100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on Joe Biden’s malarkey tour

  1. Republicans are worried about Joe Biden? I don't think so. I sort of feel sorry for him, just a little bit. You have to feel a little embarrassed for him. I honestly think there is something wrong with him. Who would go out in public saying the goofy things that comes out of his mouth?

  2. So the 5 have hit the road… conjuring up a time when white men ruled the country. Wait.. they already do..

  3. How embarrassing to be connected with Joe Biden in anyway! That guy was Our VP???? Scary…. "Please God Drain The Swamp, they're so corrupt!"

  4. Gutfeld thinks he's the 'Johnny Carson' of the Faux news channel but in fact he's the worst excuse for a political comedian that ever picked up a microphone. Exactly the kind of amaturish hack you would expect from a conservative pundit. At least Neil Cavuto is funny,

  5. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Come one and all. Children of all ages and touch Joe's hairy legs. But, don't touch the middle one!

    Reporter: "Hey Joe, what do you have to say about Ukraine?"

    Joe: "Aw come on man, that's a bunch of malarkey and I said no malarkey." "Next question please?"

  7. I used to kinda like fox news… until it auto-played after EVERY SINGLE VIDEO I watch … a little advice: the major increase in consciousness and influx of solar particles makes this tactic seem pathetic … we see through it …

  8. Joe is one sick bastard. He needs to be put down .kids DNT get near this MF he will touch your pee pee and nah nah .heads up kiddo's

  9. wow, when you set out to expect what you unfortunately have to accept, and then it becomes even worse, you have to just kinda respect the absurdity and unacceptable advertisement of it all. you cant really devolve joes campaign but he obviously can further remove it from the prospect of consideration all while being himself. quite a stunt and situation.


  11. " Biden gets through 1 term " remark at 6:40. You actually think anyone the Dems have can win? That's a bunch of malarkey in my book.

  12. Roaches? Loves kids jumping in his lap? Running their hands on the inside of his legs? Good Lord! I HAVE TO see him debate Trump!

  13. “No More malarkey “,….Does this mean Quid Pro Joe is giving up the kids jumping on his genitals and stroking his leg hair ?? Remember malarkey = sick behaviour !!

  14. Who the f*** cares about Joe. Let's talk about how buzz Aldrin is a piece of s*** and we never went to the Moon

  15. Is that how he got his sexual gratification? What a pervert.Another politician just as perverted told of the gratification he used to get from little chilren's hands unzipping his pants. Sadly he got away with it and went on to be one of the most powerful politician in the EU.

  16. So there's no malarkey while he sits on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water while children brush the hair on his legs with their hands?

  17. Malarkey is a perfect word to describe 95% of what comes out of Trumps mouth.Faux news is the network of Putin.Gutfeld an idiot.

  18. His face is funnier than his speech! He didn't know what malarkey (Which speaks 4 itself)was so he proceeded to try clown the public to make them feel better about themselves …🐓🍭

  19. malarkey is one of those words that self describes itself, its called common sense…You don't need Google to look it up, you just need to say it and like I said it self describes itself. Has to be one of the stupidest ideas I have heard in many many years..Why not just use, shoot gosh dang, lets get err done, you all…This is what makes Trump special he is in touch with reality and in such todays peopleWho is going to vote for Biden, Gun smoke characters, leave it to beaver crowd, Ozzie and Harriet, Gilligan good grief what a stupid idea and someone got paid for that or well at least got to rub Biden's legs   ewwwwww

  20. It totally surprises me neither Biden or Juan to find anyone to have kids with. They look like a loser who couldn't get laid if he walked into women's prison and not get laid with a pocket full of pardons.

  21. So previously we had malarkey for 8 years while you were VP with Obummer, but now you've decided that the American people don't deserve any malarkey?

  22. Is Juan Williams playing a role where he says the most stupid possible interpretation of any issue, so that there is something to disagree over?

  23. A pedophileb don't know how to act around a whole bunch of children just ask Rkelly joe biden donald TRUMP AND ALL THE REST

  24. No one can understand what sleepy joe is saying so the demonrats that are for him say he is saying very positive things and the rest of the country is saying he is a nut case. He is going on a malarkey tour and none of those big city folks have any idea what malarkey is. Any ole southern country boy knows exactly what malarkey is and is laughing about sleepy joe and his crazyness. Now try to think for just a moment, does anyone want a President going around the world doing all this crazyness sleepy joe is doing? He will never be elected! If he is the best the demonrats can come up with and according to the actions of schitt he is then President Trump will win by a landslide!

  25. Right…. POTUS Trump is among 10yrs younger, avaricious wolves from around the world while negotiating America's Security and this kleptomaniac of extreme proportions is addressing friction on his leg hairs. No Jessie… THE WORLD IS WATCHING. America will never recover from what the enemy within are doing to the US. Good for partisan politics and the President but….🤔😡

  26. I should be so lucky to get a gig like Juan has. Show up make excuses and get payed a lot of money for doing nothing, where did I go wrong and actually worked for a living and a veteran. It is people like Juan that make me regret that I even care.

  27. I'm old enough to recognize a "malarkey" as a person or persons indulging in a "lark", something unserious for entertainment/fun/ a laugh/nonsense/to tease.

  28. Joe Biden, what a blithering idiot
    And he's the democrats best, and brightest?
    He loves kids sitting on his lap?
    If that's not a signal that he is a child molester, don't know what is.

  29. Joe Biden hitting the campaign trail setting up an insanity defense for when the reality of what he and his horrid son have done hits home.

  30. Joe Biden is a fake I feel sorry for him he’s sooo stupid he got noo support from Obama he ll never win and then there’s his son Hunter omg just retire joe you’re full of MALARKEY

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