One thought on “Graffiti Hall Of Fame Celebrated On National Art Day

  1. Graffiti in public places is much more often DEFACEMENT than “Art-form”! If kids (who can’t afford paper or canvases, but somehow get hold of spray paint) are out tagging signs, walls, etc., under cover of darkness, it goes without saying that they are VANDALIZING other people’s property. They should be made to PAY for the cleaning supplies, and have to do the clean-up themselves—in broad daylight! Virtually all of the graffiti I see is straight-up GANG SIGNS, which just shouldn’t be tolerated. Unfortunately, in my city the Cops quit dealing with this Vandalism-form years ago, and the clean-up is often left to volunteers…A street and/or ‘hood full of tagging ALWAYS looks like the setting for other crimes—and often is.

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