31 thoughts on “Hailee Steinfeld, BloodPop® – Capital Letters (Audio)

  1. Can someone tell me what’s she’s “giving away” ? I’ve been ripping my hair out about this for a year

  2. heard this in a supermarket at 8pm alone in a isle and it reminded me of my boy so i had to look it up ☺️

  3. And there is one man who has done just that. . He said You can do this you can go anywhere you got this. Just like that I did I am doing things I never dreamed of doing and loving every second and of course not taking for granted any little or big detail. From this humble heart who adores you THANK U ❤

  4. Am I the only person who listened to this and thought for a moment it sounded like a Taylor Swift song?

  5. Kzixghkbdkhzkumhzmukzhzzjmzhzmmzgzmzzgkdymysmzhzkzumznlzkzhzizyxlzjzuymmrksuzmhkzyzmhkzlzlusnldjmlzjdlduof7xjlxndjmfstdmjjxjkz7xmyxmuxyxmzhmzblzyKhzmzhjzhzjxjzgkzyzjznhxkxhzkxjzhzmhznzyskyzmzh definitely let me because I had a Migo so I'm assuming party today

  6. What does she mean by capital letters? What is she gonna give to him in capital letters? I’m a bit confused by the lyrics lol. Help!

  7. When taylor swift got a hit song because of thus beat i knew when i first hears it i like this better tho

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