100 thoughts on “Hannity: Deep state in deep legal jeaopardy

  1. When he held them up, , it looks like they file important papers the same way I used to file some of my college papers- Messy!

  2. South Korea is in danger by socialist president Moon is trying to let North korea Kim Jungun to take over the country. Since 10/3/2019 every Saturady millions of people gathering in Kwanghwamoon and protest against Moon Jaein demanding Moon Jaein to be step down immediately. No major news are reporting these events in south Korea and international news.

  3. What??? It's starting to come clear to me know….You are the Deep State! None of your stoked up conspiracy claims ever come true. It's exhausting trying to keep up with your ridiculous conspiracy cliff hangers that never materialize. I'm tired of waiting on all your claims to materialize… It's like you took us camping, convinced us that Bigfoot existed and would appear…then, while we stared quietly at the woods, you drive off in the car with all the camping gear. Thanks a lot for draining the swamp and replacing it with a sewer while we stared off in the woods. Nice job there Mr. Deep State!

  4. My Bible study class is studying the book of James now. It would be a good book for all these "hearsay, bar talk, lying people" to read.

  5. Where is that lil gretta girl! You see all that paper!! It’s like the American tax code! All them poor trees!!! What a absolute waste of resources! 😉

  6. Geez Hannity. Give it up! You're an idiot. Trumps IG just confirmed that there was no conspiracy going on against trump! You and the president and everybody else on FAUX should be ashamed of yourself. The truth is out. You dont like and so you SPIN IT!

  7. Sean Hannity, loyal Jesuit servant to the Deep State, the Vatican, and to destroying Protestantism.
    Scum of the Earth…

  8. Good thing we have Tucker, Hannity, and Trump to tell us the truth. Because the FBI lies. The reports lie. The phone records lie. The transcripts lie. Every single testimony against Trump was a lie. And the money was never held up. There, ya feel better Trump Supporters-lol

  9. Be careful, that you don't get imprisoned for "terrorism" of speaking out the TRUTH against Hillary and against CIA and FBI while they go free to speak LIES !!

  10. If Hillary was where she is supposed to be, prison, all of this wouldn't have happened. They need to put everyone involved behind bars.

  11. Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Struck, Stroke, etc. are arrogant garbage that needs decades of prison time in Guantanamo Bay to reflect upon their treasonous actions that they undertook on behalf of the Democrat Party!

  12. We need to make examples of "All of them" There are many, we know that, but till now nothing has been done, even after this weak report by Horowitz. I lost faith in A.G. Barr when he supported Director Wray of the FBI. The FBI is as crooked as the Justice Department. I personally think the FBI and the Justice Department needs to be dismantled. The FISA court, the same. It should be torn down and built on Bed Rock. The FBI has been rotten since its conception. We only hire the next guy, who's no different than the Old Guy. What's needed, for now, is a clean house policy, until it can be rebuilt. Enuff already with the Cronyism.

  13. Awesome Reporting Mr. Hannity. You are the strongest reporter out there broadcasting Truth. Bring some sponsors on your show that are writing disciplinary complaints to specific bar associations to drain the legal swamp in the Judicial System like comey and schifty schiff. Lets get the American People Behind Disbarment of these corrupted shyster where there is hard core evidence to remove them from office or from their licensing as a officer of the court. Its time we attack the corrupted attackers which are attacking our great President and our Democracy.


  15. You guys are absolutely deplorable spouting this rubbish propaganda in the hope to confuse dumb Americans. Fox News is obviously a state run network. How can I tell? Because any reputable news network argues both sides.. You guys are just Trump, Trump, Trump. Where's your objective opinions? I read ALL of the IG report and out of 476 pages you focus on 4 of them… Deplorable, unpatriotic conduct Fox News.

  16. Mr Hanitty
    Comey, Schiff are attorneys at law, members of the Legal Bar. Because of that they are Officers of The Court. They are are both subject to legal disciplinary complaints with the bar in the court of proper jurisdiction. Lets millions of us all complain to the Sacramento California Bar and Comeys Bar City/ State and get these shysters disbarred for numerous violations of their State Attorney Rules of "Professional Conduct" and any other state they are licensed. We need to get blatant liars like him, Comey and other removed from our Judicial System! Remember Billy Clinton got disbarred for lying. Its time to drain the swamp in all the courts, one bad crooked attorney at a time, throughout the land due to corruption in these courts. We need to bring this process into the light so Americans can see the corruption placing pressures on disciplinary boards to disbar or publically discipline these pieces of garbage.

  17. I'm a little confused as a 4th gen republican. I have read the full report and I'm confused as to how sean hannity cam to his very emotional response to this. It seems the report specifically states that there was no bias by the FBI and they followed guidelines (which did not required corroberation) set forth by our party. Was this not our mistake??

  18. They should all resign from their positions and commit I think it’s called SUBAQUE
    Hell I’d be happy with imprisonment for all for treason against the American people

  19. I voted for Trump because of 5 words: "Cuz you'd be in jail." Last I checked she was on a book tour. 3 years is a long time to funnel your dirty money out of the country. LOCK H->ER UP!!

  20. Soo why is Les Wexner free and where the hell is Ghislaine Maxwell? Could all this be a distraction from the totality of the deep state? Arrest them all.

  21. Hannity you send a shiver up my spine that you would. Be a mouth piece for Russia propaganda, Shame on you for destroying America.

  22. MSNBC poo pooing Durham Report without knowing what it is. Who is sick if these Criminal shills on the Fake News Networks

  23. God detests lies and will not allow deep state to succeed with their lies. Democrats are allowed to win the House so that God can allow all their confusion to surface before our very eyes in this last day we live in so as to bring about His judgment on all wrongdoers including the whistleblowers. Every human must know that a falsity is enough to make it a lie. Know that GOD DETESTS LIES AND LIARS!

    There are serious consequences in God's system whether the wrongdoers like it or not. We are seeing God's system at work today before our very eyes (Luke 12:2). George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Bidens, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Schumer, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, Jim Comey, John Brennan, etc. – they all cannot escape God's judgment for the wrongs and the corruption they committed. That is why their hidden wrongs are revealed to us in the last days.

  24. if it is in the report, give direct quote, dont just tell the fox idiot viewer more lies, tell the truth and post exact quotes and provide a link were idiot fox viewers can read the pdf online for themselves. stop being a propaganda tool and actually show people the actual report and show actual interviews with IG that state there was a legit reason to investigate the traitor trump. dont be afraid of the truth people, you will be better off and will finally learn the republican party are a group of thieves and traitors conning you because you are all gullible, uneducated idiots that will believe everything you hear, even when the truth is smacking you right in the face. Bar is nothing but a finger puppet and working for trump, not the people of the u.s. Wake up people, all this is a ploy to get people to loose faith in the u.s government. And who do you think benefits? you got it, the russians and the orange clown trump.

  25. Hillary or comey in jail yet? How about Obama? No? Ahhhhh news flash, NO ONES GOING TO JAIL NO ONES LEAVING IN CUFFS AND ON ONES BEING IMPEACHED!!!! Our deepstate wasn’t intended to be purged.

  26. What a circus. Democrats have opened Pandora’s box. More lies, more deception, and a bunch of crooked, dirty politicians. Leave the President alone, and let the people decide . We the People ! We will win!

  27. Deep state not a thing. You can’t say they are in legal jeopardy because you can’t identify the people. Open your eyes!

  28. Suppose everything you say is true and has been for last two years, why is nothing done. Hillary still walks free, so does Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rice, Obama, Kelly, Biden.. none of then has been charged. It seems like hot air ….

  29. This circus just goes on and on and on and on. No one is going to be held accountable because the buck is pushed, and the can is kicked, all on down the road. None of the REAL guilty ones will see so much as an hour in prison, only the unfortunate ones who got sucked-in to the whirlwind…….like General Flynn.

  30. Climate change is a hoax also.If you get them to believe your criminal behavior is acceptable,you can get them to believe anything.

  31. Man you must be exhausted trying to defend this dumpster fire of a cabinet. I enjoy watching tho. It’s like a controlled panic.

  32. It is now very clear why the Democrats insisted on Impeachment, notwithstanding the obvious absence of factual evidence. The Dems wanted to deflect attention away from the damning DOJ Report. Furthermore, obseve closely how the Dems have painstakingly crafted the words of the Articles of Impeacment. Yhe steered clwear of Bribery and Quid Pro Quo. The intent here, is to keep the Senate from subpoena-ing the Bidens, Whistleblower and such other potential criminal suspects to testify when the matter ptogresses to the Senate. Reflect on this for a moment and it pops out like "magic eye".

  33. Notice the only people replying to comments with Leftist Propaganda are from channels with no avatars, no subs, no content of any kind.
    David Brock has his little snowflake army working overtime on this one.

    Awesome 👍 work Sean Hannity!


  36. I hope all this leads to who’s been stealing $$$$$$$$$$$$ Trillions of dollars from the USA 🇺🇸 tax payers! I hope all these rat 🐀 holes 🕳 lead to the Rats 🐀 who have stolen all those Trillions of dollars & then covered it up from the US Treasury!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hannity needs to stop saying that the crimes committed by the FBI were at the hands of the top 0.1%. Nah. The IG report showed that the rank and file staff that Hannity loves to defend were the ones doing all of the dirty work. Hannity has family in the FBI and I'm sure they're as corrupt and incompetent as the rest.

  38. Trump's base, they have no idea about the difference between OPINION HOST and REAL NEWS HOST. It's very sad. OPINION HOST=need NO FACT=need NO EVIDENCE=saying whatever they want like Hannity, Tucker, Alex Jone, Rush Limbaugh, Ingraham Angel, Jeanine, Maria Bartiromo, The Epoch Times, etc.; REAL NEWS HOST=must have EVIDENCE + FACT=PBS, The News York Times, Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo(CNN), Brian Williams, Lemon (CNN), Lawrence, Anderson Cooper(CNN), etc. People, please wake up!

  39. Noone is in legal jeopardy. Clearly the law doesnt apply to politicians. We dont need more hearing or investigations. These dirty politicians need to be shot. Every single one of them.

  40. Blah, blah, blah, Hannity.
    Nobody is in legal trouble because people like Lindsey Graham are impotent sissies.
    Hannity talks like he’s tough.
    Blah, blah, blah.

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