Gutfeld: Dems are screwing America, and they’re doing it in the dark

Gutfeld: Dems are screwing America, and they’re doing it in the dark

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Dems are screwing America, and they’re doing it in the dark

  1. this show has a laugh track????????? that's the only way this guy would get any chuckles. just keep coming to fox for those soothing, comforting lies

  2. 2:57 and the stupid, brainwashed, self-deceived, "i hate myself because i'm white", race-baiting, MSM liberal screechers wonder why we the people can't stand them! all they do is spew hate against white people 24 / 7. they represent the worst type of racism IMO.

  3. feel free to banter on our us Army signal corps "internet " congressman . a bunch of white guys jacked it up , got it running for you?


  5. Take a nap and relax! You guys stop ruining "AMERICA" with your greed and deceit, country clubs, hide away mountain cabins and such.

  6. Big fDidn't Republician party start this green Agenda 21 Communist Crappola….After President Trump Reign (big fan) I imagine a revolution unless the poisoning of the people kicks in..

  7. Gutfeld and his subtle racist, ultra right white supremacist mentality, bully tactics leaking crap of his propaganda verbarria, is a Ultra Idiot playing on the innocent minds of feeble minded republicans.

  8. Uncle Joe Stalin is smiling down on all the Comrades of the Democratic Party. The Communist/Democrats are the SCUM of the Earth.

  9. Way to go, President Trump!!!!!!!
    President Trump…. the greatest U.S. president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.🇺🇸

  10. Do you know how many black people are on Facebook? You don’t? So you just don’t care about civil rights? 😂 also we need a tally on all your employees sexual habits

  11. so,….conservatives coming to hear details of a witch hunt meeting is a mob,……i guess antifa and black lives matter,etc.,…….are the friggin' welcome wagon, ????

  12. Dems are screwing America, and they're doing it in the dark:
    "Not as dark as you think Greg…. the massively overgrown forests are lighting up the whole sky"

  13. Donald Trump is a great man and impeached is nothing personal. He is just not great at running our nation. Obama's actions in office made our economy better.

  14. I actually felt sorry for Schmuckerberg… no, wait I don't feel sorry 4 him. This is who he has been trying to court & now its blowing up in his face.

  15. Trump is screwing America & it is straight out front. The Deep State is in our face everyday in the White House. And its road stretches all the way back to the Kremlin. Trump has drained the Swamp & found himself there, squirming in the slime of corruption along with all the other Trump Cult Bottomfeeders. Trump killed the Party of Lincoln. Lincoln was too far to the radical left. He freed the slaves.

  16. It’s really to bad that Fox News is not interested in finding common ground. Their push to divide America will come back to haunt them.

  17. Drink the Koolaid America, because all US political groups are honest. They're always in your best interest. Stay gullible.

  18. A definite sign we need term limits and a better standard for our elected officials when seeing lines of the democrat party.

  19. Uh-huh, Republicans came dowstairs to that meeting is mob. So NKVD/KGB bolshevik style meeting, no attorney allowed for individuals being questioned, no attorney for the victim – President, no members of other side of the isle, thats not mob? Yeah, that the future Polit-Bureau of Union of Soviet States of America.

  20. Question? How many Republicans dose it take to change a light bulb. Answer: Republicans can't change a light bulb because they think the light bulb is conspiring against them. So they sit there in the dark!

  21. Racism alive and well in Washington DC against White people…. This is the name of their game, they accuse everyone not of a group racist, and then spew racist comments against them. Who's the racist?

  22. You know you have a mental issue when your white and and hate yourself.donny the dirty douchebag is a self hater.i bet he wakes up and whips himself while calling himself Toby.

  23. Funny how Gutfield says Dems are controlling free speech while his own network disables comments. Fox News is not the pinnacle of American ideals they claim they are.

  24. Never before has so much arrogance been so inversely proportional to talent – a direct quote from Gutless who obviously doesn't get the irony of such a comment. 🙂

  25. Trump is right the do nothing Demon Rats this is all they do looks like America will get nothing done until 2021 when republicans take back the house

  26. trump is getting things done! he accomplishes things for america and not for swamp personal enrichment through corruption. the dead ISIS leader is just another good example of this!

    trump 2020!

  27. Don’t do Facebook, I’m a white male and have no need not defend myself, if you do, let it fester inside you, it’s your character in question not mine !

  28. AOC needs to be tied up! THEN! Take a curling iron shove it in the pu$$y and PLUG IT IN!! …..WALK AWAY …TUBE STEAK!! Set it and forget it!!

  29. You are funny Greg when you realise you cant defend your boss anymore. Shame your jokes are not as hilarious as you.

  30. I almost, felt sorry for "Suckered"-berg!
    He deserves it for backing the wrong horse since taking Feces-Yuck public!

    Next Q: how many DemoPOOPs dump daily in your website?
    Next Q: have you paid Laura Loomer yet the damages awarded by the court?

  31. I guarantee . If this was public, you would cry…..This is a witch hunt. This should never be public. Anyone who wants to say horrible things about Trump can do so, and say it in public…….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.Republicans you get what you deserve. Trump broke the law.

  32. Everything the democrats do is in the dark it's been that way for a long time they do insider trading they build in loopholes to benefit themselves they scream the loudest about what they do the most. The description of corruption is the Democratic party.

  33. Why are comments turned off on Graham's presser released, the one after this video? Fox has to be bigger bone heads than CNN sometimes, what a crock of absolute BS.

  34. The Democrats just reinforced the plan of the Rothschilds New World Order. They know they picked the right crowd to use. Only a stupid Twatwaffle begs to be F**ked over. Smart folk resist.
    Things stupid dictators do-
    Reporter: Mr President, our economy is crashing, do you have a plan?
    Obuslim: Yes, I'm going to put Perverted Men in bathrooms with children. It should bring people together.

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