Gold – The Ideology of Saving In Precious Metals

Gold – The Ideology of Saving In Precious Metals

50 thoughts on “Gold – The Ideology of Saving In Precious Metals

  1. The Talmudic bankers (Rothschild empire) believe all the wealth of the gentiles (non-Jews) actually belongs to Jews. This is why they created paper and digital currency, to steal what people work and save up for. Only natural hard assets can be sound money.

  2. Awesome video! Stacking gold and silver is the cure for insomnia…I'm sleeping like a baby after opting out of the currency game and holding real money…!

  3. I have to bring it out. You say often buy as close to spot as possible. Coins are not close, bars are. bars od gold are a lot closer to spot. Gold coins are twice the premium. Even at full price. I'll also point out, that coins are not pure. They are mixed. Bars are 99.99 Fine. You are paid when you sell on the content. Bars would fetch a better price, in this regard,

  4. Zimbabwe and Cambodia have in the past used the US dollar as currency when their own money was no good. Many other countries continue to hitch their money on the US bandwagon, rising and falling with the dollar. There are probably more US dollars floating around outside the US than in it. What's backing the value of all those paper dollars besides goodwill and trust?

  5. If your going in the opposite direction of the herd your probably heading in the correct direction.
    Gold and Silver, a purchase I've never regretted.

  6. I don't understand why people would want to hate on those who save in gold.  If they don't agree with your vehicle of savings, i.e. gold, then don't watch the video.  They are free to put their savings where they wish/choose and watch videos that align with their philosophy/view/beliefs.

  7. if they didn't want us putting our money in gold or silver then why does the US government mint gold and silver eagles for Americans to buy?

  8. If there is a third world war, you have to either let the enemy destroy you and your gold, or to turn in your gold so that your government can debase your currency and destroy your enemy.

    I agree with you that owning gold can protect you from peaceful inflation, but I think if a major conflict happens, gold is far from capable of protecting you.

  9. I think very few people hold cash. They convert cash to businesses/real estate/assets which will all still exist in hard economic times. Don't get me wrong, there is a place for gold, but there is a place for other yield producing assets as well. I can accept gold for payment at my businesses and for rent if tough times come. I can sell them for gold if I needed to as well. But they will also "yield" gold as well.

    That's why I think one can "save" in gold, but not "invest" in it, since it has no yield. One can "speculate" that they can sell "for a gain". But all that means is that they are selling to gain more worthless dollars than they had before, you can't sell 1 oz of gold for 2 oz of gold, ever. Hoping to sell at a gain defeats the purpose of why one bought gold (to get away from fiat currency), why trade gold for fiat currency ever, even if it is substantially more currency than you paid?

    These are my thoughts on the matter. Gold is money. Gold isn't an investment. Money and investments are both critical. Interesting video by the way!

  10. Fuck them.only haters talk shit,its your money,you can wipe your ass with it if you like!! Do what you need!! I buy gold too !!

  11. Precious metals are a manipulated joke tied to the dollar. Unless you buy with a currency that's at par with the USD you're making a huge mistake. I did and I'm waiting now to sell just to break even after all the fees. I wish I never touched them. They are lie.

  12. For the gold standard to be effective, either the price will have to increase to $50,000 or the world population will have to drop to 3 Billion. Gusee which one will the Elite's will adopt?

  13. I've been watching a lot of content from belangp. I see this was recorded awhile back. I THINK I've seen content from him more recent than this video, and hope he has reconsidered.

    I like the way he thinks, and especially that he DOES think.

  14. Love the channel! The RANT! Be a stacker and get out of the system! Get your 401K into metal with Perpetual Assets!

  15. The government will do it again like they did in 1933 they will confiscated the gold and silver. What are you going to do? One way or another they will get it. They have license to commit crime. Sad!

  16. I do not mind to be called a " stupid " , future will prove it .
    Keep up good work , like your video , cheers .

  17. I like the ancient gold coins, like the Alexander the Great of Macedon and the Caesar of Rome. How cool would it be to have some of those?

  18. many people are horrible at saving, buying gold/silver prevents people from blowing their money.

  19. In France gold is tax free but silver has a 20% tax like any other goods. Also silver literally means "money" in French (argent).

  20. I feel like investing in gold is a good IDEA; however, if the government can track all of our spending i.e cards, wire transfers, etc. and one day the government needs the gold of it's population it would easily be able to take it away from them. So I guess what I don't get is… You would still have to trust the federal government not to take it from you if shit hits the fan and the dollar collapses or depreciates to the point where it is inevitable for the dollar to be once again backed by something. Can someone help me out as to why invest in it, if it can just be taken away? Been saving my dollars for awhile now and am introducing myself to all this.

  21. Our dollar is already so inflated. It was at a cost of 630 dollars for me to buy 20 Mexican pesos from 1919. PESOS!!!

  22. Thanks Junius! I always love your videos, and you have reckoned correctly; NATO & Russia/China is likely. Fed Res, etc. don't like that new gold-backed Chinese currency in IMF basket. Russia too. What I wonder about is if gold traders will be shut down, probably gun dealers as well. What then? I bit frightening.

  23. Hey Junius…I'm a dedicated subscriber. Love your vids…this is one of the best! Thank you for all your motivation…please keep up the great work!

  24. Excellent video much appreciated – I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the significance of bitcoin.  Could it eventually change the entire monetary system, and render gold and silver worthless?

  25. Great vid.. I'm all in on Silver and some gold.. Still have my 401 but I have a feeling that wont be around when the shit hits the fan.. only thing holding up the dollar is the US military nothing else.. Iraq and Lebanon wanted to use something else other then the dollar for the oil they sold and guess what>>?? BOMBS away have to keep that oil on the US Dollar.. Prop it up.. Keep stacking

  26. Gold is a good choice but I think silver is a better investment choice. Gold is hoarded, silver is consumed.

  27. I'd be interested in knowing what percentage of your portfolio is into precious metals, and how much you would generally recommend to others.

  28. Next war is going to be me against all stupid religions that live on wars to dum down people.

  29. yep buy super long lasting led lights, gold, solar kit, good quality clothing's, anything that insures you life with no money.

  30. The EMPIRE will conquer the World and i want to be the leader of it.  One god, One religion OOOOONNNNE EMPREURE. MEEEEE

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