92 thoughts on “Harper’s Venezuela Insult Shows Right Ideology Trumping Canadian Interest

  1. I think the western reaction whether its the American, European, or Canadian Media, or Governments should be ashamed of their reactions to the death of Chavez. They basically have painted a democratic elected politician, who helped reshape and improve the Venezuelan economy and Latin American region as a cruel dictator. The reaction to demonize Chavez, highlights not only their anti socialist rhetoric, but also the behind the scenes action to attempt to reinstall their influence.

  2. The extent of Harper's total servitude to the Zionists is truly breathtaking! The only good thing is that the vast majority of Canadians are against his policies; a CBC poll showed that 64% saw Chavez in a positive light.

  3. Harper was elected because Chretien destroyed relations with Americans. But at the same time, the Canadian dollar increased to follow the American dollar's value. Oddly enough, during that time prices didn't adjust. In the end, Canadian's gave up their ideology and moral convictions to be America's bitch. I can never be more thankful of Chretien for not being America's bitch. If only he played fairly during Quebec's referendum, we could have avoided his party's departure…

  4. The left needs to get its collective heads out of it's ass and come together to destroy the right, even had the green party joined it's 10.1% of the vote to either the NDP or the Liberal party we would not be in this boat, and if all 3 merged or formed an alliance they would have a large majority. Get with it Canada, we can't take another four years of Harper when his term is up!

  5. If Liberals had played it fair, Quebec most likely would be independent. But that would have been another Liberal Party entirely.

  6. Chavez got more of a percentage of his vote, than Harper did in Canada.

    Pot, let me introduce you to the kettle!

  7. I'd like to remind everyone that only 5,832,401 Canadians voted for Harper during the 2011 Federal Election, out of a population of about 34.5 million. That means that about 17% of Canadians gave Harper absolute power in Canada. More eligible voters stayed home than voted for his party. Does that sound like democracy to you?

  8. And that, in a nutshell, is a clear demonstration of the powers of gerrymandering. The electoral representative weighting is dismally unequal across the nation.

  9. Yes, gerrymandering and vote-splitting by the left-of-centre parties. Voter suppression via misleading robocalls probably didn't hurt the CPC either.

  10. I think Harper is a very small man believing he is actually a big man in the world political arena, This delusion is reinforced by our media, CBC included. Sadly, the only thing he has done to remind the world of Canada's existence, is to have brought disrespect & shame where once we were honoured. He is an embarrassment to us. As for preaching democracy & human rights, what a vivid example of hypocrisy. In that, and only that, he truly shines and will be remembered.

  11. No, that was a guy called Tom Flanagan. He was one of Harper's strategists & advisor on several of his election campaigns.

  12. Harper is a fucking scumbag that is giving Canadians a bad reputation. This right-wing fanaticism of the Harper regime must end.

  13. As a Canadian, I have to apologize to Venezuelans everywhere. In my opinion, Mr. Harper is also an insult – to Canadians. Our elections take place in 2015. Hopefully we will be able to elect a rational government and replace this compulsive right-wing ideologue with a statesman and a diplomat.

  14. This is all over the Swedish news as well, everyone pretending Chavez was a dictator who repeatedly violated human rights. While not citing a single case, and never comparing Chavez to other South American leaders or indeed the previous Venezuelan leader.

    Basically "You are dictator if I say so".

  15. Stephen Harper does not speak for this canadian, definitely not on this issue and not on any other issue that I am aware of.

  16. I'm Canadian. I loved Hugo Chavez's presence on the world stage. I definitely smelled the sulphur whenever George W. Bush spoke and I commiserate with Venezuelans who mourn the loss of their leader. Having said that, I don't believe that Harper's message was insulting. It certainly wasn't warm and empathetic but it was positive.

    Harper is a cold fish.

    If his wife were to die, his message to his children probably wouldn't be much different to the one he sent to Venezuelans. He's a known clam.

  17. Are you kidding Hugo Chavez was an evil dictator it's a good thing he died I'm sure he will not be missed by the majority of the population! Hugo Chavez couldn't even get decent health care in his own country and had to go to Cuba, that is pathetic. Chavez has only him self to blame for his own death he could have done more for his people and he didn't but the funny thing about it was it turned back around on him and now he's dead simply because he failed to advance health care in his country!

  18. I have, in the past, always felt relatively smug at having so many less reasons for being embarassed at having to admit to being Canadian than an American should have for being American. Harper is, at breakneck speed, evening the score. Maybe we could, somehow, convince Obama, that great terrorist leader, to put Harper on his kill list.

  19. All Harper cares about is big business. Sometimes his language downplays this, sometimes it doesn't. Rarely does anyone in this country seem to care, even though his decisions affect us directly. It's ironic that he's offended people of another country. Not that I blame them. Harper offends me on many levels.

  20. zio-harper, baird and the rest of his 'gang' are stooges, crooks and a huge embarassment to thinking Canadians.
    I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the people of Venezuela AND the people of Palestine for the actions of this corrupt government.
    Please don't think that these idiots are representative of real Canadians, many of us are still humanitarians with compassion and respect for other peoples and cultures.
    I will celebrate zio-harpers disappearance.

  21. Ahh but he has taken pages out of the Republican Party Play Book on rigging and stealing election strategies they have honed to near perfection over the years.Dwight Davis Eisenhower was the last Republican elected legitimately in his first term. All others since have had to resort to fraud to get in and were only elected for their second term.

  22. If he gets reelected, I'm out for blood. There's no way he can get reelected in a truly democratic manner. His robocalling showed how fair he really was last election

  23. He evenly distributed his oil wealth amongst the barrios. The majority of the population loved him. Stop listening to CTV and CNN. I honestly don't see how he's to blame for getting cancer. I don't think you said a single accurate statement there.

  24. what a misinformed little man you are… please get your head out of your ass and get educated about the world instead of watching the propaganda channel

  25. It would be in Canada's interest if they have knowledge about another planned coup in Venezuela to bring back into power the rich elite.

  26. Harper is a f**king idiot. Nothing good comes out of his mouth, he does not make any decision that is good, this mother f**ker is just up to no good. He is the biggest freaking political clown I have ever seen. Harper is a worthless piece of shit. If he has nothing pleasant to say than he should shut the f**k up.

  27. What a bunch of left wing bullshit. Everyone who rags on Harper is a poor suck because the Libs didn't win the election.

  28. Steve Harper is the best!
    Fuck chavez and his family. To hell with hugo. Let him rot.
    Harper has balls to call a spade a spade; that's why I voted for the Conservatives.

  29. Listen to that leftist twat
    "the lack of supposed democracy"

    What a fucking joke; Venezuela is a shit hole fascist dictator state! Why should we have anything to do with that shit hole.

  30. Exactly, but the left will ALWAYS whine like the pussies they are. Let's remind the twats that it was THEIR own doing. They tried to pull a non confidence vote and it backfired when we the people, re-elected the Conservatives, but this time with a MAJORITY … LOL.

    I love it 🙂

  31. Sour grapes? LOL.
    We not only re-elected Harper but with a majority government. It shows what little faith the leftist have even in their own parties 🙂

  32. The fact that our government is very supportive of Israel (the only democratic ally in a region surrounded by islamic cesspools), drives the Jew haters and Israel deniers wild 🙂

    Must suck for them eh?

  33. My comment & question was on the sad shape of democracy in Canada. You can try and twist it into a right/left debate if you like, but the truth is that all Canadians, right, left, & centre, should be concerned about the state of democracy in this country. When only 17% of the population can elect a party, any party, to a majority government, that tells me that there's something seriously wrong with our electoral process.

  34. The percentage means nothing considering it is not 100% of the populace that votes. Obviously the majority of voters prefer a sane Conservative government that supports capitalism 🙂

    Being a capitalist and self supporting, self employed and not a leach, I'm good with Harper's government. That plus the fact that we support Israel (of which I am a huge supporter) is a bonus. I would say most voters are of the same mind set. We kicked the leftist scum to the curb 🙂

  35. What's the matter rockerhippi? Mad because theres a majority Conservative government? Please, smoke some more pot you delusional Liberal.

  36. Whatever you say moHAMed. Why is it that mohamedans always try to insult us infidels by bringing our mothers into it? LOL.

    I think it is because you follow a fear filled, hate induced, subjugated, misogynistic death cult.

  37. You read those stats wrong! No where near 61% voted. I think it was barely 51%. Harper is an idiot! He should practice what he preaches! Breaking the rule of law, human rights,rigged elections, corruption! He talks about Chavez lol he should look in a mirror! All you Conservatives kill yourselfs but first go fuck your mothers!

  38. ""so far right"' ??? AYFKM? When does REALITY and common sense constitute "so extreme" "little bit extreme" and praising THE most corrupt PM in Canada's history (chretien) is beyond ludicrous. This bald fuck is obviously a Chavez FAN and a marxist sympathizer – typical leftest media haaack.

  39. Harper KNOWS that chavez could have ruled one of the most prosperous oil rich nations on the planet. Instead Venezuela for the most part has been an economic disaster for the avg citizen and business in general. Harper is simply expressing his condolences to the people of Venezuela and hoping the next leader has some degree of respect for things like human rights – something the marxist media will never understand.

  40. Where was baldy when chavez was insulting most of the western leaders and threatening them? "Dangerously right wing agenda" ??? I makes me wanna upchuck when marxists completely fuck up their own country and the marxist media doesn't say a thing. When a Christian like Harper speaks even a bit of common sense – let alone the idiocy of calling it dangerously radical right wing – they all piss themselves in self righteous indignation. What CRAP!!!

  41. I am Canadian ~ Hoooray ! Stephen Harper has been charged 'GUILTY' and sentenced to jail for 25 years by the Common-law Court.. Same sentencing for the X ~ Pope and the reason the Pope stepped down – Guilty and 25 years in jail.. Elizabeth of Windsor [Queen] faking illness for the excuse to step down, Guilty and 25 years in jail.
    Stephen Harper is a freemason —All 3– practice Satanism. google for details. 'God' said, He will topple all the corrupted leaders of the world. Thank God

  42. People marched and cried on streets when Chavez died. If Harper dies no one will neither marched or cry. Fuck Harper

  43. Fuck You and your PM Harper. You Canadians wanna be like The Americans because your country got no Fucking Identity of yours.

  44. I don't want this asshole speaking on my behalf of all of Canada anymore. I never liked him and it's time for a change.

  45. Please don't assume all Canadians share the same views as our stupid prime minister. Don't judge us as a whole based on some dick that needs to be out of power. It isn't Canadians that want to be like Americans, it's Harper who wants to suck up to Americans and turn Canada into another America. He's selling us out.

  46. Hey, dont think that Harper represents Canada, most of the people did not vote for him. Haper is a huge douche and he is hated by a lot of people in Canada. However, the people of Canada for the most part would apologize on behalf of our douche bag Prime Minister. RIP CHAVEZ

  47. why he sent his sympathie the venezualian people, that guy was almost like dictator, he did horrible things. Venezuela is partying of his death

  48. you talk about our pm minister harper, CHavez was one of the worst guys in the world. a big bastard he was, he is now in hell with kichner

  49. This Canadian says burn in hell Chavez and all you other leftist idiots and lunatics that would happily destroy common sense, decency and liberty.

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