85 thoughts on “Greene: Trump is marching us toward fascism

  1. of fascism, the USA is already in it now of sorts, most of fascism exists in being an opportunistic grab for power wherever a government is failing in its oversight and ethics and where a crisis of liberalism is being brought to the fore – and immigration and inequality are such issues that do present alot of division. once fascist style forces have got the power they want, well then it will just a tyranny like all the tyrannies in history before it and how bad and how long it lasts will be dependent on the ideological ambitions of those who now hold all the power – as long a critical media and independent judiciary exist, this final stage where power now total and the gates are closed, can be held at bay, but it is a terrible place to be in because things are very exposed now to external events, unpredictable events, and are bristling with reactionary fervour, just waiting for the moment that some horrible event happens and it is used to end all debate and completely switch over to an interregnum state of exception indefinitely

  2. Capitalism is fascism, it will destroy our world. The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed. Free your mind from the indoctrination.

  3. Those prepared to use hate, threats of violence and even actual violence in order to silence the opposing party are fascists.
    socalism/communism/fascism are all leftwing.
    leftist socialist regimes include stalin, polpot, hitler, mao.
    cnn is very fake news.

  4. Oh for gods sake! Why does everyone say Trump he is fascist? A couple days ago, Trump denounced these horrific actions being committed and vowed to stop them. Donald Trump has promised to put Americans back on the job, reduce taxes, rebuild the military, drain the swamp, get rid of some regulations, and even more. Most of which he has already done or is doing. He has put many Americans back on the job, started rebuilding our military, and is draining the swamp. Trump has not and will not disrespect the laws of this great country. Otherwise, he would have been impeached! For those who site the travel ban, you are terribly wrong. If you look at the laws, Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate immigration. In 1952, Congress passed a law empowering the president to deny entry into the U.S. to “any class of aliens” considered to be “detrimental to the interests of the United States.” In other words, a threat to America and in the interests of national security. What's so wrong about keeping Americans safe? You may say this is a "Muslim ban" but you are terribly wrong. Otherwise, wouldn't have Trump included 42 other Muslim majority nations? All 7 counties on the list have some connection with terrorism, all of them! Iran, Sudan, and Syria are the largest state sponsors of terrorism, according to the State Department. Somalia is a failed state with a major problem with a terrorist organization, same with Libya and Yemen. Even with the liberal court ruling against him, he has agreed to readjust the travel ban. The entire reason the travel ban was halted was do to misconceptions, nothing else. Donald is a man of his word, keeping most of his promises so far. He hasn't done anything to deserve this much scrutiny, nothing whatsoever. I proudly voted for Donald Trump! With luck, he will get reelected in the next election! It feels quite good to have a proper education, unlike some. It's very unlikely Trump will get impeached on some bullshit charges, very unlikely! Congress will never impeach the president unless they have legitimate evidence, which they don't.

  5. Does this black housekeeper think she really has a chance of winning any sort of manifest or leadership in the area of politics? Angry black women

  6. Its so funny how easily triggered right wing Trumptards are. All crying and bitching over someones political opinion. Even funnier that they claim CNN is fake news, yet here they are watching it. You're so pathetic.

  7. You already fascism before Trump. You thing you can print money do war forever?. Trump will make you do real work…

  8. Democrats in 2015: The constitution is an outdated document written by slave masters. It should be done away with.

  9. YESSS! more of this please! as a Trump supporter there's nothing better than watching democrats publicly sabotaging themselves.

  10. There are two types of fascists in this world! Fascists and anti-fascists! I don't think you morons realize that what you're doing IS INDEED FASCISM! CNN is full of morons and yes, THEY REPORT FAKE NEWS! Trump is the only hope we have!

  11. And this women with the DNC and O'bama has lead the US to retracting the Freedom of Speech. It was O'bama who signed the NDAA order to allow Propaganda to be used on the American people. Get the facts right. Anything that the Liberals do not agree with is Fascist, and yet they are the real Left-wing pseudo-fascists who 'stop' any argument against their polluted thinking. They say they believe in diversity, but they do not believe in diversity of thinking, only in browbeating protests to shut down freedom of expression. They are the real threat with Islam to Christian values and culture.

  12. The only fake news is whatever comes from Trump and his cabinet of doom, Faux (Fox) news, Russian paid propaganda, Breitbart and really stupid trumptards. To all Trumptards, you can't call rnews stories based on Facts and truths fake news just because you can't handle the truth.

  13. Paris, Paris! He's our man! If he can't speak the TRUTH – no one can!! CNN IS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!!!

  14. A rationalist viewpoint on this matter. For the first time all the masks are off and Americans are seeing the true face of the far left in all its ugliness. I am a moderate independent voter and a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant (1972-1993) who voted for Trump. In the past both my wife, who is also a moderate, and I were as likely to vote democrat as we were republican depending on who we assessed was the better candidate for America among the available choices. Often our vote went to a candidate we decided was the “lesser of two evils” rather than the best and most competent choice presented to us by the two party system. For the last few decades all we have been offered from both parties are professional lawyer type politicians who after election, regardless of party affiliation, did little to resolve the REAL and pressing problems of America. With Trumps election we are getting for the first time someone NOT controlled by the parties, and also who is not a professional lawyer politician type, who wants to make good his promises and actually FIX things. My wife and I both find this very refreshing and it’s about time! My wife and I find ourselves getting increasingly polarized to the right by the actions and very poor post-election conduct of the Democratic party and the far left. It is very apparent to my wife and I that the democratic party has been taken over by the far left and has completely renounced being moderate in their policies and approaches to resolving American issues. This has gotten so bad that my wife and I are very unlikely to vote for ANY further democratic candidate until the party moves back toward the political center. All we have seen from a Democratic party in Power from 2009-2016 was (a) increasing lawlessness and civil disorder, (b) a pandering to minority interests to the detriment of the majority, (c) a forced globalization of America no matter how ordinary Americans felt about it or were affected by it (d) ever increasing foreign adventurism and (e) and an unwillingness to deal with any REAL problem in preference to dealing with spurious social issues like the gender bathroom fiasco. As for the Republican party SHAME on you for not supporting the Republican President to the fullest! Both political parties are failing the average American and are increasingly out of touch with the concerns of the average voter. It seems to us out here that the parties are more concerned with POWER and CONTROL of candidates, rather then what is best for America. Maybe it’s time to remove the ideologue leadership that has taken over BOTH parties and find us more competent non-lawyer politician types like Trump for us to vote for who are practical and pragmatic, and who want to fix the REAL problems of our country. I would remind both parties that it is not the small far left, or far right, die hard voter bases that get your candidates elected. The reality is that it is the vastly larger majority of Americans who are moderate independent voters like my wife and I who make that happen. For my wife and I America will always be at its best when we are moderate in our political beliefs. Both of us will almost always vote for the COMPETENT candidate we feel is the most moderate, like Trump.

  15. CNN is #FAKENEWS a disgusting lying arm of deep state fascism. The lowest of the low filth. When you go down the world will party. You propagate lies and hate to destroy free speech and destroy the constitution. Your criminal enterprise will be destroyed.

  16. fascism got nothing to do with it. Trump takes his inspiration from isrealis, and is likely being advised by them to implement the worst of these ICE moves, which are entirely excessive and unnecessary. However, the more America abuses immigrants, illegals, children, whatever they’re called, the easier it will be for isreal to get away with abusing Palestinians, as they will turn around and point to America as doing nothing different from what they’re doing.

  17. All Trump has done is said that the USA needs to be selective in choosing the immigrants it wants, and the Democrats have labelled that as fascist. The USA has gone dangerously far left and will pay the price unless they wake up!!! (illegal immigrants were not chosen by the country, they chose the country – and that is what the Democrats support, without really knowing it of course. It is scary how far liberal and equity conscious people have gone. To label Trump as Hitler because he wants to enforce the law, you have to ask what is going on?)

  18. FIGHT FASCISM – TRUMP AND PENCE REGIME MUST GO http://www.choozler.com/fight-fascism—trump-and-pence-regime-must-go .

  19. I hope you realize that the tenets of fascism are very close to what the democratic socialists are pushing: government controlled banks, government controlled medicine, government controlled industry, etc. Also,trying to use force to silence your critics and silence speech that you don't like (this is happening on college campuses, our next generation) is a big part of it.

  20. If Trump truly is a fascist president, he has got to be the most incompetent fascist ever. msnbc, cnn and all the liberal fake news networks are still running and spewing their hate and lies about the president when instead, they should be closed down by force and the employees imprisoned like the nazis did to their political enemies in Nazi Germany. I thought Greene was smarter than that.

  21. the DNC literally quotes Giovanni Gentile, the INVENTOR of Fascism, and then they have the nerve to call and get the media to call Republicans Fascists… Fascism by definition is not far right, it is far left, think about it, if Republicans support small government and Democrats support big government, who is closer to fascism, obviously the Democrats, and the Democrats are also closer to communism, as it is also far left. Trump is partially right, the Democratic media is lying about some things, but that doesn't mean Trump hasn't done anything wrong, I do not actively support Democrats or Republicans, I just needed to present you with the facts. I am NOT saying all Democrats are Fascists or Communists, it's just that some of them without realizing it, are. Like Bernie Sanders, he has said many many things that are communist or close to it, and might as well start a socialist/communist party if he keeps saying these things. Anyway, just wanted to say that Trump is MUCH less of a Fascist than most DNC members, which pretty much debunks the entire video, Bye.

  22. If Trump commits an impeachable offense, then the 'line of defense' is impeachment. If he has… where is the formal charge then?

  23. Listen you stupid leftist morons. Fascism always comes from the left. Fascism means
    free-speech will not be tolerated like the way you ass holes are always trying
    to shut us up. Fascism means the combining of corporate and government powers
    which is exactly what is happening in our country now with the globalist deep
    state's shadow government that Eisenhower, JFK and Reagan all warned about, that
    Obama increased exponentially and that Trump exposed and promised to fight. That
    is your fascists, — the globalist left. The corrupt subversive ass holes that
    want to take over our country and give it to the globalist elites who will
    remove our personal freedom, our free speech and our national sovereignty and
    transform your purpose for existence to become TO SERVE THE STATE. That's your
    leftist fantasy utopia that you think will be good because it will be free of
    Christian values. That is what you fucking idiots have aligned yourself with. To
    give our people's determination of their own destiny and ability to make what
    they will of their own lives over to a bunch of UNELECTED UNACCOUNTABLE
    globalist elites who can't relate to us little people and want to socially
    engineer us to all think the same for their own selfish purposes. Trump and a
    handful of God-fearing Republicans are the only hope to keep you from that
    Luciferian directed fate. Get it straight and wise up, you moron and realize
    what the hell you have aligned yourself with. Then repent and come over to the
    side that holds Truth Honesty & Integrity as their prime values.

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