Handling Challenging Social Interactions and Unconscious Minds

Handling Challenging Social Interactions and Unconscious Minds

this is a question about unconscious people in group situations that draw others around them into their negativity I have seen this especially in meetings at work yes that is very common it happens even in charged meetings and meditation centers when you get with a committee meeting Center for inner peace committee meeting I'm not referring to anything I don't know if there's a center finder piece if there is please excuse me what do you recommend that would help change this situation and while it is happening is there something I could do or say in the moment with this person to get the meeting to a more constructive place I cannot specifically say what you could do or say but the most important thing is that you don't react to the unconsciousness in the other because that's the easiest the most seductive thing is that you reactivity arises and the moment you react with negativity even saying why don't you just shut up we are fed up with listening to you and we'll see what happens if you can be free of reaction or rather reactivity then something is possible if you are if you react you are being drawn into unconsciousness and the same level as the person you're reacting to so in other words you become what you are fighting against and this is not uncommon there's there ways in which you fight against unconscious people or people they might do things that look evil but of course it arises out of unconsciousness and the fight without you knowing it gradually you are at the same level as those people so that's very can happen very easily so let's come back to the meetings so to be intensely present is so that your state of consciousness is one of intense presence as you look around the room so in intense presence there's no there's no reaction and you see everything for what it is you don't personalize the unconscious behavior of another person you don't say what a dreadful person that is no it's not a dreadful person's just human unconsciousness in action a manifestation of the current evolutionary stage of the majority of humans that's all nothing personal about it manifestation of the current evolutionary stage of most humans consciousness nothing personal about it oh well that makes it perhaps a little easier but you don't have to tell yourself even that in order to be present did you just you're just present and you feel go into the body so that every cell of the body is alive with presence and you feel the the aliveness in every cell of the body because otherwise that the body and the emotion that lives in the body will react through this person's emotion it'll come from there if it doesn't come from the mind be in the body the body's your anchor for presence and there you are as a point of presence in this room and whether or not you say something or what you say or what action you take I don't know because it can only come out of presence or whether you say anything at all or whether you just totally ignore this level of discourse that the other person is involved in and just continue presenting the situation but what we need to look at in some cases you completely ignore in other cases you might address this person and speak to the sanity that's hiding somewhere underneath the insanity you might address that that might work we don't know but you will know what the right thing to do is if there's anything to do in that situation but it's vital to to be absolutely present especially in the conscious in the presence in the very unconscious people's sounds a little predictor II I'm using presence in another sense when you are when very unconscious people around you then it's extremely important to be highly present so that you don't get drawn in and then something can happen situation can say and so you represent a different level of consciousness there you can probably even say probably because I have little experience with it you can probably even do it on the internet because the Internet is full of things that have come out of very unconscious minds and so it is sometimes possible to just give your contribution as a conscious contribution that will contrast with all the unconscious very negative aggressive contributions of people what they have said and this one person who says something that is and a few people will respond to that and it might make some difference so you're never attacking anybody of course in any statement that comes out of consciousness there's never that you're not attacking anybody you might rectifies a lie you might rectify something that's totally false that's a different matter in extreme cases of course if the entire room becomes wildly unconscious you may have to remove yourself and you will find the right when the moment comes you'll find your bodies getting up and you find yourself walking to the door and it could even be that you never return to this office if you live in a very unconscious business environment or office environment then it may be a place where no matter how present you are there's not much that you can do perhaps we can affect one or two people but if the entire the collective energy field because a company is a is also a kind of a collective entity consisting of all these humans and if the majority or all of the humans are deeply unconscious then you have a company structure that is deeply unconscious and the company has its own is more than the sum total of the parts that make up the company so it is it almost has as a its own ego identity a company is an is an ego to even a nation has an ego identity so a company has an ego identity too and it can do bad things that the individual human although they are unconscious might not be capable of doing if they're if they were acting on their behalf of their own behalf but if they are drawn into identification with the I hinted at that yesterday true last night I believe if they are identified with the the collective insane egos collective ego structure then humans are capable of atrocities that as individuals as individual egos they would not be capable of and this applies to example also to cults and sects where people within the Carleton sector people are very honorable and and helpful and loving to each other and give up their personal ego but they have exchanged their personal ego for the collective ego and the collective ego with reference to the outside world is insane so if you are in an install insane environment you may not your presence may not be enough to bring about much change there so there are certain environments that it is better to remove yourself from but is there to it's it's it's good to be just to be present because then you don't have agonized decision-making involved in should I stay in this company so or should I not you for security I should stay because it offers some kind of security but of course I'll be happy for the next 22 years until I retire am I going to stay in here and be happy for the next 22 years of fryer for security and for my pension that I'm going to get afterwards no no I'm not I'm not staying in an insane environment for the sake of it did illusion on security because there it's not even security because at the time you're in twenty one years time to hope your whole pension fund will have collapsed anyway I forgot to say hello to all the people who are watching us huh in different parts of the world and what parts of the world I don't know but or what maybe you are in an office building right now watching this on the computer when you should be doing something else recording but of course that's what the company says but you know that you're doing exactly what you should be doing you

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  1. I love Eckhart. He gives me so much insight into my perspective on things, being a spiritually conscious person having to deal with unconscious people. I hate it when their unconsciousness manifests as arrogance, rudeness, aggression, negativity, agendas, egoic thinking patterns, etc. But as Eckhart said you have to not personalize the unconsciousness in the person which can be hard sometimes because they're still a person, but they're not really responsible for what they do because as Eckhart said there is not enough awareness in them to act any differently. And that is partly because of the fact that they are naturally unconscious because they are at the current evolutionary stage of the majority of humans, and partly because of their conditioning and lack of experience which can bring about a shift in consciousness. As Eckhart said, wisdom arises from consciousness. I'm so glad I found Eckhart, I've learned so much.

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness and real expressions of Love.

    New Culture of Peace Now!!! 🙏

  3. God gave us the sense of self as creative beings so we could respond when we get called by our names.

  4. This is funny… I am sitting in the office… and I think that watching this video helped me a lot with with my project, which drives me insane.

  5. It's good to be the conscious positive counterpoint!
    Absolutely no doubt, very good advice.

    They only trap is when it becomes a reactive habit and you automatically swing to the opposite of every thought that arises, this can bother others around you, especially if not done with enough conscious tact, love and discretion.
    OMG I laughed so heartily at the end.
    Thankful indeed.
    Namaste Ekhart

  6. Conscious post to social media. It's very apparent that very many social media users post from the egoic, unconscious mind and rarely if ever have to face or be accountable to those they hurt. If conscious, present posts can change the insanity of social media, a major step forward for humanity will occur. Thank you Eckhart!

  7. My heart! Drink the spiritual wine…sleep secure…free of care, because I have beheaded anguish…I have escaped from sorrow. My heart has gone up…my body down…where am I? Neither up…nor below!


  8. This is my favorite Ekhart Tolle video I am a nurse and I watch it before every staff and nurses meeting I have to attend!!! His humor along with his wisdom is a great help!!

  9. Hello Love 🙂 Waving back 🙂 Lol LONG BEACH L.A CALI NATIVE 🙂 🙂 I love they way you reach out with your personal expression able direct humor, 🙂 yea!! I’m not alone lol 🙂 I’ve was told for a long min. That I was a clown with great truity compassion for listening to others ( not so good at listening for my own lol) very sincere experienced Wisdom 🙂 I speak with confidence and projection 🙂 THE THING WAS , I had/have a directness sense of humor, with kindness with my answers or tellings ( Sir , I dislike fighting so much , that I even tell the devil he doesn’t have to be so hasty , lol being NICE isn’t going to hurt and I won’t tell anybody that he was kind to me lol yes, sir I did/do 🙂 At first it did not go well for me lol as my time has gone/ going on ,,in Between HIM , GOD , JESUS, THE ANGELS AND UNIVERSE 🙂 I hear /a lot of laughter , like dang girl!! ( as long as I remember who’s wearing the trousers) I HAVE SO MUCH MORE FREEDOM BECAUSE OF MY SINCERE GROWTH:) what a wonderful life of being I have become to live , share and keep 🙂 🙂 Sir, I didn’t have parents to care to teach me , the less I knew , the less caliber of a job, the lesser of a person I was with in a relationship , Sir , Gods honest truth ,, THE HAPPIER THEY WERE,,, I had to find God and all I know and learned/learning is from my own push ,, it was NOT easy or FUN lol Remember back in the day we had to trust our GUIDES without any doubt,, at that time , I was NOT a trusting person ( because of my dad, uncle , 2 brothers, the guys on block, it was bad ) we didn’t have choices to listen to more then one voice like we can with you , WE HAD MANUAL MENTAL LABORINGS like DALE CARNEGIE , ZIG ZIGLAR , ect, IM SO GLAD THAT I HAVE EARNED THE PRIVILEGE TO BE NICE , FUN, HAPPY, when I’m to do what do 🙂 I now get to have fun with it like you do 🙂 LETS KEEP SMILING THE TRUTH, SIR 🙂 🙂

  10. 5:56 When very unconscious people are around you, you need to be very present so as not to be drawn in.

  11. Thank you Eckhart much love and appreciation for your work! My answer to increasing social challenges in a society that has become so toxic, is self imposed isolation. I find more nurture and peace in solitude and I am beginning to believe this is the greatest gift life can offer us. Solitude!

  12. This is amazing, as when watching this I realized I was removed from an insane environment (job) through a lay-off. I miss making regular money, but other than that — it is a huge relief to not feel my tension and stress go off the charts.

  13. If I had one wish, it would be to spend any amount of time with Eckhart in a normal day him helping me to put his teachings into practice in my own life.

  14. I've just stumbled across this guy. Never knew he existed before. I hate to judge from first impressions but what I gather from these talks is that he seems very pretentious. While I can understand that his philosophy and framework is useful in dealing with off-kilter people, toxic ones. I need to point it out that this "I'm conscious and you're not" air can probably lead to illusion introspection. Someone believing that they're more conscious than they actually are- that's a pitfall I see. I mean, talk the talk walk the walk right?

  15. Hello, Eckhart….. I like your answer on the question posed…….. Thank you for the tips on handling unconscious people;

  16. Eckhart is truly one of the great masters of all time. He started my awakening ten years ago and always feel like I’ve come home listening to him. Much love and gratitude😀❤️✌️

  17. I've found a helpful diplomatic gesture, when talking to a difficult person who holds on to resistance, or closed-mindedness, in the room. Making a statement casually, while walking around making coffee or tea. Without eye contact with the person and without expecting a response. My landlord is living in his head and thinks like a military man often. Help! 😄

  18. Great. I quit my corporate job because of my unconscious narcissistic boss who likes to hold meeting to show his power. It really test your sanity. Now I do freelance and I do not have to deal with these unconscious boss.

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