Happy Diwali from Kyrgyzstan | GROUP HITCHHIKING | Ala Archa National Park

Happy Diwali from Kyrgyzstan | GROUP HITCHHIKING | Ala Archa National Park

Today 7 people are going to hitchhike together Let’s see how this experience is going to be Going to wish Happy Diwali to some more people its 11:40 am, a new day Today is Diwali, an auspicious day But we (travellers) celebrate Diwali everyday We meet interesting people everyday I got up at 10 am. Slept late-night at 3 am Was busy in video editing and some random stuffs After I got up, I met my hostel friends and said Good Morning… and then they asked, Would you like to come with us? They were going to Ala Archa They said Some of us are going to hitchhike But now everyone is hitchhiking I got ready just because of hitchhiking This is the first trip I tried hitchhiking with someone He was Misha (A russian guy) and now… we are 7 people 7 people are going to hitchhike together lets see how our experience is going to be! also let me introduce you with Shubham So we are 2 Indians He is a French He is from Tunisia another French and 2 Russians over there so today I have someone to talk in my language infact everyone has someone to talk in their native language The guy from Tunisia can speak French so we are 2 Russian speakers 3 French speakers and 2 Hindi speakers Its going to be fun Why my pants are getting loose ! I hope it doesn’t slip off I am not wearing a belt today I have even recorded this Every one of us has given money to Sasha Now our platoon is going to board this bus I can see a vacant seat, but I want to stay with these guys I can see everything from here we paid 10 som + 25 som to reach this place This is Kashka Suu village So you can take Bus 265 from Bishkek to reach here They have started Hitchhiking This is my first ever experience of hitchhiking with so many people we are 7 people and we have successfully started it he managed to stop this vehicle otherwise, I was thinking that everyone will get a separate ride but now we all are together I am happy this proves, hitchhiking in a group is also possible I am feeling like we are trespassing we were going in the wrong direction looks like we are entering Pakistan without permission with so many ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaans’ Olga and Sasha are leading all of us They said, let’s continue hitchhiking from here so we are now getting back to the road I hope I’ll be alive after eating this this thing feels familiar I think I had this near Bokunbayeva I dont know what is it called! After eating this now we are ready to ‘take-off’ Shubham was going to stop the car coming from the opposite side we have to go this side i am sweating its okay! I stopped the car, but now girls are going to enjoy the ride 😉 its okay another car is coming Shubham, I am quite surprised No car was stopping for us, but suddenly we got 2 cars back to back We are going somewhere in this direction “We are also coming” So let’s go together We are 10 to 15 people My hostel mates have left He is Dikshit you must have met him already it’s good that we met on the occasion of Diwali did you hire a special car? Yes we booked a Marsharutka for us How much he charged? “We are paying him 2000 som” We all hitchiked to reach this place By the way, what are they doing! Actually, they have never been in the Mountains so they are overjoyed I thought they all have gone to pee together ok, buddy, I’ll see you in sometime I didn’t expect to meet so many Indians here I met someone near the gate. Couldn’t make a video with him and now Dikshit Hey! look at this squirrel. it looks like a rabbit all Three French speakers have gone that side Russians are behind me And here are the Indians They were calling me ‘MountainTrekker’ !! Seems like we are going to play a soccer game Ya, I know him All of them have hidden their bottles Today is Diwali i thought of publishing this video before others i am going to publish this video tomorrow other videos will continue in series Happy Diwali to all of you its 3 pm We are here from the last 15 minutes have been eating somethings we are sharing whatever we had They hardly care for my video 😉 its 8 pm I am back in my hostel I came to this room to return the power bank to Adrien, The french guy Then suddenly I met this gentleman And it was as usual… whenever we meet someone in a hostel we ask… he speaks our language! I asked him, Where are you from? He replied – Pakistan And then I just did what I usually do whenever I meet someone from Pakistan. I hugged him now he is going to Introduce himself I AM SAAD BASHIR I AM AMERICAN PAKISTANI I AM ALSO A TRAVELLER VISITING KYRGYZSTAN I haven’t introduced myself to him I told him that I want to edit this video now, As this is a Diwali special video I would really appreciate if you also become a part of this video And then he said, yes I am Varun He is Saad He is from Lahore I even felt better when he said Lahore as Lahore has deep connections with many people from Undivided India Delhi used to be part of Punjab and Punjab’s capital city was Lahore I am happy to meet him on the occasion of Diwali A met a lot of Indians in Ala Archa National Park and today, both of us, an Indian and Pakistani will celebrate Diwali together “even I feel there should be no differences between the people of both the countries” We are One Lets start it again i am so glad to meet on this occasion thanks a lot I am happy to meet people from Himachal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Russia, Bihar from many places… I am happy to be with the Indian community on Diwali Going to celebrate Diwali this way Happy diwali to dear Shubham Our family must be missing us in India but this is our new family Happy Diwali to all of you from them and happy Diwali to them from all of you

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  1. Getting goosebumps after reading all the comments. So much positivity.
    Tears in my eyes. Thanks for being part of my life, every one of you. 🙂

  2. This is whats called as life traveling to unknown place , meeting new people, culture, exploring new things ☺️😘😘

  3. Sir apka knowledge sare *youtubers se behtar hota hai aur main apke video ko dekh kar hi main apna video banata hu aur apke jaisa youtuber banna chahta hun aap logon me kaon kaon Varun bhaiya jaisa youtuber banna chahte like kijiye


  4. Thanku so so so much Varun Sir🌸Dil se bohot sara dhanywad aapko.Duniya ko dekhne ka, ek naya nazariya dene k liye. This video is nt only about trvlng, it's more than that. God bless u n keep travelling.

  5. Varun this video is bestest of Mountain Trekker Ever… I'm literally crying… Why did you end the video? I wish it never ended

  6. भाई आप जो वीडिओज़ बनाते हो , हमे लगता है जैसे हम भी वहाँ उस वक़्त है ।
    एक कनेक्शन जुड़ जाता है आपके वीडियोस देखते वक़्त , कोई और काम करते नही हैं जब तक वीडियोस पूरा नही देख लेते है ।
    बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया और आप ऐसे ही तरक़्क़ी करे ।

  7. Guys after inspiring from MT .. I started doing vlogs .. Hope u guys will like !! MT , Travelling Desi are my motivation..

  8. Happy Diwali To All My Indian Brothers And Sisters 🙂 From Your Pakistani Brother And Sorry I congratulated you later on Diwali 😀

  9. We are the one power Pakistan India lots of love and respect happy diwali to all my Indians brothers sorry for late from Pakistan

  10. Nice videos but please make videos about destinations in India such as Lakshadweep,Andaman and Nucobar Islands,South India

  11. Ek din mai apni kamaayi se aap ki tarah duniya ko explore karunga and i have a huge respect for u Varun bhai……abhi toh mai padhai kar raha hoon college going student hoon par ek din aisa aayega ki mai apne paise se aap ki tarah world explore kar sakoon aur yeh mera goal aur motivation hai……god bless u bhai and stay safe peace!

  12. best part of this video is the bg song, simply in love with it, pls let us know the singer and the album name, want to download it, plsss

  13. Pranam….. Though late I wish you all a very happy Dipawali.. I am very happy to see you all specially Shubham with you…. God Bless You….

  14. True sprite of living, it's call humanity. Love u man & wish you happy diwali to you n ur family. 😘😍🙏🇮🇳💐🇮🇳

  15. अब तक का सबसे बेहतरीन विडियो वरुन सर्
    Happy Diwali
    धन्यवाद आप का इतना बेहतरीन नज़ारा दिखाने के लिए

  16. Isko zaror dikhna mray bhai,,, میں نے وہ ایک آپکی ویڈیو دکھا ہے جس میں آپ نے پاکستانیوں سے ملاقات کی ہے اور آپ نے بھی کہا ہے کہ ہم لوگ کس طرح الگ الگ ہیں تو میرے بھائی وہاں کے ویزا کے لئے بھی پھر سے ایک مرتبہ ٹرے کرنا، ہم کرنہی سکتے ڈربھی ہوتا ہےکیونکہ ہم مسلمس ہیں بس یہ حکم رانوں کو حکم رانی کرنا ہوتا ہے ہمیں بٹوارا کرکے جب حقیقت میں اتنی نفرت ہی نہی ہے

  17. Hello Varunji
    Khushi, jo chehre pe jhalak rahi thi
    Mast magan hokar jo nritya kiya
    Gaana bhi kamaal ka👌👌👌
    Buhut khub.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  18. Happy Diwali..💐🙏🕉️ Me apko Jb apke 300k subscribers the tb se follow kr rha hu but how much you are looking Happy in this video i never ever see you before… Again HappyDiwali to All of you

  19. For me your videos are therapy. I'm a loner and your videos with this choice of music makes me happy . Thank you Varun bhai.

  20. Best video till now…
    Most friendly people and drivers.
    Make a trip with your family once as a memorable occasion after 1M subscription !!

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  23. this is by far the best episode that you have ever created sir. well done…watching it the 4th time… hope u recognize me sir

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