Gov. Terry McAuliffe talks 'Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism'

Gov. Terry McAuliffe talks 'Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism'

president Trump escalated his attack on Maryland representative Elijah Cummings on Twitter this weekend saying if racist Elijah Cummings would focus more of his energy on helping the good people of his district and Baltimore itself perhaps progress could be made in fixing the mess that he has helped to create over many years of incompetent leadership he also called his district come representatives district a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess joining us now is former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe the governor has written a new book titled Beyond Charlottesville taking a stand against white nationalism and you are on the phone with President Trump when the neo-nazis marched in your state and and the president then said there are good people on both sides how did I mean how did you react not well i briefed the president we had a thousand neo-nazis white supremists screaming the most vile things you could say of african-americans and against members of the Jewish faith standing there in front of the synagogue they're yelling we're gonna burn you and we're gonna burn that synagogue like we did a nosh once you just find it just incomprehensible that human beings could say this about a fellow human being so I briefed the president torn what a mess we had in our hands they came in from 35 states around the country they were haters had nothing to do with the Robert illimani but this was because of Trump felt empowered to come in and spew their hatred and I told the president and he said he was gonna do his press conference first I said I'll wait I felt when I hung up he was gonna do the right thing and condemn neo-nazis you know it's not a hard thing to do and then in half an hour went by an hour went by and I want to have won by two hours went by and what happened was folks in the White House got a hold him and said no you were not going to condemn neo-nazis and he came out and then horribly horribly gave his speech and said they were fine people on both sides they were not fine people in the neo-nazi movement they killed Heather higher that day of 32 year old I lost two state troopers that day but for those four you would be alive today they were not fine people so these people obviously who were in Charlottesville as said very overt racism being expressed there I want to bring it back to the Elijah Cummings story for a moment because the president in his tweet said he didn't understand why any human would want to live in Baltimore and his defenders would say well he's not racist right that he's criticizing specific practices of congressman Cummings so what would you say to that do you think the president is racist and do you think he's enabling people like those who appeared in Charlottesville he's going after a black congressman there are many areas in our country other parts that very tough shape he doesn't go after them he went after Elijah Cummings one he's been tough fine I'm on the customs Border Patrol he's asked questions about his daughter Ivanka he didn't like it but you know this isn't the first instance I mean last month telling the squad to go home where they came from well three of them were born here in America you know same as you were Donald Trump but remember the Seven Muslim countries and listen I was governor when that happened I had US citizens detained at Dulles International Airport detained he has created this whole fear division hatred these folks who came as Charlotte's fell and they're quoted all through my book they came because Donald Trump in the language that he has used in the campaign and since he's been president they feel empowered they used to wear hoods in this country and they used to do it at night because of Donald Trump they don't think they need to hide it and they marched down little e the folks at the synagogue had to hide the Torah take it out the back door every other word was the effing n-word I've never in my life seen anything like it I don't blame him for specific acts but I do crave for the environment that he's created that people think this is okay it's not okay and speaking of this environment so what's going on with the 2020 race do you think Trump's tweets could possibly backfire are we gonna see the first female president does Kamala Harris have a real shot or Cory Booker I mean how does this play out with the race I think politically it's a mistake for Trump you know I know what he's trying to do is try he's got his base round up it's you know it's a good 40 percent it's not going much higher than that I think he believes they're there all of these folks out there who are white nationalists who somehow did not come out in 2016 that all of a sudden will come out of their hole and be so excited that they'll come out in 2020 he's lost independent women they don't like this I mean we're a great nation and the division that he's created in our nation people are against this so it's very hard for Trump to win again I mean there were three states Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania and we lost by a combined 77092 million didn't didn't vote they're going to vote this time not all of them but a lot of them so he's gonna have a very tough time but you raise an important point the Democrats have got to come out and tell how they're gonna heal the country and what we need to do going forward well are they doing that because we're gonna have the debates tomorrow and Wednesday spoiler alert we've got some data from similar web that crunched after the first debate up through last week where did people go on websites to look at which Democrats Bernie Sanders was still actually the most traffic according to similar web and we'll talk more about that later but are the Democrats delivering a message yet that is a unified message to counter president Rocas a lot of Democrats you lost Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin because Democratic voters didn't come out Detroit there was over the weekend they talk about Detroit they stayed home down 8% no not today but I would say this Adam it is early this is the first of many debates I was the chairman of the National Party that started the debates and when I did it back in oh three the purpose was to give everybody a little time camera time and ultimately this will you know siphon down to a smaller group of kin so we're early but what I was disappointed in the first debate I don't want to hear about busing 40 years ago I really don't the people who tuned in tell me what you're gonna do about k-12 workforce development job creation I didn't hear infrastructure mentioned at all I didn't hear cybersecurity the issues that people are sitting home thinking about they're not talking about what happened 40 years ago so I hope this debate Democrats lean in tell what we're gonna do how we're gonna go move forward you watch that last debate spent a lot of time about immigrants come to this country we're not gonna charge them with a crime then we heard we're gonna give them all health care and then they heard with medicare-for-all you're sitting at home I could lose my private insurer I'm gonna lose my private sure all these folks are getting health coverage everybody's gonna quit my point is you've got to start talking to Americans about issues that affect them every single day okay so the I would argue the DNC has not been doing a very good job of that and a lot of critics from within the party criticized the party for how things went down the last time around particularly with the marginalization I think a lot of people felt of Bernie Sanders has the DNC learned lessons you know the DNC doesn't you know you schedule the debates but you know you can't control MSNBC who ran in the last debate you could not gonna be able to control C&I but it's not just about that if you looked at the convention oh you got about 16 yes yeah I mean a lot of stuff that came out in 16 I'm former chair of the National Party you're a job as chair is to run a fair system when I was chair I had elf I had listen I tell Sharpton running had Howard Dean run I had a lot of candidates on your job is to keep it fair you don't get preference to anybody and if there was preference that's wrong let the let the nomination process figure out who the nominee gonna be when the gavel comes down at the convention then the party gets behind it but I sort of like all of this 25 out there they're speaking to somebody Marianne Williamson is speaking to someone today but well slowly you know money will drive you out of the process and you know we've got a long 16 70 months till the to the election we got a lot of time to bring the party together all right well the book out right now is beyond Charlottesville taking a stand against white nationalism and we want to thank you former governor of Virginia thank you and author Terry McAuliffe great to be with it thank you great Thank You governor

2 thoughts on “Gov. Terry McAuliffe talks 'Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism'

  1. Lol. So, not true.
    You may not like it but Trump is more unifying than you think.
    People are absolutely fed up with being called racist or having racism being used against them.
    Your also wrong about independent women.
    All you got ia the bra burners and the serially rediculous.
    Women are (or should be) realizing the lies that they have been fed for 40 years – they falsely stuggle for "independence" but the reality is they want elevated rights and reliance on the state. The cold hard reality is that they want more for doing less. And we wonder why everyone is pissed off – ignorance and propaganda have left a gaping hole in reality. What is the clinical diagnosis for someone serially rejects reality??

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