42 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the Democrats' political pandering

  1. Republicunts pander to billionaires and the gullible examples tax breaks for the wealthy and pro-life for the people who still believe in their invisible dictator in the sky

  2. We're witnessing a transition. The comedy used to go after the nutty right, now we can go after the nutty left. But if this show is the example, we're still in the prototype stage.

  3. How can someone like Rachael Maddow be so prejudice asking if Cory Booker would commit to a woman running mate? What about all of the people who identify as a dog? Mountain Lion? T-rex?

  4. Fox news wont let you comment on all of their youtube posts, i.e. "Geraldo: Jussie Smollett 'played us'". So I found the nearest Fox posting to youtube that had the comment section open and here I am…my comment for that post: Geraldoooo is a fraud and xlol, "PLAYED US", really Geraldoooo, only you and your cohorts got played.

  5. I love President Trump. And he is a real human being and all the Democrats That think they are better than all the rest of Americans. But they all shi* in the toilet just like all the rest of us. Most got where they are by lobbyists.

  6. Folks…be ready…the time is short. 'El Chapo' named some of the democrats of the former administration that has been somewhat involved in what he has been doing. It was already news for some that Obama and Holder was involved with the firearms deal (Fast and Furious – for those that know) — Pelosi was also named by 'El Chapo' in his hearing. There is probably more to 'The Wall' than what the media has been letting out, knowingly or unknowingly – but Trump is going forward, and will go forward with what he is doing. There is political talk about where the money is going to come from…but there is something bigger than that…the information is currently available for those that seek it…but it may not last long. Folks, the prince of the power of the air is very busy. The democrats and liberals have probably been influenced and are currently influenced. Of course, not only the democrats, but they have a big share there. When people keep believing the lies laid out by the mainstream liberal media, it will come to an end one day…when that time comes. Now is the time to believe in The God of Israel and The Lord Jesus Christ, especially since 'The Bible' has been under attack with much help from the liberals…woe unto those that will continue to willfully go against God! Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil! Blessed are those that have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior…because the time is near! For 'El Chapo', he probably will meet his end quickly, due to the fact that he has mentioned names people in the current government, and/or from the former administration. And if you are aware of the Clinton hit list (at least 56 or 57 questionable deaths somehow involving the Clintons)…then do not be surprised for another one or few more added…including 'El Chapo.'

  7. Hit-lery wouldn't even admit she was a billionaire. Absolutely would not have shown her tax return.

  8. What's wrong with every American having health insurance that people like the guy on this show don't like??

  9. Is this a comedy show? What's with the "live" laughter? And the man on the couch is this guys brother LOL that's what's so funny about this LOL

  10. The Globe is "progressive conservative" News so she must be liberal in the classical sense. If she was endorisng the "Liberal" party she would be drawn and quartered for not dissecting skin color and melanin lol

  11. How about slanted fox reporting with no experts interviewed or issues researched ? Try some fact checking !!!

  12. Gutfeld is always entertaining. I'm sure he has a team of writers but those facial expressions of his are all his own.

  13. Gutfeld is Gods lost child ruling the world through political Avangelism .!!
    I wish Gutfeld would adopt me


  14. Who gives a rip what the hell ethnic heritage you are, you egotistical maniac?
    I, along with the rest, are human, care to join?

  15. The REPUBLIKKKLAN IDEAL OF more money is an extra 6 to 25 DOLLARS in your PAYCHECK WHERE ours is an extra 12 to 15 DOLLARS PER HOUR MINIMUM WAGE THAT'S one of my major CONCERNS they PROTECT the RICH we PROTECT our WORKERS

  16. Yup people need to get off this race crap because we all bleed the same COLOR and SHARE the same PLANT and are all called HUMAN BEINGS! We have CULTURAL DIFFERENCES that's why it's better that some of us stay in our own countries! Theres to much problems in our immigration laws and CULTURAL DIFFERENCES that outside people don't want to assimilate to the new countries culture instead they want to bring their culture to the new country which is not good. What they need to do is go home to their owne countries and rebuild.

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