Graham to Americans: If bill isn’t passed in 48-hrs cut off Congress’ pay

Graham to Americans: If bill isn’t passed in 48-hrs cut off Congress’ pay

100 thoughts on “Graham to Americans: If bill isn’t passed in 48-hrs cut off Congress’ pay

  1. Graham go straight to hell you lieing rrascist fraudster you and your cronnies keep speaking, all you have is mouth think about the poor once in your life mark my
    words you will be beat at ballot
    box in November

  2. I used to really believe Lindsey Graham when he would talk about doing the right thing for the country. Now when ever I seem him talk it breaks my heart that I can't trust him or anything he says. He has lost all legitimacy and so now anything he says I have to dismiss.

  3. senator Lindsey Graham we the people of the United States of America demand of the 28th amendment be applied to the Democratic party in Congress right now

  4. There is news in France …they have the cure but unfortunately they are using for rich government …shame on them .

  5. If you have the authority to cut the pay to these holdouts what' stropped you from doing it 1000 times before!!! They are do nothing Democrats!!!

  6. The sneaky stupid laws that Pelosi wants to put in the Federal Aid is terribly deceitful and just promoting their socialist agenda… What do these miscellaneous laws have to do with Coronavirus relief!? Nothing!!😡 What I don't trust is the bullcrap political agenda that is trying to get snuck in this bill. Peolsi your Anti American!!! You don't give a crap about the American people!

  7. Congress can freeze military pay and service members actually work and fight on the front line, so yeah freeze the non-essential volunteer job (Congress) the people that get paid to just debate and give their opinions.

  8. Why is no one talking about the influenza virus year after year? Because this is an election year? Hmmmm
    The numbers by the CDC 2018 thru 2019
    CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza

  9. End the shut down!!!
    Economic collapse will be far worse than this overhyped virus ever could be!
    Defeat the virus by destroying the economy? Who thought that up, a PHD?

  10. No way its going to happen by Easter. Three months is optimistic based on data from China which was not accurate and with a positive slant. Going back early is just going to result in high reinfection rates.

  11. President Clinton: "I balanced the budget."

    President GW Bush: "I destroyed the economy."

    President Obama: "I fixed the economy."

    Traitor Trump: "Glue is yummy."

  12. They are all above the law, there’s no way to punish them, just ask Hillary. Good luck taking away their pay, it’ll never happen. Vote em out? The democrat voters would never let that happen, even though they don’t give a dam about their voters.

  13. Oh they passed it with a $25,000,000 pay raise…that's just way they roll. Right out of Saul's playbook. don't let a crisis go to waste.

  14. Alot of these people in Congress can go without pay indefinitely. They're all millionaires, they aren't feeling any pain.

  15. Wow…Lindsey Graham, a charter member of the SC Neo-Confederate movement, is front and center trying to maintain high poverty in South Carolina. SC citizens will die at higher rates after Graham and the SCGOP have constrained access to medical services in our state. Many hospitals have closed due to the cuts made to social programs. Graham likes to hide "secret restrictions" to Social Security in OMNIBUS bills which are haystacks to hide his amendments in. Now, LINDSEY GRAHAM, is holding up the entire nation so that the South Carolina poor won't be "paid too much" !! Yes, he is following his heroes: Strom Thurmond and Ben Tillman, the progenitors of Jim Crow, white supremacy, and the shame of the slavers of South Carolina. Richard Quinn, the white supremacist Chief Editor of the Southern Partisan Magazine has been Lindsey Graham's friend and adviser throughout his political career.

  16. I think Pelosi is right. Climate Change and the vote against ID for elections is much more important in this moment than relief for the helpless people, hospitals and companies during corona crisis.

  17. FCK that little kweer. Does he not think that President Trump hasn't already discussed everything he does with experts first? That little sh** needs the whole e heel stompdd out of his [email protected]@.

  18. Lindsey Graham =RINO…. You talk a good game, maybe you should step aside next election, and let a real conservative constitutionalist do what you were supposed to….

  19. Doesn't matter if it passes or not! As with all Americans out of work now NOT MAKING MONEY…SO SHOULD BE THE SAME WITH MEMBERS OF CONGRESS ND THE SENATE.

  20. What about senator pay??? They didn't put any safeguards in the bill so money can get thrown at their friends with no accountability! They are just as complicit as Trump when it comes to lack of effective action against the virus …. just sat on their hands for weeks while knowing it was coming!!!! Do nothings!

  21. We should also do is forget about the “Earn-It” bill. It’s a bunch of BS to just give the government more control over the Internet. Why would you want any bill from that fake soldier Blumenthal.

  22. Dont you people have an amendment that enables you to protect yourselves from a tyrannical government???? Why haven't the people stood up yet??

  23. We need Judicial Watch, Project Veritas, and any other of the Patriots with the means to find out who added the junk into this much needed Bill that caters to their personal interests so that we the People can justly fire them and make sure that they don't work in DC again!

  24. Let's make that pay freeze retroactive to JAN-FEB when Congress was hellbent on impeachment and pooh-poohed or blocked Trump's travel bans to reduce risk of pandemic

  25. Derpocrats and retardicans both should be put on trial for treason and if found guilty, just put a bullet I their head, I'd bet the pile of bodies would be massive

  26. The vaccine- that’s the killer – don’t take it, the whole thing stinks, like the digital currency! What’s that backed by/ nothing

  27. No y'all want to sell us short and take care of corporations and the rick who go big tax breaks already don't patronize us Mr.Linsey 🖕🏽👊🏽🇺🇲💯

  28. To me the Democrats are presenting a clear and present danger to the American people. They need to be arrested and charged with Treason. I'm sure lots of folks with disagree, but poverty as a result of a crashed economy will lead to a lot more deaths then this virus. Doctors won't save anyone from poverty.

  29. Soooo…this is all of your take on this?! Nevermind they trying to act like we are going to be ready in 15 days…foolery! We are in the beginning of a pandemic! Now I know u don't know better but common sense should be moving you to ask more questions. We went from 1 case on 1/1620 to 54, 884 cases in two months and three days. 😮 let that sink in…NY has over 26,000 cases. As a public heath advisor I don't give two shakes of a rabbitd arse if we are told we can go back to work. I am not going until the CDC and WHO says we are clear!

  30. it's time all the world feel the experience of being justly or unjustly locked up… so when we feel the need to run outside to escape… walk in someone else's shoes!


  32. Cut off pay, stop paying taxes, and chase all you bastards out of DC with pitchforks! Lock up and freeze their assets. Then sell them off to help the people leaving all of these criminal bastards broken and homeless like how they want you.

  33. Dont let the whole ship sink just because a couple hundred people drowned. Let us get back to work already.

  34. Please, Lindsay, Tell Us how to Cut Off Congress Pay!
    Y'all would Immediately have Us Arrested.
    Unbelievably, y'all (uniparty), even tried to give yourself a $25,000 Raise, using the PLANdemic as an excuse!!

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