23 thoughts on “Hand Covers Bruise (HD) – From the Soundtrack to "The Social Network"

  1. This song fills me with panic and dreadful resent, with longing for days past and second chances squandered, with true sadness and regret, with pain and anger for opportunities missed & it brings hope all the same, hope and anticipation, an immature sense of optimism, and the glimmer that tomorrow I can do better, that time is not yet up and possibilities still abound. I both loathe and love this song It is a masterpiece of six simple notes that encompass the futility and beauty to be found in the short, yet impossibly long, time we spend here. I am glad to have existed at the same time as it.

  2. Hola hablo español 2019 no quiero ser el único no quiero estar solo es 2019 un like para que no me sienta solo ;(

  3. I dont approve of the censorship you have done to great Americans. dont think your out of the woods buddy

  4. This song sums up how I’ve felt for many years. Feeling like something is on the horizon but just out of my reach.

  5. I'm not criticizing, but this soundtrack shouldn’t have won of How To Train Your Dragon in 2010 Oscars! It’s a great album, but John Powell deserves more than anyone…

  6. You know this movie isn't a triumphant story about a guy realizing his full potential, right? It's about a guy who was bred in a toxic culture of achievement and chased it so relentlessly that it turned him into a broken, friendless mess. This is not a happy story… and this music represents it perfectly.

  7. This score legit scares me. When I listen to it, I imagine an unstable person looking back on his past before he does something horrifying.

  8. Our school had us go see a production of hamlet and they awkwardly used this in the end and it made me insanely distracted

  9. For me this musical track feels more like humanity's transition into war with the level of hatred and anger growing higher and higher the further you go into this song. Like the two piano notes you could hear "peace and love" and then when you hear the bass tone "War" begins to take over. It was something that always struck me about this song. Listening to it again it honestly feels like with what's going on in this world, We're going to have another World War

  10. "A couple of Yaba/Meth" and "Hand Covers Bruise" in loop, that's all I need to code all night. Nothing Else.

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