GTA 5 Online Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC Update

GTA 5 Online Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC Update

what's going on you guys my name is Louie and I'm alive I know you guys are wondering what the fuck have you been you need to know it's almost been six months dude I will explain everything to you guys but first GTA DLC and for those of you can't stand that shit and you're gonna leave all your negative comments and dislike the video if I can get it over with do it now do it no it's cool fucking hit me with that shit I don't mind but for those of you who care and want to hang out still that's what I can do this back to boring videos and real quick if you see any negative comments please don't feel the need to defend my honor fuck me it's totally cool let people talk shit about me I really don't give a fuck I'm a big boy I got this just move on with your life leave nice comments or mean when telling if I could matter just don't fight for me okay please I love you follow me on Twitter oh look at that dynasty 8 got a new image that's pretty sick mmm-hmm but before we get into that let's go to legendary motorsports and see what we can buy let's go I'm gonna buy the brand new supercars there are more vehicles in this DLC but I'm gonna buy the two supercars first let's go over to those right now that's what I'm most curious about I'm gonna get this new Reaper in black now we're gonna figure out which garage I want it in oh dude you guys you have no it oh I put it in the wrong garage can't forget to pick up the new FMJ I'm almost done with my rainbow garage now man these are some nice cars I might keep them I can't fuck up I got to put this one in the right garage time to go office hunting let's do this let's go to the dynasty executive not a superiority complex when you really are better than everyone else so fucking true fucking just did it let's see we got to go with the most expensive one cheap cheap pocket change what yeah we found a winner this one right here this one right here let's read the description maze Bank tower if your dick is huge you deserve a huge office so get this office because it's representation of your fucking dick perfect Oh in case you guys forgot you remember how frustrating it is for me to decide what I want here we go like options more fucking options this is gonna make my head break fuck I think I can never decide what I want for me I can always give people like what they want but I can't ever decide what I want I'm always like do I like this do I like that I don't fucking know but let this decor man it I'm just going to have to choose the most expensive shit and I hope that you can change it later on I might have crossroads I'm at a crossroads it's like you know I like my shit like not literally but you know I like my shit looking really really nice this is really cool that you have the option to choose from a really hot chick do some disgusting looking dude who might rape you when you're sleeping Rick I'm glad they gave us the option to choose but I'm not gonna go with the dude I'm gonna totally go with the hot chick now I get to name my organization mmm let's go through these colors first I don't think they look good at all I think black is the safest like choice in this I hope for their sake they have papyrus and comic book fuck yeah those are the greatest shots just kidding it wasn't so fucking ugly and these pods these are like oh my gosh look there okay there okay I wish they had century gothic but some of these are okay you know what we're naming the organization caliber kids is where the most routine is to innocence Oh sounds so gay are you gonna appear are you gonna peer tie it up wait what the fuck it dropped the s the won't fit let's drop the and let's use all caps maybe that'll look official all caps with this font looks really nice I'm gonna keep it gun locker yes I'm gonna go over how this is used in the next video not this one though but for now yes we're going to buy it same thing with the safe yes and I'll explain it later buying an accommodation is having a bed in your office so you can have sex with your assistant so I'm gonna say yes let's see how much this shit's gonna cost six point six five million that's not too bad it's pretty good considering you're getting in office and all this shit I mean you're getting an office I mean I spent more than that looks or jet that fucking thing they don't even use you can drink champagne and go on the internet on it but this the fucking office for 6.65 Wow okay whoa that was a lot of text messages let's go get the reaper and then we'll head to the office hey I want to introduce myself I'm your new distant what's up just arrived at the office looks great I'm settling in Sakura serve updated your CEO privileges so you've got access to their special cargo network when you come by I'll get you all set up that girl sounded legit I like her it's funny when you think about it I I spent six point six five million dollars on an office but I'm walking out of the shitty little house don't get me wrong I think this house is really cool that's why I have it it's a really cool house and I like the neighborhood and I'm not even joking like I like it okay I really do it's just funny thinking about it in retrospect this is the first supercar that I'm going to show and it's the Reaper I think it looks really nice it looks like a sleeker version of his intorno doesn't or don't look tall sharp and I'm not saying that's a bad thing it looks sharp and like no I'm not gonna say square but it looks straight and this looks more like round and sleek it looks nice I like it what you guys you little walk around I'll show you the interior but I think it looks cool check out the inside see what it looks like the inside isn't much different from all the supercars that exists now the outside it looks really nice inside still the same old supercar before we head on over to our office let's get this car fixed up let's see what kind of upgrades you can add to it maybe some things change like the bumper the taillights whatever I don't know lights tell us the room change in this game I'm not getting a side track they usually always get sidetracked but I'm not gonna do it this time so let's go to Los Altos customs and let's go get this fixed up oh let's stop by ammunation they added drum magazines to eight weapons I'll go show you which ones those are okay the weapons are this one this one this one this one this one this one this one and this one and this one just did it fuck it we won't take this car to the shop yet let's go to the office we're dentistry from the office who might as well check out the office their garage and I go in from the bottom nope yes not I hope the entrance isn't under the bridge because then that would suck unless this is a garage and you can go in and out really really fast but oh there we go there you go right there well this is one entrance I wonder if there's another cuz there's a garage place I can leave my car besides out on the front that'd be cool being the tallest building in the game it's pretty cool that we're actually going inside now welcome to your office boss I'm your new executive assistant I'm here to make life as easy as possible and to help this business run efficiently the recreational area slash breakout space going through to the executive suite we're all set up to grow this company with everything a modern executive could want there's the boardroom the gun lockers been installed to your specification the safes been fitted it's so discreet no one will know it's there unless you want them to here are your personal quarters where you can freshen up take a quick nap or change for a meeting most important of all though is your executive terminal here's where you'll access the secure Oh serve special cargo network to take this operation to another level I'll tell you all about it when you first log in so that's it take a look around get settled in I'm at the front desk or on the end of the phone whenever you need me wait a second I'm freaked out who the fuck was she talking to I was in the elevator the whole time I was eating inside the office yet what the fuck anything you need boss oh look at that on the top left that's pretty sick so if I do want to make changes to my office I can probably the cost money or something but at least the option is there that's cool I'm going to invite a couple of the online scrubs to the office so they can take a look at it know that I'm GT a rich get to hang out instead of the alleys I'm just kidding through my friends I'm gonna greet them in style I mean let me go sit at the head of the table so I look cool when they walk in whoa did I just pull out a gun that sig feels so powerful sitting here especially my golden gun on the table velocity me real quick step into my office we are going to play a game it's called Russian roulette velocities Church looks so pissed looking he's so mad it's like I didn't get that promotion you okay man something on your mind then you want to talk about let's go on an office tour maybe because I'm super fucking nerdy but I think it's cool that we're seeing the world from this building like we could stand on top of it before and obviously we can see that world we can fly in helicopters on shit I don't know I think it's just cool that we're in an interval building well when making more cools there were shootouts imagine if like couple of people weren't I having a meeting and shit you walked into the place and you blast it up I hope more honorable villains like become available but I hope hope hope you can actually shoot and fire inside of them that be six fuck let me change the subject by looking into the telescope now mmm that car haha it's a bit that's like gonna tendo 64 graphics to see that pretend we didn't see that moving on I think this is like where most of the shit goes down on this computer like the girl said like that's the terminal yes and I'll get to that in another video but for now we're just we're just exploring this place okay before we do missions in all a shit we're gonna explore drink rum is that in you I don't never seen rum I've ever seen like whiskey I believe wine and and beer but I don't remember rum is rubbing you hope here's that bad here's that bad I bought for me and my assistant uh-oh I'm trying to read that fucking prompt you know it'd be cool if the prompts kind of hovered with an opacity of 70 so they were kind of see-through but they hovered over the things you could interact with instead of getting close to them and hearing that ping because some of them are pretty hard to interact with or you don't even know that you can interact with them you know seeing this small bathroom makes me remember a friend that I had when I was in elementary school I remember that if you were to sit on his toilet your knees would be like two inches away from that's like that's really really scary but this bathroom has space obviously but small bathroom was bring back childhood memories for me you know it's actually wondering if there was a shower in here and that's cool because there is the bathroom is divided into shower in one room sink and toilet in the other and that's cool in real life that'd be really useful if you have a lot of friends over but it's a game so it's like whatever but in real life that's kind of cool never seen that done you do know that I've got alright I guess that's it um wonder wait I've know my safe and like my weapons Locker where the fuck is that out looking for my safe it probably me behind my desk oh I think that's it like you can see like the pic so stick it out yeah that's the safe I wonder if it's gonna be useful though I mean I guess the bed is so you can sleep there but you get nothing out of sleeping so I just spend money on the safe to have it I wonder if like you get more money somehow by having to save I don't know but fuck man it was expensive just to have this cool feature you know all I did was like tap the wall and it opened up so if someone were to lean back I'm pretty sure they could accomplish the same thing of opening up my safe it seemed to secure all it took was a tap unless the wall had fingerprint recognition but I don't think it did wait a second that's a gin or gin and rum knew I need what do you guys let me know I've never seen gin or rum it might exist but I've never seen it let me know please what do you need alright assistant what can you do for me snacks oh you got snacks that's cool whatever you can buy so we don't have to go to the store whenever we need snacks and so doesn't shit that's cool just give you there's the buzzer I guess we can go out onto the roof or out onto the street check out the Pegasus options soon as you've decided I'm pretty sure all the vehicles I own are the ones that are in white and the greyed out ones are the ones I haven't purchased yet and I'm pretty sure that this is like so you can take off from your roof in a chopper oh let's buy the new helicopter because I'm pretty sure you can't land a jet or they would a jet up here because it'd be unrealistic well let's um let's get the new helicopter and it's just I doubt but I love how I was supposed to take the Reapers you customize but I haven't done that yet but I don't it might be man I never get sidetracked this is a new plane right here and why would I want this I already bought the golden Luxor because I did it for you guys I see no point in buying a of these like you're looking look tree items because you don't you don't really like do anything for you I'm gonna buy it eventually just to have exciting but really this thing is useless how much money do I have left this deal see man it's my GTA wallet all the fucking time 100% I just want to have a lot of money and have everything right I don't have the time to just grind it all I know I sound like a little bitch about it but I play their games too that's why so I don't want to just sit on one all the time but uh I'm gonna have to do it again you're a card shark card shark cards what vehicles did I tell them you want you need to call in my new chopper I gotta go shopping please it's on the way to the helipad Thanks oh that's pretty sick I'm in a second by the only one on it oh that sucks pass it away for you and your friends all leaving the chopper unless they wait for you on the roof that's gonna be weird if you call the chopper and your friends are right next to you you should all be in the chopper together I don't know maybe I'm doing the wrong but I'll try to figure it out later and if one of you guys figures out first let me know the comments why no everyone else does too please thank you look around you're their new glasses to buy wine um you need me Oh wear glasses bought them hipster glasses purchased everything that has not been bought will be bought I am so low on money right now it's fucking unbelievable my gosh speaking of money let me let me clear the air I've done this before but let me just do it again in case some of you guys haven't seen my older videos um the way I've made my money in the past was when the game first came out in the Xbox 360 there weren't like there were a lot of exploits of course but if you're doing everything legit you still made a shitload of money and one of the missions that gave you the most money and RP was rooftop rumble all you had to do is do that mission it only took like four or five minutes to get it done and you get over like I think it was $35,000 I really don't remember but it was about $35,000 every time you did that mission and you got like five to six thousand RP each time so I grinded that mission for hours upon hours probably like about like 15 plus hours like I'm not even kidding like I sat there and and grind it all those missions then armored trucks were rampant like I don't know if it was a glitch or not but sometimes if you blew up one armored truck another one respond then another one would respawn over and over and those gave you a shitload of money and RPI to get like 20,000 for each one that shit was quick and easy and I bought shark cards and that's pretty much it that's how I've made my money I grinded like a lot of missions I grinded on some of the heists and that's it another major thing I want to address is impersonators I can't speak on everyone's behalf but I'll do this for my friends on myself I see him in the commets and a lot of my fans like send me like tweets or even shit like a Facebook and all that does just send me messages is this really you and what I'm talking about is there are fake like accounts of me my friends other youtubers that say I tried this website and it gave me free GTA money or I got chart cards for half off and shit like that I personally don't trust those sites and I don't think you should either I don't know which ones are scams or which ones aren't but I do know that those accounts that say things under low caliber 4 5 6 or Louie caliber or lui calibre 9 9 62 or Wildcat 44 45 like stuff like that I I know that that's not us don't be gullible and if you see other people like in the comments asking out that try to try to do the right thing like be helpful if you see someone like leaving a comment that's saying like hey I got these short cards well blah like hit it hit that as spam and if people are asking if that's real please inform them that it's not like that's like so like I'm sure you wouldn't to get fucked over so kind of help them out and you're probably wondering why don't we stop these impersonators of doing it's like we can't there's just too many of them there's like only one of us and we can't really dedicate our time to like go find every scam artist that is an impersonator trying to find like try to abuse our fans and use them for like their own intentions but you can help each other and look out for those things in some not everyone is internet smart not everyone is like tech savvy everyone thinks like oh shit that's Louie Calabrese really saying that it isn't what it is if you can't help those people please help those people cuz that sucks dude but that's one thing I did want to address cuz there's an abundance of that fuck those people that are doing that shit they suck you know what there's just a lot of clothes right now and I think you guys should take a look at yourself I mean there's just so many and the details pretty small on screen so I'm gonna let you handle that but this is kind of what I'm going for right now and I think this is pretty sick okay I think we got a little sidetracked perfect let's do what we were going to do check out the two new super vehicles let's see what kind of mods and upgrades you can do for these cars and we're gonna do the reaper first when it comes to customizing my vehicles I'm such a fucking nerd I have a notepad on my computer right that has the name of the vehicle and the type of rims it has because I don't want to duplicate the same rims I'm pretty sure like that's not that that crazy or that far out there but that's still kind of nutty in a sense or a swish I don't know I don't know why it bothers me to know that hey this car might have the same rims and the Reaper doesn't seem to have much options like I guess aesthetics like the thigh really doesn't change you can just pretty much drop it and change the color but well than that it's a sick looking car already you can add a spoiler to it but that's pretty much it there's not much you can do to this car let's check out the FMJ I think this car looks pretty sick it looks like the bullet mixed with the Volt tick and the Osiris maybe maybe not so much the Osiris but for sure the bullet and the voltaic it the lights in the back I don't know if you guys have ever seen this movie it's pretty old it's super old actually it's called short circuit but the back lights on this car look like the robot in that movie named Johnny v I don't know it it reminds you that all about you guys it's a little more customizable there's not that that much more customizable options it's kind of like the Osiris where there was spoiler I guess there's no exhaust like changes just like the the Reaper um again they're not bad looking cars and it's like you really needed to change them up but there's not much you can actually really do with them but they do look nice I admit they really do look nice and I do like them a lot check out the spoilers see it's like they go extreme or they stay kind of you know chill like these don't look too bad they they go with the car um and I understand the importance of a spoiler especially like with speed and aerodynamics and stuff it just well there's that huge just it looks fucking ugly they remind shopping carts there's a lot to this new update and I felt like I shared enough of my experience with you guys for this video there's more things that I want to go over with this update but I'm going to put those in other videos I don't want to like put them in all in one big long video so maybe they'll be like two more around this length or maybe even shorter depending on how much content there is and I can see that guess the best way to put it together but normally I just like to make these videos because I like playing the game and I feel like as gay as it sounds I'm hanging out with you guys like if you guys are like my neighbor and you guys came over and we're playing games and I'm just playing we're just talking about the game that that's the way I see it it's just it sucks because I I don't have the interaction of a you like it or do not like you you know I have to go through comments and read them after the fact it's not happening in real time and I know you guys say that I could stream it in on Abalos Jimmy doesn't seem like it's my thing even though I've done it a few times in the past I have no problem streaming I just like doing YouTube a lot more then streaming and be live but now the people actually being there like their presence I don't know if it sounds weirdly like awkward to you guys but that's that's just how I feel personally I think you guys rank it out and for those of you stuck around super greatly appreciate it I will see you guys later peace and enjoy everything don't fight in my comment section you can call me names on auto-ship but don't fight with each other right well follow me on Twitter also because Twitter is fun I guess I don't know goodbye wait I totally forgot look in my garage it's almost complete rainbow is almost complete I'm missing one more car I might replace another one I don't I'm not too sure if I want my bullet or the trizol still still kinda iffy on those but look I'm almost done with my garage you guys want to grudge to her that's kind of weak huh nevermind I will do it I'm sorry I suggested it okay bye

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