13 thoughts on “Govt motivated by 'ideological hatred': Union boss

  1. Why do a lot ex union bosses finish up on the boards of these funds with well paid jobs. Nice retirement packages,with all due respect this lady is talking rubbish.

  2. when is scott going to get the most important piece of legislation passed which is the Religious Discrimination ACT

  3. Government would prefer no unions and cheap immigrant labour..because "progressive values" and globalization at any cost

  4. This legislation should cover any person, group or business that breaks the law. If it had been in place it could have been used to not only to deregister militant unions but jail crooked bank CEO's, ban extremist groups like Antifa and alt right, Islamic imams and organisations that preach breaking secular laws etc.

  5. No, not true, the ALP is motivated by ideological hatred of conservatives. That is the reason why the ALP refuses to support the Libs when it comes to drought relief for farmers. Farmers are not part of the ALP supporter base and so are second class people in their eyes. This union 'boss' is simply using 'projection' to project his own faults and bigotry onto people that he dislikes accusing them of the very thing that he himself does.

  6. No. The public are fed up to the teeth with dodgy unions getting away with breaking the law. The union movement and labor haven't learned a thing from the last election.

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