Hannity & Karl Rove Have Totally Good Faith Advice For Democrats

Hannity & Karl Rove Have Totally Good Faith Advice For Democrats

so Sean Hannity and Karl Rove talked about justice Democrats there's so much to this segment that I love they pretend to be good faith arbiters of advice to help the left and to help Democrats which is just it's so dumb and it's so common I've seen so many segments on this we're like right-wingers or Center right wingers you know they act like you know what the Democratic Party should do listen to me somebody who doesn't vote for them isn't in their party and have no you know stake in the game listen to me don't listen to the Democratic base you know listen to us the people who massively disagree with you I mean she's so dumb it's just so silly and I have to say before I play this clip for you I'm always amazed by how karl rove looks like a large gelatinous baby doesn't he look like a baby he just looks like a large baby it's kind of crazy there's a bunch there's a few people like that karl rove is definitely on the top of that list of looking like a baby there's a there's a professional golfer by the name of paul lori l.a wrie and he always struck me as the same like he looks like a large baby i had to throw that in there but anyway i digress here we go sean hannity and karl rove giving advice as to how democrats can win we can add to that of course the comparisons of nazi germany by congresswoman omar her virulent anti-semitism and congresswoman Acacio cortez say using the term in comparisons of concentration camps what does this mean between wednesday and their love of muller and the new green deal that seems to have gripped the 2020 presidential candidate so the democratic side well first of all Sean I want to put to bed the ugly rumor that's floating around Washington that the effort to elevate Omar to Lee Pressley and AOC is the result of a secret plot concocted in the underground headquarters of the Republican National Committee and the conservative movement this is simply not true I mean as helpful as helpful as they have been to showing what the new Democratic Party has a chance to turn into I want to say that this has not been I've examined it I've looked deeply I've read the secret minutes of the secret meetings of the Republican Illuminati and I find no evidence whatsoever that these four people were elected to office with the help of conservatives and Republicans around the country they're doing this all on their own they're helping to advance the conservative agenda all on their own they're helping enthuse and motivate the conservatives all on their own they're helping set up a situation where the president can be reelected in 2020 because they have tainted the Democratic Party as being as far left as they are they're doing it all on their own this is our own idea so you have some calling the country garbage then you have a guaranteed destruction of the American economy no oil gas engines and everything's free then you've got this unprecedented anti-semitism Oh Israel has hypnotized the world may Allah awaken people it's all about the Benjamins it's all about the bill about the Benjamins and then of course the comparisons to Nazi Germany that have been made both Israel and the u.s. detention centers so where does this how does this impact 2020 presidential hopefuls we're paying a lot of attention to these four and it's tainting the Democratic Party I mean okay there's so much to say about this but just so we're clear Sean Hannity and Karl Rove say what they just said about every democratic politician they never ever ever said that Nancy Pelosi Thank You Nancy for agreeing with us 50% of the time you're really rather moderate and we appreciate that they never said that now that would be true because she does often times give the Republicans what they want or meet them halfway some points agree with them but they never said that there was always net far-left Nancy Pelosi uh that was always what they said when he came to Obama when he came to you know Biden when he came to Bill Clinton they still argued even though it is a matter of historical record and a matter of fact that Bill Clinton ran as a new Democrat and his strategy was called triangulation which meant hey I'm above the fray guys sometimes I agree with Democrats sometimes I agree with Republicans I'm a new kind of Democrat I'm a centrist that's what their philosophy is but the entire time Bill Clinton was president all Sean Hannity did all Fox News did is beat up on him and act like he's far left so there are one-trick ponies they don't have actual objective analysis what they're doing is playing for a team the team being Republicans and there are a tribal network that's all they're doing so like they're not even hitting a bare minimum level of intellectual honesty where they could even tell you what people are or they could even say hey Clinton and he'll you know Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Barack Obama these are New Democrats these are centrists and we got to call it what it is we got to give you the facts before we give you our take on it they never did that they act like all the Democrats ever far-left and they're helping Republicans your analysis is so dumb it's just it's so mind-numbingly stupid but I think said that I like what Adam Adam Johnson and Nima Shirazi of what's their site citations needed is the name of their podcast and they have an episode I think it's called inexplicable Republican best friend and that's what this is right here so what this is and you see it all over the media is either people who are self-described centrists or you know self-described conservatives or registered Republicans and what they do is they come out there and they say oh I see the direction that this Democratic Party is going and let me tell you the Democrats should agree more with me a conservative Republican you'll notice it never works the other way I'm never invited onto a cable new show as a lefty to explain how the Republican Party needs to you know reform itself they never say hey Kyle what do you think the Republican Party should do and I go out there and say well you know I I will say if they embrace Medicare for all in free college in a living wage that's the direction that they should all obviously go in because that on its face is absurd everybody would go okay but you're on the left that's the right wing party so why are you trying to control it why don't you take action more in the party that philosophically aligns with you more or at least should right now but it always works in the other direction how I've seen so many segments Joe Scarborough used to be a Republican and all day and night he said he talks about out this what the Democrats should do to win you're a Republican bro and just recently he's at all forgive me for ever being Republican so he's changing but he's obviously and very clearly a centrist so yes people who were former Republicans or current Republicans or conservatives or centrist by definition they're gonna try to drag the Democratic Party in that direction that doesn't mean that's what actually sells which gets to the main point look at their arguments here so they don't they could never give you a comprehensive analysis why because on the comprehensive analysis they're dead wrong so in other words raising the minimum wage to a living wage you know what the polls say about how many Americans want to raise the minimum wage 80% of the American people want to raise the minimum wage okay raising taxes on the rich 58% of the American people want to do that free college 58% of the American people want to do that legalizing marijuana some polls over 60% of the American people want to do that Medicare for all at least in one poll 70% of the American people want to do that in one poll even a plurality of Republicans want to do that so when you do a comprehensive analysis and you go through the issues it's crystal clear the American people but also the Democratic Party they need to go left to win they need to be more populist more anti-corruption and represent the people by making us a thriving social democracy Sean Hannity couldn't bring up any issues the only issue he brought up his green new deal and he didn't tell you any numbers on that because even with the Green deal it pulls over 50% so what does he say the squad he's justice democrats man they're virulent anti-semitism as Ilhan Omar's a virulent anti-semite what happened I thought you guys on the right always cried and bitched and moaned about what the false accusations of bigotry that come from the left when they don't have an argument all they do is call people bigots and racists and just call them names bad names and then what do you do Ilhan omar virulent anti-semite anti-semite they even brought up two all about the Benjamins thing because that's all they got it's all yeah she said it's all about the Benjamins in relation to AIPAC the Israel lobbying group giving American politicians money to try to get them to do their bidding right how's that anti-semitic don't that's factually true Saudi Arabia does the same thing that's right that's right it's called lobbying it's called money and politics corrupting it and you guys are playing dumb on purpose but all a great New Deal bad they're virulent anti-semites hey I like how he said they called the country garbage did you see your boy Donald Trump when he was campaigning and he repeatedly said you know we're a rural country we're doing terrible in this country this country so stupid this country so wrong weird how you didn't take Trump saying very similar things and go what he hates America and he should leave but you do it with the Justice Democrats I wonder why and then finally the my two favorite because it shows you he's such a ranked propagandist Sean Hannity yes he goes what they want to do the destruction of the US economy what yeah they want to destroy the US economy you're gonna have to explain that one more well with oil and gas and you know so he's talking about is moving to an economy that's green and renewable technology and he says that's the destruction of the American economy I mean you would hear Sean Hannity back when you know FDR was doing the green new deal if he was around back then he'd be like ah FDR wants to destroy this economy by doing a massive project to try to fix it and improve it and give people jobs makes no sense bro obviously the idea is a green new deal is in part like a new new deal you give create hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs that are good-paying jobs and we rebuild our infrastructure his explanation of that his you know description is they want to destroy the US economy because eventually we will you know get off of oil and gas there's there's not a intellectually honest bone in Sean Hannity's body and then finally he goes with everything's free this smug absurd low IQ dismissal he has four basic Social Democratic policies like free college which many develop nations do or free health care like every developed country does free at the point of service the smug dismissal should free stuff this wants big free stuff so what it is free stuff free stuff that's his description of it I gotta be honest with you guys I don't know how anybody takes Sean Hannity or Karl Rove seriously I mean there are there are people usually the average age is like seventy eight or something like that and they're at nursing homes watching Sean Hannity and getting all riled up but it really is amazing to me that he has any audience whatsoever because he is such a ranked propagandist he is so incredibly biased he doesn't know how to form a coherent argument all he does is smear smear smear and hear all some of his chauffeur you ready left-wing buy it right-wing dude hmm that's what I think Democrat bad Republicans dude that's all he's got that

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  1. Don;t't you just love it when these burrh*le accomplices butt into Democrat affairs, Whatever they say is the opposite from the truth.. These guys need to be taken into the alley & have their ass beat. . This guy Kyle (who the F is this Bozo anyway? He is trying to undermine Speaker Pelosi

  2. I think it's the round head and face plus being bald makes him look like large baby and other people with these features.

  3. "The Extreme Left…" Dude, if you call people like AOC and Omar "extreme left," then the extreme is you.

  4. OMG….. I feel a little stupider just by watching those two lying propaganda asshats.
    FYI – criticizing israel's many crimes against humanity or their ridiculous influence over the US government (refer to recent anti-BDS activity) is not actually anti-Semitic…. the Palestinians are semites.

  5. Centrist are the ones who have the power, not the retarded Justice Democrats. The Justice Democrats are the least popular party as were the Tea Baggers. Most Americans don't care for the Justice Democrats.
    Ilhan Omar is a racist who recently said on Al Jazeera (surprise, surprise) that white people are the biggest threat. There is more racism on the Left

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