9 thoughts on “Harvard i-lab | Developing a Social Enterprise Business Plan with Allen Grossman

  1. Concise and to the point. Helps one ask themselves some important questions, you might know the answers to some, but it helps to have a well-worked outline. 30 minutes spent well.

  2. Amazing, I studied Business Management in a Master course in Trinity College Dublin, I never received a such insightful lecture. Thanks for sharing

  3. As Project Director of Chester The GiANT City cic, a Social Enterprise about to enter its 5th year, I have been looking for help and advice on how to restructure and develop our Business Plan as we move into our own building and take on our first loan.  This is really helpful.  Thank you.

  4. If you want the powerpoint you can find it at…

  5. Excellent video. Working on a business plan for a social enterprise and found this very informative and engaging.

  6. Thanks for this I will certainly apply it in my own business. Who is the composer in the beginning I love the piano and it's relaxing. thanks

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