Growing Nationalism in China

Growing Nationalism in China

26 thoughts on “Growing Nationalism in China

  1. Your wife is very intelligent. She explained the concept of socialized engineering, through the medium of media (news, internet, etc).

    Also, I wouldnt recommend people stop being sensitive – but to resolve the issue within theirselves in the most civil and intelligent way possible.

    Because sensitivity is a yen-yang. It can be good or bad. So we have to master it, or the yen-yang within ourselves.

  2. Don't worry about those who had issues with foreigners they have problem even with their own Chinese people.Just live your happy live and the law protect you .

  3. I just visited Shanghai and I felt the negative vibes when I was trying to book a hotel . I will never visit China again.

  4. just like our Media/ cable, the truth is Hard to find , a half an hour of CNN News, 15 minutes is how we Hate Trump,! the other 15 are Commercials !

  5. I go to China for two months every summer to see my girlfriend and I’m thinking about moving there for a year or two after so she can get her affairs in order and I can learn a new language. It might be because I’m sticking around Shanghai and Suzhou but at worst I get hostile old dude stares when I’m going to and from in the neighborhoods.
    My experiences going to northern China has been pretty good when I went to meet her parents, I was treated nicely at least I perceived it to be nice.

  6. Hey Laowhy, if America stopped meddling in other countries business, like for example the South China Sea, N. Korea, Iraq, etc., maybe things would be better. The root problem is America. You should try writing to your congressman and explain this to them instead of posting a video about China being anti foreigner. If you want to target a problem you target it from the root.

  7. I'm having the same fucking problem here in America, some white Americans are telling me to go back to my Asian country. What's ironic is that America doesn't even belong to the Caucasian whites, it belongs to the American native Indians.

  8. This growing anti-Laowhy sentiment is beyond sad. Look to where it has led 2 years down the road. Not spending much time in China for awhile. The west is moving more into mob mentality for the last 2 years or more.

  9. The attitude change in only 5 years has been 180. When i came here in 2014 I could just walk into a Chinese club on my own, chat some incoherent mandarin, get a wechat and bone. Now people old and young look at me with utter disgust like im some sort of stray foreign dog. Putting my own moral failings aside, it is comforting to know that I am not losing my looks or my mind, and this is an objective cultural phenomenon.

  10. Is funny they treat you like that when u are out with vivi and your kid when many Chinese people are.racist against there own chinese women. They standars are so stupid. And if the women are old she can't even find a chinese husband. So, is bad if she is old is.bad if she is fat is bad if she find love and acceptance in a foreign? What make this people happy? See a chinese women alone and miserable? Is mean and unhappy people. I Know not all of them think that way. But is racism everywhere. Is sad. But you are a good citizen and you love China you bother in learn the language. Many people travel to other countries even here in USA, many people don't even care to learn English and they come with there costumes and sometimes they can be really rude with the americans in their own country is crazy, I have to deal with that every day, they don't even try to respect the culture and the people here, So, you and Winston respect China culture you married chinese girls, I mean what elese the need?!.

  11. It's not just China; I think the USA and UK are going through a similar unfortunate and ugly phase right now.

  12. Funny cuz everyone is leaving China for Japan, France, and the US fortunately for them the rest of the world knows how to treat “foreigners”

  13. I'm an American and have lived in the US my entire life, what is really shocking to me is the sheer amount of people that despise foreigners. I've seen thousands of Asian immigrants in the US and I'd never think about talking to them in such a way. Clearly racism is widespread throughout the US, but I'd even go as far as to say that the Chinese hatred for westerners is even more widespread. Shameful that us Americans, or at least some of us, can welcome legal immigrants into our country with open arms, but the Chinese simply can't.

  14. 6.28 u promised me a coffee with my money… u got shit! does anyone else see what a piece of shit this guy is no wonder he had to run to China no one in America would put up with this man child!

  15. i have never heard of an american being confronted by chinese locals.i dare to say caucasians are most welcomed by chinese people because their better manner.

  16. Truth is that when you copy the crap out of everyone's stuff, it's theft, that's how we view it in the west, so when the tap gets turned off and equalization is required w/regard to trade it should be understood it's reasonable. If China is behind it's because they took the great leap backwards w/Mao and his stupid little red book.

  17. I am a Chinese, I am so sorry for how you have been treated by some Chinese citizens. However, I feel more sorry for the Chinese, because as Vivi said, one day anyone in this country might be mistreated for no reason, including ourselves.

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