Hans Lysglimt Johansen – The Alliance: Nationalism and Free Speech in Norway

Hans Lysglimt Johansen – The Alliance: Nationalism and Free Speech in Norway

well boys and girls welcome back thank you for coming on it's great to have you here my name is Henrik this is red ice TV and of course if you're joining us in the radio archive I guess we will call this red ice radio but as you know we've been doing more more video lately so we have the both versions available for you both the video and the audio so today we have haunts you wants it with us on the show he's from the party in Norway called Alianza nor the Alliance I recently just came across his work in order to bring him on to talk about his political missions in Norway how things generally are there and stuff okay we have a lot to talk about so welcome to the show on scourge over here Thanks on earth great to be on your show excellent so tell us a bit about the party first and for those who don't know how long you've been involved in this well the party of the Alliance a young son in Norway is really a political innovation we do things very differently and we are a platform for free speech and a People's Movement for that as much as we are a political party and I think we have some insights and maybe some tips for other people that want to get involved politically in other countries yeah we have a lot to get into here so how long has aliens in the Alliance been in operation we formed the Alliance in November last year in 2016 so it is very new its newest political party in Norway and it's also the party that's been formed the fastest in Norway that I know of and the thing was that I was probably the most prominent Donald Trump supporter in the Donald Trump campaign last year I was pretty much the only one and when Donald Trump won two most of their a surprise I had a unique position I needed to do something with that position and we started a party Oh interesting so it's out of that that's interesting so what was the general I mean I know some of the articles and polls and things like that in from Sweden when it came to Donald Trump and there you know the trust levels I saw these you know surveys that were done and stuff like that it was just I mean it was just outrageous in terms of how nutty the Swedes looked at that point was it the same in Norway absolutely everyone saw whatever everyone knew that Hillary would so they had prepared even you know mock-up things where I would be needed to be like defeated and they would mock me even before the election so he was fabulous to be on the winning side and I got a tremendous amount of media attention in Norway on the day after the election because they didn't have anyone else to turn to really I was pretty much the only one who had gone up publicly in support of the Trump candidacy interesting so tell us a bit about the kind of the makeup of the party what some of the important points are to you what are some of the questions and issues that you feel most passionate about and that you want to push well the thing with the party is that we do not have a party program all the candidates in the party are completely freed to do their own thing to run on their own issues and this kind of resembles the direct election of individuals that we had in the past in Norway also other countries today the situation is that the political parties have sort of taken over the political processes so the individual alone has no chance to get a career in politics without going into the political parties themselves so we have set it up so there are no party program that they need to adhere to there at liberty to do their own thing and me as the party leader the only thing I do is to elect who will be on our lists so that is my role as the party leader and I'm the only member of the party some people call this the gap builders model from hone it's not exactly the same setup but it's similar in the way that there's one guy the party leader that has all the formal structures gathered on one person and then that person just appoints the other people to be on the list but I'm no you know I I cannot dictate what the other people will then say because they are at liberty but I do choose the people that I do believe are the ones that are outspoken honest and really has the kind of Tegra t2 say things as they are so busy then you would go out and look for people that are on the page of the issues that you're concerned with correct I mean you that's your position yes and and the things that we are concerned with is really to be outspoken and honest and frank so we are looking for the kind of individuals that are already doing that in some capacity they either have a blog or they're a youtuber or they're maybe in the media as a writer and then we put them together so all the people that we have on our lists are somewhat controversial because they're already sort of attacking the establishment and pointing out certain things so what are some of the issues that you personally are involved in and feel that those are important I mean we have of course a very similar situation I think much worse of course in Sweden but it's a very anti nationalistic you know political system it's very interested in putting the native population to the side it's very interested in opening the border is it's very very liberal feminism free speech has become a very important issue to us and stuff because immigration where are you on on this page and what were see where do you want to take the party on some of these questions well in some sense I am just one of the candidates in the party no more in the less so I have my it's just just like the other candidates have the issues that they want to push in their candidacies for me of course a lot of my focus is on the mass immigration and all the problems around that and Islam coming in to Europe and Norway and and to find solutions to fight back on this that's really one of the most important things but also I think that for me more and more as the party leader the my role is is more and more the structure itself what we have set up as a new kind of political innovation really and what how we're doing it so my issues are important maybe more important is holding the party together and making sure that the other candidates are able to push on their issues and some of our candidates are quite radical there's one candidate who wants to really you know to make Islam illegal in Norway even I'm not sure I agree with him on that but I think it's fabulous that we have a candidate that can say that so this can be discussed as a possible solution to the problems we're facing interesting yeah so what's your sense of that this is realistic within the current framework of how Norway's is dictated and run I mean I feel for me personally a lot of the issues that we raised no matter how to me personally sensible they are how balanced they are how toned down to certain extent and of course the the reason you do that is to begin to initiate as some kind of level of progress with people you try to get them to a certain point where they understand your position and stuff like that and then you can move from there into other issues but but it's been very difficult to even gain a little bit of ground in Swedish politics is it the same in Norway absolutely it's very difficult but I think also the innovation that we do is that we are really a party that set up in order to talk about these things to address these things to be a kind of fun terrible a terrible child in the era of politics because we don't have an ambition with this party to form the next government or to even be part of the next government we want to have those radical voices those voices that are pointing out that the Emperor is naked we want to give them a stage to say that because we believe that is the kind of needed catalyst we need to broaden the spectrum of what is possible to say and talk about so that this corridor that we have today of what's acceptable it is just blown up wide open yeah exactly and it seems to be the biggest issue I mean exactly justice system that's that's so I think that word is the best that we say ensue in opinion corridor and it's getting tighter and tighter and tighter right and the the job for for people like us is to completely blow this open at the same time of course you can't immediately go overboard on certain issues because you realize that they will just kind of you know discredit you but but it feels that with everything that's happened lately with the you know migrant crisis with a lot of the terrorism in in Europe and of course it was in Sweden not too long ago now they might just be a matter of time before it comes to Norway people are obviously looking at these positions and realizing you know what maybe there's something to it because this is obviously not working right I mean obviously something is wrong here we can't just import the rest of the world have no checks in on the borders and then expect everything to be nice and dandy Isis is a huge problem in Sweden now and I can imagine that even people in Norway must look at Sweden and say you know these people are crazy what are they doing even that the loose board between Sweden and Norway is going to potentially even put Norway in danger right yes and the innovation that we have done is really to just let people are candidates form the questions and and their solutions in their own way and this is really important because some people have worked on this for a long time and found ways to talk about this very difficult issues in a way that works for them with their arguments with their way of framing the issue and framing the solutions and I think it's so important to let those people who have carefully crafted a way to talk about these difficult issues to let them talk about it in that way that they have crafted a lot of other initiatives that I see trying to put everyone into the same platform so everyone needs to talk about it in the same way and what we do differently is that we just allow the candidates to talk about it in their way because these are very difficult issues and we need to frame it and attack it in different ways and and I feel it's so important to a lot of people to do that without tying them down to a political program what's the plan in terms of like the next strategy and what you guys are aiming at is there any milestones or goals that you guys have set up and that you're going to try to reach is it just – I mean I get the point that it's mostly about being done a party that raises the issues to get attention around and to get the debate going to get people talking about it it's not maybe more important for you guys to start by winning seats or whatever but usually what people have noticed though is that when you do start a party even though if they're successful or not they do manage to get mainstream coverage and hence you kind of force media to discuss and talk about it right exactly and that we are I already considered a liang's in the Alliance a huge success with that we've come to the political stage we get attention I've been on TV you know a numerous times and the election is just started the campaign the actual election will be on on September 11 so it's a fantastic way to get me and the candidates out there and the candidates are super happy that the way that they have now been given a platform to to really come out with what they've been doing for a very long time but now have this leverage of a political party to get that voice out and we have numerous wings already we've been able to push the conservative parties to the right absolutely we see now that they are being defensive because we have come up on their right side and we have a one really huge wing so far with the progress party one of the governing parties in Norway who has decided to go for a ban on circumcision of boys in Norway and we were absolutely instrumental in making that happen something that has opened a Pandora's box of all kinds of issues that have come out of that interesting you know obviously I've always been very much against circumcision and in Scandinavian society in general has actually been very instrumental in getting other countries to look at this stuff as well you know they've been in a position where we've said you know this is this is dangerous that it they can get diseases there's of course no wrong with how people are born as the gods intended us to be there's no problem with it right and and I'm glad that Scandinavian society has pushed this if you will and and managed to have some success that they give in America some of the ante you know male moodle's mutilation general mutilation campaigns that been run has referenced you know the Nordic countries as one of those but this is of course dovetails with the issue of the fact that we have massive amounts of immigration into our countries so that this have now become a practice that's on the on the agenda so to speak because it hasn't been before right absolutely we have a huge immigration from Muslim countries where their practice now circumcision of boys in Norway this has been a very very marginal issue in Norway in the past but it's now become an issue that really needs to be dealt with so the progress party was very brave actually not the leaders of the products party but the members the grassroot members of the progress party really pushed this decision on the party at the leaders they did not want this but the grassroot was able to vote for that anyway so it's very interesting dynamic around this it shows all kinds of interesting conflicts that have a rosin and that's been lying underneath for a long time some of the other things let's get into this obviously some of the some of the stuff that's on the agenda is of course to re-emphasize Norwegian nationalism and get people proud in their nation again to get a I know that you're personally interested in history and these kinds of things and I do believe it's an important thing to kind of lift forward but you know in terms of to so people can I get an idea of who you are and some of the issues that you're pushing your well into some of the mean wars and stuff you have you have a finger on the pulse so to speak with some of the the rising counterculture within it has that been beneficial in helping to get the word out because I don't know much about that situation if like the media and Norway are looking at some of the stuff that you guys are doing and kind of are they getting any of that or is it is it just are they attacking you for for you know having these kinds of means and stuff like that or what's going on on that front I don't think they understand it and we are the only party in Norway that's really using me magic to our advantage and the fantastic thing is I mean I'm 45 okay so I'm like I'm not that young anymore but all the kids older you know the kids they're doing the memeing stuff and they're looking at YouTube stuff and all that they're all coming to us it's amazing so we really the Alliance the strongest part of the electorate that we are reaching out to is that young people from maybe 16 up to 28 to 30 and they're all coming to us and all the memes and all the stuff that we are publishing it's not something that I have initiated it's just coming at us there meaning all over the place and sharing and it's just very vital and liberating to our movement the way we're just able to draw in these young people fantastic yeah I mean if you can have a future that's what you have to do is just a reality of it and I mean personally I'm not sure in terms of Sweden at least that the situation is going to be sold politically just so bad demographically but it doesn't mean of course that I'm negatively inclined towards people who are in political activism I think we need to fight on on every single level that we can and there's nothing wrong with doing things politically and I think some of the more negative voices out there with badges it's no point to whatever but in terms of the demographic situation is obviously not as bad yet I guess we should say in Norway as it is in Sweden it's it's a little bit better it's a little bit more sensible you maybe you wouldn't get that sense of it if you go to Oslo but if you go out on the countryside and stuff like that it's still fairly fairly homogeneous am I am I correct and that is true of the situation here is much much better than in Sweden and there's still I think possible to close the borders and to to fix this situation in Norway to make sure that it doesn't get worse than it is now and start improving the situation within even a political solution I I share with you some of the concern of the limits of any kind of political solution as such but I still believe that either way the solution to these problems has to come from truthful and daring and brave individuals that are able to speak the truth we have to start there even I mean regardless of what kind of solution that you imagine to the problems you have to start with some people in your own society that are able to speak up that needs to be a starting point either way tell us a bit about how you see revitalizing nationalism to Norway in a proud Norwegian people once again I mean I think because of the historian Sweden and Norway Nova has always been seen as much more patriotic than Sweden of course I mean we have even you know parts of our cities on certain amaya 17th of May which is the the Independence Day of Norway ours are some of our streets are lit up with Norwegian flags and you know people are coming out and there's trains and all kinds of stuff and I've always I always like that I never see I never saw that as like damn Norwegians and like that I mean I think much of our battle is is of the past and I think we're much better at a point where we can cooperate together as well but what what do you feel can be done there to bring bring bring back pride in Norway the Norwegian people Norwegian history etc is that a big aspect and is that doable in your opinion absolutely and we are very fortunate in Norway because nationalism is alive and well in Norway still it's fantastic we have especially this our Independence Day on the 17th of May where everyone is out in the street all dressed off waving Norwegian flags singing national anthems and numerous of them that everybody knows by heart it really is a very fertile ground for nationalism that has never really been taken away the way it has been in many other countries including Sweden and Germany and many others so really I think Norway is a country to look to for nationalists in all these countries to see some of this that's still alive and vibrant and strong and really we don't even need to rebuild a lot of things because they're actually there we have to just make sure that it's politically acceptable to express it and make sure that it's not being suppressed and removed so that is fantastic I also believe that Norway is in a unique position when it comes to Norse history the sagas all the Viking stuff all that that's really something that we can build on to build a new strong positive smiling nationalism as we call it and really you know we have to just take off from our shoulders the burden of nationalisms that have gone astray maybe in the past and just be proud and strong and build a new kind of modern nationalism with technology and with even you know the some of the aspects of their global communication that's inevitable um but without being put down by what's happened in the past nationalism is the natural way forward and the way in the natural way to organize societies in in Norway that idea is not alien everyone in Norway I would say that's that that's a Norwegian will in their course Pine understand what I'm talking about when I say that we need to make sure we look after Norway first and Norwegian interests first in a positive smiling 17th of May nationalism as I call it because we all relate to this day if we can do our nationalism in the same way that we celebrate our national day then we're on a very good track to create something positive and good yeah I mean I think that the anti nationalists or if you want to call them the internationalists or even the multiculturalists I mean their vision of the world slowly crumbling it's slowly coming to a grinding to a halt if you check most of the migrant propaganda from like UN and stuff like that or one day when YouTube does a you know more than a refugee campaign and stuff like that I mean the downward I know that they're sure there's a tendency of maybe our crowd being on the web more and being more outspoken on the web and using that to their advantage more but the Downloads votes on these things is just monumental I mean it's like ninety ninety five percent down on this on some of these videos and some of this propaganda I think people are seeing through that and my point is that their vision of the world is being proven in front of our eyes to be a failure and I think we have to find a new way forward where we say okay this idea of taking foreign people from a different different part of the world distant land whether that's the third or second world moving them half across the world placing them in countries such as Norway or Sweden or Germany or France or you know England America even is is something that is very difficult to do it's it's a pipe dream it's not going to lead to anything good there's segregation people are turning into their own little enclaves then of course everyone on top of that is fighting with each other every every interaction is now on a racial basis or an ethnic basis it's causing the most fundamental basic aspects of our society which we had in the past to fall apart and and every movement that we make is a much more difficult one because everything is seen as some kind of power struggle or some kind of racist measurement or stuff like that right so I'm seeing that their vision is failing but it's up to us to just come in with with a pertinent solution what we say all right well this was a mistake we're headed in the wrong direction let's restore the bad thing that would that happen here and let's moving it in the right direction where we once again start to advocate for every group to have their own nation for their own territory for them to live happily amongst themselves and be in a position where they can be surrounded by only their own people very few interactions at that point is going to be about racism or a power struggle or who are you or why did you say that you know there's all this bullshit that we're getting with multi altruism right now but but you know again my point is just I think it's I think the solution is very very simple it doesn't mean of course that we can't impose or Amy what I'm saying is I don't think that we can stop travel as you said we can't stop people from going to other parts of the world and that's at least not what I'm advocating for either but there needs to be some sensibility back into the picture when it comes to multiculturalism but but where do you stand on some of these issues yeah absolutely some of this is inevitable some of this will happen I say that we need to limit immigration to a level where the immigrants are actually welcomed guests that we are able to accommodate and and to treat as welcome guests you know when there are too many you're just not able to treat people as guests anymore so so that's because we as Northern Europeans or Hospital people we you know we want to be hospitable to to guests and that's the way it should be and I think that the movement online of new nationalists that kind of people are the vanguard it has to be the vanguard of some kind of solution to this whatever this solution is and us just talking together trying out new solutions trying to innovate on democracy to find solutions they're innovating on the Internet in ways to communicate how to put things meaning all that is fantastic and I'm in touch now with nationalists and and other proponents of these kind of ideas in other countries we're helping out each other and we have people we have people coming in to Norway now helping us out in the election now in August and September from other countries from Italy where people Sweden people coming in and that is just fantastic what if we can help each other in the countries that we are having elections in and just have like a task force that's just moving from country to country I have already said that I will be helping out people in Sweden for next year when you have the election in 20 18 I happen to speak and write Swedish since I studied there and I will I promise that I will help out what I can in your election next year and then people are helping us now and the year after that we we work on some other country and banding up to to fight this craziness that's going on yeah like that that's a good idea I mean just basically have a core group of people that can come in as propagandists right yeah and use that to their advantage and basically help to you know do information campaigns promotional things rareness about certain issues and I think we can achieve that cross borders and as you say take those very group of dedicated people and kind of move them into the position at the right time to help I mean again even even if realistically just look at the situation we can tip the scales I at this point I do think that what you're bringing up here is very important because it's basically about getting people to you know start talking about the issues in addressing what really matters here and the elephant in the room as it would mass migration why this happened who is behind it all this kind of stuff needs to be brought out into the focus and into the the most forefront of people's consciousness and awareness because this is what's going to ruin things not only for them but for their kids and for their grandkids and if we can show them that this is what's happening I think that they'll be in a better position to understand that because they have I mean we have a media that's also operate against us constantly we're the bad guys we're the threat we're the enemy we're the ones who you know would cause violence or some bullshit like that which is which is not true but this is what they're trying to impose on us basically to stop us in our tracks to move forward with with nationalism and globalism and getting us into a point but we basically as a people cannot stand up and end resists anymore right and we talk to the young people directly they are the hope the young people today have access to all the information online and they're finding their way to the information and they're seeing that the establishment politicians are just lying about things they're not presenting real solutions we have everything working really for us when it comes to the truths and bringing out the good sound message to young people we just have to mobilize on this and talk to them I'm almost at the point where I don't talk to people my age and up anymore that more I mean they can listen to my videos and and please do but it's the young people where I see the hope that they are the ones we need to talk to so when the people are coming to Norway now in August and September I'm going to ask them to please go out to the campuses on the universities and the high schools and just talk to young people directly and if we can do that in a systematic way country by country we can turn them around I mean unfortunately it will take some time before they are into the positions in power that we need them to learn but now even if it takes 10 15 20 years that's we have to work on that to try other solution it has to do that we have we have to do and we have to win over those young people that we have because I mean if we are in a situation where we demographically are being turned into minorities in our own country I mean we have to work as obviously as fast as we can but we have to work with the population that we have and the people that we have I don't know I mean in terms of the demographic situation in Norway from a political point of view – have you gotten the sense that the the reason why some of the politicians have advocated for for mass migration and such is because they are used to politicians on the left and they see this incoming force as a kind of a a more left voting block or something like that or how do we explain that somewhat I don't think that phenomenon in Norway is that dominant that it might be in other countries like in UK or is we've already been on the left in our countries right mostly yeah so I think in Norway is a little bit of a special case I think we also now have a vibrant discussion on immigration it's going up and down according to the political climate that's raging at any time so it is possible to direct this in Norway it's not the total sort of political correctness that you have like in Sweden it's a different situation but of course they do benefit from this and they do benefit from strengthening the system as it is and they do not welcome any kind of innovation in the political system they demand to have the right to push on to do just what they've been doing for a very long time into a situation that's just unsustainable without having the real questions being brought up in a structured way they don't want that so you said that maybe PC culture and stuff like that isn't as strong in Norway if you would compare to Sweden it's a little bit more mellow that correct or absolutely it's more refreshing in or where you can bring our issues in Norway and in a different way than Sweden but still you know Sweden is the extreme example of everything right now everything that's wrong and everything that's wrong in Sweden is also wrong in Norway we have the same thing there's just not as bad and some of it I think also is it's because we have a different history and it's a I think Norway actually can play an important role on the international scene and for other European countries we were one of the last countries to be Christians you know so it's also one of the last countries to really be turned into this political correctness that's just spreading like a virus now and more of the old ways are still alive in Norway than they are for example in Sweden and Germany we should point out though that we do of course share a very common history I mean even the very name right Norway it means the North way of the old way of saying it was neutral Bagan it was actually the people who went north right it's the way to the north which implies that it was a people that came from more from the south or south east even if you will a little bit but you know for example just for as a history a fun history lesson here the English a dynasty is of course kind of the root of abnormal Norway one of the famous saw as the England I saw as of course was preserved in Norway by Norwegians but it was people that came from a royal dynasty that came from Sweden initially so we we have a common pass and same thing goes with Denmark very tight-knit I mean they for a while they were in control of southern Sweden for a long time actually or even even before it was Denmark I guess we should say but we had many different tribes it was Geats and it was Swedes and it was you know roogie up in Norway and all kinds of different tribes that that slowly began to merge into two separate groups over time but but there is a common bond what do you think of a cross Nordic kind of alliance in the future is that any possibility I heard for example that if Norway Sweden Denmark and I don't know if Finland was included in that but I know Iceland was they were talking about that as a economic zone and I think we would be developing into one of the strongest economies in Europe if we made that alliance I don't know if nor nor would be interesting that I know who would want to take Sweden by the way with all the migrants and stuff right that's right I'm a big history buff and the lay of the history history is one of the most important things to bring up in order to find solutions to this we have to look back in order to be able to look forward I think it's a strength that in Scandinavia we are these different countries and it's something that we should build on I'm not sure that we should try to mail these countries together I'm really a fan of thinking that we need to distribute power as much as possible and even though the new Regents and the Swedes are very close and very similar we are still different people looking for different kinds of solutions we have a different history so I believe it's a good thing that we are these different countries and I I would rather see that we split up in Europe into more countries like it was in the Middle Ages and and further back like both Norway and Sweden was originally split up into kingdoms and smaller units and the smaller units the smaller units are the better it is I think really to fight the madness of globalism and immigration and find out if state finances going a mock you just don't do that to the guy living next door to you but you can do those kind of things in an abstract level and the evil forces of the world they want this abstraction to go on and on and on because then you can do all kinds of crazy things that you just wouldn't be able to do with people that you have to look in the eyes on a daily basis you know I agree with you fundamentally I think that very important aspect to that we not only preserve these very distinct differences that we already have and of course over time we have developed you know nuances in culture and language and all that stuff and I don't want to see any of that go away certainly not I want to make sure that we preserve those I want to make sure the way in a position where we do observe I mean even even nationalization itself was a great harm to the diversity of cultures that we had I think at this point is that what I feel is like okay well at this point we have the nation let's stop here it's good here we don't have to you know ruin that we don't have to necessarily break that up either it is what it is but for example I mean remember after the after the 40s much of the Simsek happened after the Second World War of course but in the 40s we had for example and I know that Norway went through a similar thing with a language reform where you know different groups have very different set of not only dialects I mean in some cases they were there could almost be been classified as their own languages and we went through this process of what they call Derek's Savannah Scout which is like I guess like Reich's Swedish or like the the Kingdom Swedish or you know whatever you want to call that nationalization basically of the language right you cannot conform it and some of the the kids that went to school they were punished if they used you know the words of their group at that time or the dialects of them that they try to get that out of the picture and you know just language as a mental kind of framework for you being in a separate and unique identity is very important so I feel that the destruction of those things Hans was very detrimental and many of those differences that we've had had throughout time being eroded away and and it hasn't been natural either it's been very imposed from top-down decisions by politicians and centralization and stuff like that so I agree with you on that point I want to see those preserved however my only point of not disagreement really but my point of realization would be how can we as those small individual units and sets of dots on the map work against islamification of Europe or work against China as and as an economy or you see what I'm getting at that the way we have this huge organization working against us and it seems that the wheel of history so far away has always been in the direction of bigger bigger conglomerates and unifications and groups going together to leverage more power and domination both economically but also politically and influential how do we I mean how does Norway as a small country operate against an ideology like Islam with billions of people with it within it or China with billions of people right well you're addressing the big issues of course and there might be solutions to this that we cannot quite see yet but the solutions that I'm working on and the framework that I believe we need to work on is to look at the nation-states as they are today in Europe and go back to their founding documents and their early days because a lot of this destructive forces have really gone astray in post-modernism since the Second World War but we do have the ability to go back before the Second World War and back to the 19th century and find sensible documents sensible arrangements even the laws and a lot of the structure that we are still living in is formed in more sensible times so we have this ability to pick up on that and to reverse some of the things that's been going on in our modernity so that's that's at least the solution that I believe that we need to work on as the first option the first way and and the first things that we need to try if that doesn't work out and maybe simultaneously we also need to work on differ Solutions I'm a huge believer myself in digital solutions that we can do things on the blockchain we can do work with Bitcoin and digital currencies we can look at how our bgp dia has been able to set up structures that are working much better than the state-controlled solutions that we had in the past so maybe we can run our entire society on those kind of digital solutions that that's like a side side way sidetrack to this but all of that needs somehow to be merged I'm not willing to give up on the nation-states and going back to our grandfathers and great grandfather's and great-great grandfather's and pick up those ideas and refresh them and revitalize them in the same time as we revitalize their sense of art and architecture and beauty and poetry and all that I imagine a new age with those kind of revitalized thoughts merged with technology and then we find solutions to the immigration problem we send most of the immigrants that have recently arrived back again in a humane way and that there is a bright future ahead for us you know what I really like that I want to talk more about that in the second segment I'm going to get your take on as some of the applications of those solutions I've been thinking about this too is there other structures legally that we can do to to preserve pockets of people what about the kind of the ideas of virtual nations maybe there's unifications that can occur in different ways than on the just at this point anyway the territory level there's there's other things here that is involved and I agree with those and I think that that's an interesting things let's pick up that and talk more about that in a second but before we take a break here we of course have the election as you say September September 11th looming 9/11 exactly what's the outcome what are you hoping for realistically what's the what is this all how is this gonna all turn out if you're honest about it it's very difficult to have that question how what is the real stick out come because as the runner is the leader of political party I have to say that I believe that we will get into Parliament we love to see of course you're going to win that way you're going to get you can get millions of votes all right I mean yeah I have to say that yeah there's no other way you have to believe in all so uh that's I mean that's what I can say about I have to say that the thing is with the Alliance that we already have this huge wins we are having all these young people come to us and we're connecting them so we have created a team now of young people that are meaning this you know out the other parties are just mean to oblivion when it comes to online discussions in certain forms and we've created something very valuable that will go on after the election regardless of how we actually worked out the election itself it's looking good for us we will have a large amount of votes and that will give us financial support from the government because in Norway it works so that every vote you get about the party will get about something like a hundred dollars to the parties every vote count really counts a lot so if there's something I can ask about to the international community it would be to try to you know see what you can do to get the Norwegian the alliance boats by maybe if you do a podcast do this segment about Norway and if you have a film or something on YouTube and you're running ads for it try to target northern Norwegian audience see if you can push the message to Norway red pill young people they come to us we build this new tremendous community and the government will feed us some money to build that community and the community is really the most important thing that comes out of the Alliance even though you know we might get seats in the on the Parliament and all that the community all these people in Norway that tell me every day now I thought I was the only one I was alone I was searching out online I I never see anyone else in Norway speak for me and speak the kind of ideas I've been thinking and now we're connecting them hundreds of them literally hundreds of people in forums and talking to each other is just that will go on regardless of how the election goes on 911 all right very good well you know it's good to make Norway great again means they're going to save Norway we have to be positive though I mean I that and that's I definitely agree with that we have to have a good sense of things we can't just be downtrodden and let go it's over we're going to lose and what what is that going to give us we're not going to get it and we're you know we have so much fun you know it's so much fun doing this and I feel that you know I personally have so much fun I'm laughing every morning I see the new memes you know that's just every day there are memes coming in and I'm just laughing so hard and so much and good energies are just bouncing around the forums and we're in the chance that we have so it's it's tremendous fun and that's also one of the big insights of the Alliance and how we set it up so that every candidate is fully at liberty to push their own agenda as they please is that there's a tremendous respect for each other so it's not like the candidates are grinding each other down but even differences are accepted and encouraged and even laughed at and you know patting each other on the back yeah hey that was really cool it's not how I would frame that issue maybe it's right on the opposite way of how I would frame it but what a cool way that you have been able to mean this and frame this or whatever and it's just this positive energies the lines are holding and we're backing each others it's it's a tremendously positive experience the whole thing even though we're attacked by the left and and they can be vicious and they can be nasty and everything that you can imagine but me as the leader I'm taking most of the flack for the candidates for being like the front and I can take it so you know that's like a personal thing I guess I I don't get discouraged by all the flack and the criticism and everyone else is just encouraging each other and it creates a good dynamic all right very good we're going to of course take a break ins but before we do that I want to give out the website and also just a quick note I want to check out the painting behind your there this is of course it's way too famous Swedish painting is it cooing or nun disappea what's the I can't believe I'm forgetting the painters name now lotion what is it lotion it's a very famous Swedish painting Carlos on call John that's right of course mid winter blow yes it's a Norse pagan very much traditional pagan ceremonial illustration anything and it's about of course it's been one of the most debated paintings in Swedish history and it is of course about a sacrifice by the king it's about basically a symbolic act I think it would I don't know if it was cooking on and or who it was I forget who the king was but it's one of the one mentions in the sagas and and of course he sacrifices himself to the gods as a symbolic act to say you know the the nation the people their well-being it goes in front of my own right I'm giving myself as a gift in my life to them to the greater force and in the universe and the gods so that the people will prosper and live and be in a better situation it's a pretty it's an important lesson of something that we need at these times with leadership right I think so alright give us the website before we go here is it Stan Stefan Allianz enjoy and no is that correct that is right stem Olson really need to just click the link I won't spell it out in English but it says demo answer just google us for the Alliance Norway you'll probably find us most easily by just googling us and most of the work we do are on the social media platforms and we do a lot of video work it's been working tremendously well for us so we've been teaching you know and training all our candidates on producing video and we have now daily multiple videos coming out from many of the candidates and they're just encouraging each other so it's a it's a tremendous way to reach out with just video I encourage people to do no more than i encourage people to write op-eds and all that really just it works tremendous that works the best all right awesome we'll have a link up guys so you can click through easily from our pages YouTube or red eyes TV or red eyes members comm stay with us we'll be right back much more ahead with of course haunts thank you for joining us for the first segment we have the second one coming up here right after a short break a great second segment second part frankly a very positive show a lot of different creative ways to reach new people House has a lot of ideas we're going to try also to cooperate in the future to help get the word out about Norway's election we're going to make a video and a request basically that more people out there help to pull in the same direction utilize the the troll armies as it were to have Norwegian mainstream media possibly covering an issue that's you know identitarian groups in Europe or alt-right groups in America or focusing on Norway and the Norwegian election and it could actually aid to get the word out about certain issues that's going to be important in the election of course so that's some of the stuff we're working on in the background of all of this but we'll get into some of those you know positive aspects in the second part we also talked a bit more about you know tradition and basically how to have a more positive message to people at what we need to do and what kind of material that we need to to discuss and promote to make sure that people are welcomed and feel that it's something positive and giving almost nurturing to a certain extent as opposed to something which is very black billed and kind of off off-putting basically so anyway a lot of lot of good stuff in the second segment so I do hope that you join us in the members section red ice members calm is the website where you can go to sign up for a membership with us definitely make sure that you do support us we are expanding we are bringing in more people we're trying to do more coverage we're also getting a new larger studio space here at some point a lot of things brewing behind the scenes right now we have achieved a tremendous amount with the small team that we have at our disposal imagine what we could do if we had five ten fifteen more people who knows where we could be today well I know because I have the ideas and I know that we would simply explode in our coverage and the things we be able to do the things we'd be able to cover and we would just reach so many more new people in that endeavor come aboard help us out this is an essential time as we're reaching more people than ever we're also updating the members website right now much needed experience there are so many things we're working on in the background of everything it's just amazing what we can achieve if we put our minds and hearts to it we work like no one else we are in this day and night this is the only thing that we do we are in this because this is an existential question we believe in this fight and this struggle it's ultimately about our survival and you're not going to find any more dedicated people than those we have on our team and we need to find more of those people to help get the word out to help bring in new people into the fold as well so anyway head on over to red eyes members comm right now our members website we have subscriptions from three months up to two years available whatever works for you we also have a three month recurring subscription option which is really the best way to to help us out make sure that you sustain your membership but it's only six euros per month you know so it's like nothing it's basically like a fancy cup of coffee and some of these hipster joints that they have in America these days so not much and it means a tremendous amount to us you wouldn't believe if only 10% of you guys who are watching right now signed up it would mean an incredible amount to us in terms of the resources that we would get from that we would employ more people almost immediately we would basically expand it our studio space we would be in a much better situation but it is up to you guys to support us and I will keep hammering this because this is the only way that we can fund the operation we don't have ads we don't have commercials we don't have big sponsors it's really up to you guys to ensure that we can continue with this and grow so thank you so much for your support second hour with Holmes is coming right up great show definitely tune in in the meantime just want to let you know that we are going to take a couple of weeks off from the live TV show we're restructuring a couple of things behind the scenes we're basically going to bring in a couple of more people into the fold I need help with the production itself because I want to bring you guys a better show and experience so we'll be off for probably two maybe three weeks we'll keep you guys updated on the websites of course the radio show maybe just a few shows here and there we'll take off but we'll continue to bring you at the very least an audio version of the show however in the meantime we're going to bring you some other video material and contents as well we have several reports we have new exclusive and unique videos we want to bring you guys so although we won't do the live TV show for a little bit we have tons of other segments and reports want to bring you guys so definitely stay tuned to our YouTube channel and of course the website red eyes stop TV and red eyes members are calm for more material stay tuned we'll be right back thank you so much for your support steady

34 thoughts on “Hans Lysglimt Johansen – The Alliance: Nationalism and Free Speech in Norway

  1. Don't try to make things the way they used to be unless you want to repeat the same mistakes, instead reestablish continuity at some point with the past.

  2. I would say tribalism is superior to nationalism and is my and europes ultimate destination, nationalism is just the middle step.

  3. I think Lysglimt has gotten alot of things right, but Norwegian nationalism and christianity does not mix. it is not apart of our history, christianity and this jewish sect hates norway and its history to such a degree to build its holyplaces in the ashes of our ancestor's. A true nationalist is a pagan, and not a good goy like jesus wants you to be.

  4. Conversation today with Henrik at RedIce about the current political situation in Norway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfI67E4A_ok&t=1s

  5. Anyone know how what's the name of the track at the end of hour 1 of the podcast. Awesome track – love the way it mixes these ethereal pagan vocals with electronica.

  6. Very interested in seeing how Norway develops. My native homeland , Ireland, has a similar native population – 4 million . We both have strong pagan and seafaring cultural histories. But there is one big difference – we are in the EU and Norway is not. Will be very interesting to see how both develop regarding migration over the coming years.

  7. Wow, this was a fantastic interview. One could see in the conversation glimmers of European politics and philosophy as they were meant to be–open forums united by a common love of the people and a desire to know the truth and do good.

  8. Hasn't the recent decision to ban 'circumcision' in Norway just been overturned due to protests from a certain ((( 0.2% ))) of the population?

  9. First time I have heard of Mr. Johansen or his party—I am really impressed with the approach he is taking. This reminds me of the practicality and thought process of a brilliant CEO which politics everywhere could benefit from. Go Norway!

  10. Som 71 årig dansker er jeg begejstret for den viden jeg får om Norge og The Alliance, en speciel form for forening, hvor alle med en mening om Nationalime og free speech i Norway kan deltage. I Danmark står vi med en særdeles muslim venlig regering, der slet ikke kan se problemet ved indtag af tusinder ag migranter fra Afrika. Vi har også flere fora, hvor vi drøfter hvad der er at gøre for at redde Danmark.

  11. They are not "internationalists" they are SUPRA NATIONALISTS as they want to abolish the nation state!

  12. Hans Lysglimt Johansen has zero political clout in Norway and absolutely no power or influence within politics or society at large- way to waste your time listening to what this once and future loser has to say lol

  13. One mistake Hans mentioned was introducing the expulsion idea in a humane / Euro socialist kind of way. The right way is a firmer stance, 'being sensitive to their culture'. They are used to firm authoritarian rule back home and they only respect that. Otherwise they will disrespect you and think you are pussies that need to be re-invaded.

  14. its not about being honest or real – its about man;  now making the world a better place- moving into PROGRESS beyond – man and nature- of Creating  a world that Israel can show mankind a better way

  15. Both Norge and Sverige will disappere unless recovers its roots..the synagogue of satan secularised. societies in order to be able to promote its agenda… Fortunately our Aryan languages are cleverly coded.. for the End of Time.. it is now.. the III WW against our people…Christ blood on the guilty but Christ blood paid for our future Victory over satanists.. You have to stop begging, asking… you have to take action to be in charge of the country.. Song of Songs.. the Heavenly Choir of St. Olaf, St. Eric, St. Knut..are saying 2,15 'Take us the foxes' fox= räv(S).. kräva(S)= demand.. power back.. the foxes are at the top.. they let in..Olive tree is the symbol of Juda, so is the Leo..axe is for cutting off the branches which do not bring fruits or are rotten…Our Lord Jesus Christ is Way= Decalogue, Truth = God and life= love for the nation.. We are not obliged to love satanists who do not recognise Christ as God, hence political correctness, do not have decalogue as Muslims.. Talmudic Jews consider us Christians as cattle.. still we Christians have had so much patience= tålamod.. that now we have to have mod(S)= courage to tala(S)= say the truth… Those who let in.. are criminals against the Holy Ghost.. they are brining their pawns to finish off Europe

  16. Kjære all Swensker jeg må beklage på vegne av det Norsk for at landet deres er blitt så angrepet og fått smake på hva hele sør Europa og har fått, jeg beklager fordi vi er mange som skjønner at våre stortingsrepresentanter har sagt ja til at Norge ble med i de 8 av 10 siste storkriger i verden, i følge vår Grunnlov har ikke vi lov til å blande oss inn i andre lands anliggender og synes det var så trist at deres politiker godtar alt dette fordi de må pga Eu medlemskap, men hadde Norge ikke støttet Hillary Clinton i alt hun befalte så hadde ikke denne verden sett så ille ut husk alle kriger er å blir arrangert og det som er enda mere rart er at våre myndigheter driver å forgifter oss i Usa og Norge er de land i verden med høyest dødlighet pga dårlige forhold på mange måter bla at de har satt opp smartmålere i alle hjem, noe vi hvet at de som jobbet med stråleskader her før hadde forbudt tvert, vi ser og at det kommer ut alt slags elendige genmanipulerte matvarer, vaksiner og all denne giften har gjørt at vår befolkning som i mange ti år tidliger kunne vise verden at vi var det folket som soleklart levde lengst, og Japan var nr 2 i de samme ti årene nå er Japan nr 1 og vi har falt til nr 13 og det er utrolig mange år som den norske mann og kvinne har redusert sin gjennomsnitts alder, Vi er en del av Alliansen å vil kjempe for at vi skal styrke vårt demokrati , som vi ser ikke lenger er en kamp i Eu land, så skal vi kjempe for dette til siste minutt før dett viktige valget som vi ikke vår høre noe om i main streem mediaene her, For her er det nesten blitt ett diktatur, som vi er nødt til å stoppe, så nok en gang skal dette ikke kunne skje igjen vi i Samarbeidspartiet som er både direktedemokratiets talsrør og den fri tanken og talen skal kunne nåes frem for de som vil se lytte på de som snakker en sak de brenner for så derfor er Alliansen vårt og Norges folks det beste alternativet til det landet som en gang var trygd og godt den tiden Olof Palme var i livet og før Gro Harlem Bruntland ble statsminister vi ser jo at det som er igjen av det arbeiderpartiet , de handlet for alle andre enn for de som stemte de inn, Vi har latt de driver dette langt nok nå når de kjører landet rett ut i usikkerhet ved ikke å følge våre lover og regler som sitter som støpt i hver og en av oss det har de glemt vi glemmer ikke så derfor er dette sagt til Svensker som og kan regne med at Eu vil avskaffe demokratiet fortere enn i 2025 vi ser våre politikere nå skynter seg for å få oss inn i alt av Eu styrte organer, Så nå kommer dette valget til å avgjøre hvem som skal bestemme for fremtiden i dette landet folket eller diktaturet .

  17. The first thing the enemies do to nations is corrupt the youth and the way to counter that is through your nations Ministry of Defence

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