Graham opens IG hearing with scathing take on FISA report: The system failed

Graham opens IG hearing with scathing take on FISA report: The system failed

100 thoughts on “Graham opens IG hearing with scathing take on FISA report: The system failed

  1. So seth rich who worked at the DNC magically dies, Imran awan magically gets off with almost no charges when he was sending classified info from politicans to pakistan (democrats hired Awan) and FBI never inspected the DNC servers, Crowdstrike did (they were funded by democrats and DNC) and it was the russians yea ? and we have a journalist who says she received the information from seth rich to give to wikileaks, this will all come out and show what really happened.



  3. The bottom line is Obama boasted that Trump will never be President. His handwriting is everywhere on what is happening. He masterminded everything to stop Trump and even when Trump wins, to destabilise his administration.

  4. How come there has been crickets on the whole progressive movement in Virginia to confiscate citizens guns,and the fact that 82 county’s of 95 are going sanctuary pro 2nd amendment defying these scumbags in office!! Virginia is a powderkeg ready to blow ,and to my astonishment everybody’s covering the impeachment farce.The state of Virginia is ready to blow, and there’s nothing but crickets, unless your on utube or Facebook!! Unbelievable!!

  5. I wish I could block all mainstream media on YouTube , but for some reason I don’t have that option? I wonder why? Maybe Fox News can do something to get some of their name back and do some real news about the youtube situation? This is one of the reasons I’ll be closing my channel, and deleting my accounts.

  6. yes folks your CIA FBI in your whole entire government is corrupt not just the Democrats and it's time we take back our government throw these f**** bastards in prison where they belong

  7. They said Trump is a joke but they said now !!! Vice President. He’s a tough one they said. Watch out Vice President. I’m tired of helping you. Now please help me. I keep telling you this dog at home is infested with mrsa. My goodness rottening Orlando. Get him out on the 19th of this month. He’s going to the vet. I expect humanity finally for the sake of the people of orlando

  8. exactly America your whole entire government's corrupt not just certain ones at the bottom no it's at the bottom all the way to the tippy-top and until you Americans take back your government this s*** is going to continue and get worse


  10. I would like to take this moment to apologize from the American people, to Carter Page. We are so sorry you have suffered these unjust accusations. May you justly be compensated and exonerated for this horrible situation. We are proud of you in how you have handled this like a real gentleman. We now have your back.

  11. Disband the FBI, DOJ and the lot!!!! A lot of folks in the FBI, DOJ etc  need to be put in prison for TREASON, SEDITION and a list of other crimes!!

  12. I told you agents to police your own.. And now I have to be ashamed of my own nation’s premier law enforcement agency. For God’s sake unfu*k yourselves!!

  13. I'm really not happy with Graham and many others saying that Russia hacked the DNC.  Where's the proof?  Where's the server?  Last I heard we had a bought and paid for report from Crowdstrike that was later retracted.  I believe that fixer James Comey said they did not check the severs.  Just like bought and paid for dossier.   All roads lead to corrupt Clinton.

  14. How does everyone think the Bum Obuma was elected, he won with the help of the deep state like and voter fraud.The Bum Obuma was nothing more than a puppet. Who was given free reins to fill his pockets for the 8 destructive yrs he was in office..

  15. This is why I love Isaiah 2:22. It's so fitting to not only the last 3 years, but beyond. Look to Jesus, today and tomorrow, and for always. Forget these clowns in office, stop trusting in the words of man. They will not help you/save you.

  16. is he calling us stupid , saying feinstein didn´t ran security background checks over her staff? he is apologising her completely as if by misfortune she happened to have a high ranking chinese operative at her payroll….. by the way, what was on that usb drive huma gave you in the funeral?

  17. Horowitz has an 'acceptance' type of recognition toward Graham as 'one of us', but Graham loves an opportunity to act like he is a real Republican and can talk forever when he is in that spotlight. The fact remains that he doesn't want a hearing in the Senate, he just wants to vote 'no' to impeachment without hearing witnesses because it would eventually show him in the swamp along with the other players. Graham is worse than a two-faced rhino, he has become a chameleon, changing color as the situation calls for.

  18. How bad it would be but you should not be an investigator…

    Nonono you should not be an instigator. Toy shouldn't be a composer of painting the downfall due toi dislike

  19. CNN: skipped this opening statement

    MSNBC: skipped this opening statement

    ABC: skipped this opening statement

    etc etc

  20. All I can say is that we thank God for for you, Lindsey Graham. I shudder to think where all of this could go if it weren't for the "good guys" like you.
    "In Graham We Trust ", and I know God is on your side, brother.

  21. Cornyn needs to get off his D phone and pay attention. Is he getting paid for playing games on his phone during this meeting?

  22. The person sitting directly behind Graham on his left (Blazer and lavender shirt with spiked grey hair)is dressed like a woman but has a huge adams apple. Maybe the Dems have a quota system that includes having a trannie on staff.

  23. I say Feinstein knew her chauffeur was a spy and she’s an enabler who was apart of it, she looks the she does b/c she’s stressed out and worried she’s gonna get found out and caught!

  24. that was the BEST lay out of the situation that i have heard ! it needs to be dealt with from the bottom to the top.. from agents to Obama and Hillary the fbi and the CIA the FISA system and all those actors that played a role ! they need swift justice and maximum sentences to be guaranteed this will NEVER happen in America Again !!!

  25. wow, my god, sen. graham, he is real government, a real american. sen. graham is one hell of a man. one of the best summarizations of fact i have ever heard from a polititian. very impressed. that is a man who does his job and does it well. honest, sharp, direct. a true senator. this man, means business and is fighting and keeping our country in line. i am very very impressed having listened to mr. sen. graham speak and present his facts and findings. thank god for sen. graham. i hope to god i live long enough to witness the scum envolved with all this trash, wasted time, money, destruction of innocent peoples lives, careers, the destruction of the office of the president of the united states. that they be brought to justice and given the most harsh sentences possible. long live men like pres. donald trump, sen graham, and so many others with the same agenda and loyalty for the united states of america and her citizens.

  26. Lindsey Graham, plainly and squarely laid it out, for all to see…..Ok, patriots, citizens, independents go out and vote next year and RE-ELECT TRUMP. Thank you!…..Leftist dems can resume the "Orange man bad" bit again….

  27. These agents abused and misused their offices. They should be prosecuted. The fact that they have not been, evidences the rottenness of this agency and our justice department. If the agency can not uphold the law, it should be dismantled, and anew clean agency created.

  28. I was on a university campus, I could smell the liberal left, pro baby murdering anti freedom communist Democrat supporters.

  29. CNN and MSNBC should be revoked their news broadcast license . . they are not the news channels. They altered the news to hide the critical facts like this FISA case.


  31. There is no whistle blower. Adam Schiff made this up just like he made up he has damning evidence against Donald Trump on Russian collision. He went on national TV talk shows claiming he had all the evidence. It was all made up just like the whistle blower Adam Schiff won't disclose. It’s all made up just to get fake charges.There is NO whistle blower!!!

  32. Those who voted this down … please explain. Would these exact same actions have been okay if taken against the candidate you support?

  33. Lets see Hillary Clinton rat out her currutped friends 😀. Once that happens next, the United states Constitution will heal

  34. Now ………. we are getting somewhere 👍👍 Thank God for the real Americans that worked so hard with such dedication to our great nation to find out the " Real Deal " 👍🤗‼ We Americans are very proud of all of you who made this happen 👍👍 there are beautiful creatures , birds and plants in every " swamp " 🐒🦏🐸🦢🦞🦀 🦊🌾🌿 👍🤗‼

  35. All Patriots, be aware that Fox News closes the chat whenever there is a story regarding Islamic terrorism. They don’t want to hear us or maybe they are afraid they will have the story shut down.

  36. This is not FISA abuse ! This is Criminal Intent too Plant evidence , Fabricate evidence and witnesses , Fraud upon FISA Courts and every other crime in between they could get away with !

  37. "I can smell the Trump support…" Calls Hillary who calls Obama: "Don't worry. I can smell the napalm in the morning… it might leave a stain on America, but the path is clear as we have taken care of Bernie so you can take the White House for the cocktail hour that has already begun with all the press cheering for, can you see it now for nothing will take it away from you, which is why I have rescinded the Fox News invitations – it will be a SAFE SPACE for you just as I promised when I won 2008. I never have I forgotten our promise, yet at the same time it feels like just yesterday, Madam President."

  38. Pres trump has been persecuted and vilified for nothing and it’s shameful and absurd since he’s done nothing but help American people. I hope the republicans realize that we the people support him and they need to fight back at this persecution

  39. NO the system didn’t fail , the people running the system are corrupt and guilty of treason and need to be shot. I see where thus is going. More over sight, which will never happen. No one will be convicted. Abuse will continue , laws will be passed to make what they did legal and the American people will have their 4th amendment completely taken away. Federal government sucks big time

  40. The Obama Administration weaponized the government and it continues in this sham impeachment! Those involved should be brought to justice.

  41. We can allow this two tier justice system to continue, if we do not fix it it will lead us eventually to civil war. The corruption is to deep

  42. Alright now Lindsey speak on it make ever dumb American dats brain washed feel dumb Trump innocent
    PerioDdttdtt😠now I hope everybody shut up now and stop having these dumb riots over stupid stuff listening to dumb news fake news all the time is ruining our country is dividing us listen to this man Lindsey knows what happened bottom line Trump 20/20

  43. So does Carter page get his life back and how come we're not hearing about anyone going to jail because they all need to go if it was the American people we would have been there

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