Gravitas: Imran Khan wish-list for Trump

Gravitas: Imran Khan wish-list for Trump

by the way has spoken about Pakistan's relationship with America in the past as well he was strong words let me quote some America is destroying Pakistan we're using our army to kill our own people with their money those are Imran Khan's words Donald Trump too has spoken about Pakistan he's called them liars and a lot of other things now both leaders seem to have moved on the Pakistani Prime Minister went to Washington with a wishlist for Donald Trump and as it turned out the US President did not disappoint the hon Imran Khan played to Trump's vanity and extracted concessions inwards if not deeds the embarrassment of receiving a cold shoulder at Washington's Dulles Airport was forgotten as Trump in his hurry to extricate the u.s. from Afghanistan gave Khan of patient hearing also for cotton was Pakistan's duplicity on terrorism it is in the interest of Pakistan that we do not allow any armed militias in our country we have suffered the country has suffered sectarian attacks we have had the worst situation it has affected our investment Pakistan has not it has destabilized us something India hoped would be front and center of the u.s. Pakistan talks especially at a time when Pakistan runs the risk of being blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force at its next meeting in October for failing to do enough to curb funding of terror groups before the Trump can talks the US government had helped Pakistan secure a six billion dollar International Monetary Fund bailout and it also designated a leading bailout separatist groups Balochistan Liberation Army Ascot unquote terrorists now Trump further sweeten the deal for Pakistan all in the hope of getting the Pakistani government to make the Taliban agree to a peace deal Trump sang a different tune and it came as music to concierge he held out a promise of resuming security aid to Pakistan this coming from someone who on New Year's Day in 2018 had tweeted about how the u.s. gave Pakistan 33 billion dollars over 15 years but only caught lies and deceit in return if Imran Khan was looking for a makeover Trump gave him just that from said that Pakistan unlike Iran never lies and that the US was going to have a very great relationship with Pakistan he went on to describe Khan as a great leader of Pakistan unmindful of how the Pakistani military propped him up and how Imran Khan is mocked back home for being a quote-unquote selected prime minister the US wants to extricate itself from Afghanistan and it is counting on Pakistan to deliver on a deal with the Taliban but some in India see it as Washington's seeking to replace its threat of sanctions against Pakistan with renewed engagement and rewards New Delhi fears that Trump's deal with the Taliban will embolden Pakistan's military by proving that sponsoring cross-border terrorism peace Bureau report beyond world is one

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  1. Khan's begging was a success, motherfuckers will never earn but run around with begging bowl, porkistani pan handlers.

  2. Trump is trying to tame P🐷kistan just as previous presidents have done, slap P🐷kistan when need to and pat when necessary. P🐷kistan is a good pet pig for the West for the last 71 years.

  3. we don't need any ones support because India always stand s for it self. we pity us for digging its own grave with the help of beggar Pakistan and mad trump

  4. Indians are an amusing bunch to look at. Indians are too arrogant to think properly. The thing that shocked me is indians think that China's BRI is going to fail because India refuses to join, just to give an example. There's another recent one.. Indians believe China's debt is at 300% hahaha. Yes that's true in a sense but the 300% represent the entire debt of China, public and private. That figure is not use by economists instead it's the public debt in which for China its just 48% while India's is even worse at 69%. Why is it that Indian news channels like to make up stories like these and let Indians totally unaware of what is happening in the outside world?

  5. By hook or by crook America wants to withdraw it's forces from Afghanistan. And they know that only pakistan can do it as pakistan is hand in glove with Taliban

  6. people are jumping into conclusions here and say India is not reacting to the current scenario but people faile to understand its just a start of a very long game and I have a feeling things are going to change soon and it's not going to be pretty.r Pakistan might have had its small victory in this long game but it's only the beginning of a long game. just wait and watch.

  7. I don't think Indians know about this.. Putin congratulated Pakistan for shooting down an Indian jet and capturing its pilot during the Pulwama incident. Check it out on RT. Indians think the whole world loves them because their media led them to believe so.

  8. Western media would be all over Kashmir pretty soon depicting India as the oppressor and land grabber which is correct btw

  9. Just a visit to the US by Imran Khan is enough to change the course of US policies towards a more pro-Pakistan nature. Modi on the other hand met Trump on multiple occasions, what the hell is he doing with Trump?

  10. Didn't India always claim to have isolated Pakistan internationally? I'm now seeing it's India that got isolated worldwide

  11. I think India should and can cancel a lot of deals with America ,now if I am not mistaken we are not dependent on them than they on us. If today all NRI's and PIO return from American dream , the American s will have their balls in their palm.

  12. Trump Desperate to bring troops back to show US people he is taking care of US and don't care about other country America first so people should give vote to him again in 2020 on other hand, born begging and Desperate Porkistan Want hold in Afganistan witht he help of the Taliban for weapon trade , blackmailing west again , become the middleweight , also making the money but afeem drugs trades from Afganistan by selling it in world basically weapon and drug sell to Terrorist and world through black market is primary economy of Pakistan Army . And for that they want Taliban in Afganistan on power again.pakistan always want to be the middle force between Talibaan hakkani and other terrorist groups so Europe and America after every big threat and attack look towards Pakistan and Pakistan will keep cash these cheques . Even in this out of the promise Pakistan will act as per US . US gave them 1.3 billion doller direct and 2 billion doller under the table , 1 for Iran , and 1 BD for China to give internal information to US. Pakistan know to double cross world powers in interest of their Army because Army is the only brain allowed to think for Pakistan. So over all bluff is habit for Pakistan and giving money buying war slaves is old policy of America . And both countries don't care innocent poor people you can check their history mass murders they both are. So it's an Win Win for both . More danger days to come for , Afganistan and Iran togather . Contract killer pakistani Army got the Bone from their Masters again 70 years story still the same.

  13. Woww So much Isolation Of Pak

    1.China On Pak Side
    2.USA on Pak Side
    3.Russia On Pak Side
    4.Afghan Taliban On Pak side
    5.Saudia On Pak side
    6.UK on Pak Side
    7.Canada On Pak side supporting (Khalistan)
    8.Qatar,UAE,Oman On Pak side
    9.Iran-Iraq On Pak side supporting Kashmir
    10.Tajikistan,Uzbekistan,,kyrgiztan,Kazakistan on Pak side
    11.Turkey-Malaysia On Pak side
    12.Nepal,Srilanka,Mynmar on Pak side

  14. Yo Indians I'm starting to see news about Kashmir in western media portraying Indians as land grabbers. Check it out!

  15. Indians were cocky as hell before this thinking USA is an ally of India. This should be a wake up call for nation full of naive people

  16. People from around the world especially us in Bangladesh know Indians are jealous to death about this new USA-Pakistan strategic partnership

  17. After living and observing Indians at close quarters I find it hard to comprehend why is it Indians are always taken for a ride by Anglo Saxons?

  18. Now India is left without any ally. USA is now with Pakistan while Russia and China don't trust Indians anymore after their betrayal

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