Liberals never let a crisis pass without trying to take advantage of it and the tragic shooting in
Newtown Connecticut at Sandy Hook elementary School that killed 20 children and 6 adults is no exception. While liberals want to look at the tools the killer used instead of why the killer did what he did, in their
zeal to ban assault rifles with large magazines, their grandstanding and legislation will make no difference. And facts prove that out. Liberal hate facts so lets look at some. See chart for statistics that prove it is not assault rifles
that are the problem. Hands and feet actually cause more murders per year than any rifles do. While mass murders are immensely tragic and for some reason touch a nerve in our psyche especially when
children are involved as in the Connecticut elementary school massacre by Adam Lanza that killed so many, but don’t you think the important thing to do is figure out why people are killing and do something that will make a meaningful
difference instead of just looking for votes. Will liberal politicians be able to do that or will the just try to score points? Simply making legislation that does no good will obviously not help the problem. Instead of grandstanding and
passing laws that are meaningless, wouldn’t it be great for our leaders to do something worthwhile? By the way, look this up, the Columbine school massacre happened
in 1999 during the last federal assault weapons ban.


  1. NBC reported yesterday that ALL 4 guns were HANDGUNS! only after the helicopter spotted police pulling out rifle from TRUNK OF CAR!!! Google it…. however the liberal media only mentioned it once, then you don't hear about it again.. they don't want it well known their initial reporting was that the rifle did all the damage…

  2. Yet the Govt has purchased 1.6 Billion Rounds (Mostly Hollow Point .308) for use INSIDE America and anounced to the FAA to make plans to prepare for 30,000 Drones for use INSIDE America. China and Russia are now backing the Ban. More people have been killed by deer per year than "Mass" shootings. P.S. Sandy Brrok was a "Gun Free" Zone.
    Get 'em while you can…

  3. Obama passed the NDAA, Enemy Expatriation Act, Drone Bill HR 658, Trespass Bill HR 347, NDRP, ACTA, and he kept the Patriot Act. NOW he has a mass shooting after reelection which moves America so he can pass gun control. It's a little weird if you put 2&2 together

  4. I dont like this video even though im pro gun because hes too one sided and hateful towards liberals saying they apparently dont like facts. This is why nothing gets done in congress because liberals and conservatives just call eachother names and dont talk to eachother which is exactly what a congress is supposed to do

  5. If you really want to shock them, show the facts from FBI files that show those protesting your right to own guns are the side that commit over ninety percent of the crimes including gun crimes.

  6. How many "gun crimes" were what I call "scumbag on scumbag" ? Because those murders don't count. And while your looking that up. Check the statistics on high gun crime states vs LEGAL gun ownership. You'll be surprised (if your a liberal) Areas in America with MORE GUN OWNERSHIP AND CCW PERMITS (which I believe are an infringement) have…. You guessed it. LESS CRIME! So take gun control (which has its roots in the KKK) {who were founded by democrats btw} & shove it up yours ass! 😉

  7. @MrCaliemurphy, you are right on all counts as well as the Democrats with gun control. Most of the young people don't want to believe that the Constitution and the Bible are still viable. 

  8. "Nazi defined: a person who is fanatically dedicated to or seeks to control a specified activity, practice, etc.: a jazz nazi who disdains other forms of music; tobacco nazis trying to ban smoking.  Gun Nazis those trying to ban all guns.

  9. Don't ever leave a limey/or a wanker to tell what America should do with our guns. Since they're both pussified anti gun control countries. They complain about our gun violence and yet easily take our tax dollars to defend themselves from foreign oppressors.

  10. I watched most of your video, but I became to hear Ted with your stupidity. most of the gun laws do want to ban assault rifles and/or high-capacity magazines. But a nether factor that most of the gun laws have some type of mental health restrictions and violent crime restrictions. And no passing the laws will not stop killing, everyone knows that, but it will lower the number of people killed. Particularly in mass shootings, like (right wing Christian conservative) domestic terrorist Robert Lewis Dear , would not have been able to get guns under most proposed gun control laws.

    a lot of the people on terrorist watch lists are right wing conservatives don't know about the religion but most right wing conservatives are Christian. I wonder why the right wing conservative Christians don't want gun control law?

  11. Yup… fbi statistics show more mass shootings are at the hands of hand guns… what is the solution to stop mass shootings? Ban rifles….

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