Like prahant jha, they will say or do anything for you India, if it benefits them and their family personally.
    China card! There is no such thing. It is a term created by India. Just listen to shesadri chari – who invokes this term – and sheds glints of retribution from India.

  3. Aint it an irony that an indian citizen killed in nepali protest among 1000s of nepali 😑😑😑

  4. Why do you interfare with making of other country constitution, why do you interfare with others internal affairs???? Nepal is a sovereign country always even though it is small in size, Nepal will never tolerate your interfearance in anyway whatever the consequences

  5. Its New Delhi to Blame. Being an INDIAN I have full faith on INDIAN politician's IQ that they can make anyone our enemy and only good at saving Cows. So Sorry Nepal … INDIA.

  6. india is only your friend if they can dominate you, they kill people on borders in nepal and bangladesh, as if they were some kind of animals. they use religon to devide people and also use it to bring people in their own domain, they dont care about no nepalese, they only care about land grabs and control of people.

  7. that jha is fucking madheshi son of a bastard. he is more Indian than a madheshi he does not represent Nepal he only represents pro Indian voice.

  8. Prashant is right to warn about this protest turning into a separatist movement, and kathmandu should take it seriously before the matter gets more worse!

  9. India should have done something when there was enough space for dicrete diplomacy and should not have waited until final promulgation.

  10. noone is leftout stop thinking about us we all have got our rights shutup india in our internal matter

  11. Again Indian media are trying so hard breaking up Nepal and taking Madesh through the tactic in the name of ethnic and colour of the skin . Whole European looks same in colour, ethnic and ,religion, but are they same ??? Not all Indian looks same ether, they have different ethnic, religion , back ground and dialogue. These mother fucking Indian media are all one part of Indian politic propaganda , FUCKING SHIT, problem in whole SOUTH ASIA. They are trying to cause big violence by confusing innocent peoples mind who have poor knowledge on politic and they know how to CREATE CONFUSION !!! Nepalese people are waken up !! We know your evil mind. Now the south Asian countries must work together, sack India out of SARC and bring CHINA in and work together for Peace, security , and development of economy and other region. And we must work together to bared India from achieving nuclear power in the region any more. Cant trust on India any more.

  12. Try to bring nepalese intel actual in your news forum….they can provide logistical issues…1000% indias government involvement in Nepal's crises….bjp government intervention is worst then any inhuman act…this constitution has given much more rights and each ethnics minority's,religion,gender,marginalised community are accomodate…I just been through each single pages of new constitution of Nepal their isn't anything they can say not inclusive constitute.

  13. Dear, Seshadri Chari, Please understand your limits. Nepalese don't need India's suggestions (You do not have rights to give suggestions). The constitution made by Nepalese is not for you, it's Nepali constitution made by Nepalese for Nepalese. Mind your own bussiness, better not to involve in Nepal's internal affairs.

  14. prashant jha should better look at india constitution then compare it with nepali constitution……fuck u prashant

  15. fucking Nepalese I hate them. they come to india for work after that they will bring their family members and will they open some hotels with momo an all in that they will sell illegal alcohol(roxsy). these Nepalese kills people indirectly .. if indian police trying to catch them theyran back to nepal. these Nepalese are doing these illegal works mostly in northeast part of India.

  16. Logistics Logistics fuck the Logistics we would rather die hungry then bow to other countries. Keep making enemies with all your neighbors Pakistan, srilanka, bangladesh, maldives, china and now nepal. close the open border between nepal india introduce visa system instead

  17. Cut off the food supply of millions of people especially at the time when Nepal suffered so much from earthquake and you say what nepal is doing is bad. when did this escalate? It escalated when 8 unarmed police were mercilessly killed by protestors. police pulled out of ambulance and beaten to death. 5 year son of police shot while playing in his home. Indian media jst keeps on talking about 40 madhesi died bcoz of police supression wat about those police and their family. There was no problem between pahadis and madhesis in the past bt it seems to be arising now

  18. Indias eye is on the hydro power of nepal. So india is playing game by faciliating some of the madesi corrupt ministers.

  19. I respect mr Tiwari for speaking up the truth. I respect indian like you ! don't bring so called preshant jha to interview this pice of shit speaking on behalf of madhesi protest and he wants to escalate the issue.

  20. don,t talk rubbish i,m jan jati this is perfect contitution for us not for u indians u ,re focusing on our water..we know,,,don,t think of making fiji….or sikkim…we know wht u up to…don,t poke ur nose our bussiness…

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