Google Listed "Nazism" As The California GOP's Ideology (HBO)

Google Listed "Nazism" As The California GOP's Ideology (HBO)

37 thoughts on “Google Listed "Nazism" As The California GOP's Ideology (HBO)

  1. People seem to be reading too much into this. Google results basically just copied and pasted Wikipedia.. Someone vandalized the Wikipedia entry so Google reflected the vandalization.

    if I wrote that Barack Obama was from Mars in Wikipedia, Google would tell me that too!

  2. Never a specific person responsible for "A Google statement says…" Get one of them goofs on camera, live interview with a person with a name who can come up with these 'statements' "The company also said….." WHOOOOO in the company said?

  3. I've seen them waving Confederate and Nazi flags side by side while all the while claiming not to be racist terrorists. Truth is truth.

  4. Even by liberal standards, Google is racist. You can blame it on the algorithm but you can't hide your hate forever, Google!

  5. Ah..Vice. When I want to be talked down to by aging "edgy" hipsters. So, Google the same corporation that wants all that lucrative money in one-party China is the good guy. Liberal Fascism is real. Google doesn't see race, they see money. MAGA

  6. I don't know Republicans, prove it wrong. And I don't just mean with your words where you claim that you're not Nazis, but site all your evidence that proves that you don't hold the same ideology as Nazism

  7. I'm sure the algorithm just looked at pictures from the Unite the Right march and noticed all the Nazi symbols on display. That's the odd thing with Nazi imagery they make people and algorithms think you're Nazi's.

  8. Vice is only slamming Google because they got caught. It makes the left look biased, which hurts their reputation.

  9. This is why I am independent. Identity politics is bad, as is making one’s political views define their personality. Both left and right have taken this out of hand, from VICE to Fox News. And with this “nazi” label it’s another example why I am skeptical of artificial intelligence.

  10. Seriously republicans attacking Google unacceptable I love Google I search though the web I look at images and I downloaded stuff. I like Google its my favoite why would republicans assault a liberal website.

  11. No, no if it read Nazi-ism it would be spelled Naziism not Nazism in which case it reads Naz-ism or Knots-ism

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  13. It's wasn't to slander "Conservatives".
    It was about the Republican Party. They literally have neo-nazi's running in GOP primaries, Trump's support base is filled with them.

  14. If it was part of the algorithm a lot of other parties across different states would have stereotypical associations made with them by google yet only done for one party in one state… I'm curious if it could have any correlation with their HQ being there.

  15. To bad US Republicans wouldn't be able to "prove", in court nor conscious public opinion, the GOP is not favorable to White Supremacist.

  16. wow! VICE! you guy's have some really amazing AI. The robot you had read this and look into camera was so close to being human. Nice job on the AI!

  17. Lots of triggered Nazi apologists here….lets spell it out: when your ideology hinges on nationalism, bigotry, and propaganda, you might be a Nazi. Own your mess.

  18. Just because half of the Republicans are unconsciously in favour of Nazism doesn't mean the ideology of GOP is Nazism, ok?

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