43 thoughts on “Greenwald: Tulsi Gabbard Is Hated In DC For Bucking Foreign Policy Orthodoxy

  1. As a bi person I don’t think the anti gay thing is legitimate. She has expressed genuine regret and has changed. I think it counts for her that she has changed her heart. In the primo interview she disavowed torture and said she didn’t support it.

  2. A veteran is someone who has served (past tense) in the military. Usually with an honorable discharge. I understand she's an active reservist.

  3. Remember, you all americans are owing 22 trilhões dolars because of the wars she wants to finish! Isn´t this a strong reason? This is what would be the better policy in favor of the american people. She is looking at the debt. Who else is doing this?

  4. In any case why would you believe the same sold media about Modi, when you do believe them about anything else? 🙄🤔🤔

    Also modi gave a speech in the US Congress that everyone bipartisanly keep clapping for. And Modi has met with almost everyone of the US politicians and other world leaders.

    Stop making him sound like some dictator. 😡😡

  5. Hindu Nationalist groups? 🤔🤔

    You mean Hindus who like to keep being Hindus and not be converted to Christianity and Islam? 🙄🙄

    Stop being a hinduphobic, it's the most tolerant and diverse religion of them all, that actively encourages diversity of worship. 🙄🙄

  6. You rebut your 3 reasons for not liking her, quite well. Your tone though sounds slightly dismissive of her candidacy.

  7. Kyle. Modis opposition is congress party which is basically owned by one family. Nobody would vote for them anymore.

  8. Hated in DC. Shes got my Vote then, she must represent the US not London as DC belongs to London not the US .

  9. It's the establishment,deep state, corporations, globalist and rich people who control the USA, it's govt its policies and direction.president of US
    just for decoration purpose only……

    So go ahead and elect anyone,it's doesn't really matter….

  10. I need to hear Tulsi's full take on Israel. There's too much sweetness there. And of course the other things Kyle and Greenwald raised. We need to hear from other candidates, too.

  11. I like Glean Greenwald. I know Tulsi Gabbard's faith is Hinduism. So what! I don't know too much about her support for Hindu nationalism. So I'll put it aside for the time being. But from what I know about Tulsi Gabbard she is a strong and honest person. I'll support her 100% as a president. Absolutely.

  12. Please don't rattle off random accusations without indictable evidence and first hand knowledge.

  13. So you have to be pro gay these days to let a politician why cant people have balls and speak up gay marriage is 100%`wrong trans is 10000000% mental disorder prove me wrong and I don't have phobia I just know it's wrong OK wrong and truth is truth

  14. 5:19 : Being supported by "Hindu Nationalists" is a totally legitimate criticism ? Care to explain why ?
    Lets break down that – Hindu & Nationalist. Perhaps an analogous term in America would be – Christian & Patriot.. so would a Christian Patriot bear the same negative connotation as clearly appears to be attributed to the other term ? If not, why is it wrong for someone to be both a Hindu and a Nationalist ??

    Also, regarding having close ties with current Indian PM Modi, it would do the host good to check how much closer ties Obama had. But, that's gonna be conveniently ignored I suppose

    Also, it behooves the host of a talk show named 'Secular talk' to check before assigning one-sided labeling of secular to the opposition party, who were the architects of the worst anti-Sikh riots in history. If the apparent reason is the much-publicized mob-judgement of Modi's association with Gujarat riots (2002) then his complicity has been refuted by highest court here, Supreme Court of India.

    Or is it plain because she's Hindu ? If so, stop being a religious bigot

  15. Damn the media tries pushing a false narrative. She doesn’t have affection for foreign leaders. Shes just intelligent enough to understand you can’t have peace without talking to the people you are bombing. #Tulsi2020 is doing more for us than any politician. If this secular talk a$$hole would have put his energy into Tulsi instead of “justus” i might show him some respect.

  16. So there afraid of Tulsi and want to wash board and lie about her because she thinks outside of the box….I hate Anyone who don't know what there talking about running there mouth against Tulsi who is at least better then Trump or Sanders. Tulsi 20/20 if not at least VP

  17. Check out Naomi Allen – Is Tulsi Gabbard a Hindu Nationalist, and should you care? Answers some strange questions.

  18. Tulsi Gabbard‘ side-saddle for foreign policy is “semi-legitimate” and “legitimate” criticism? That’s a convenient non-explanation.

  19. ‼️The Height of Hinduphobic Political Reporting👇

    "@TulsiGabbard Took Thousands From Members of RightWing #Hindu Group"

    @EoinHiggins opted to selectively omit responses & incorporated unsubstantiated/uncorroborated allegations in order to malign & defame HAF


  20. I want to point out one misinformation being said about Tulsi Gabbard. She is not apologetic to Hindu nationalists. In fact, she is against them. She was invited as a speaker to the World Hindu Congress in 2018 (WHC [email protected]). She refused the invite as some of the speakers (including RSS chief) were right-wing Hindu nationalists. Note WHC is a very prestigious Hindu gathering which only happens once a year.

  21. Y'know… you're kind of smearing her in your own way, considering your audience. I don't find this to be fair reporting. It seems like you're telling people to dislike her, but just for different reasons than the mainstream media gives, and your reasons aren't balanced or even based entirely on fact.
    It's fine that you're backing Bernie, if that's your deal, but I think it would be more honest to say that up front.

  22. Hinduism is a negative about Gabbard? Are you thinking this through? And, it's easy to criticize her drone thing, if you've never served, for God's sake.

  23. How did Modi became bad guy for Kyle. If media is biased against Tulsi Kyle knows to spot it.
    But if media is biased against modi and calls modi fascist and all that, Kyle believes media narrative?
    Please interview some folks like sham Sharma show to know the Hindu side of the story

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