Globalization explained (explainity® explainer video)

Globalization explained (explainity® explainer video)

Globalization is a widely discussed topic. It is, therefore, not all that easy to explain. As it’s such a complicated term in simple words. Let’s start from the beginning with a background to globalization. Advances in technology such as mobile phones, airplanes, telephones and the internet have made the growth of transport and communication networks possible. Amongst other things, this means that people and countries can exchange information and goods more quickly; and in a less complicated way. This process is called “Globalization”. Globalization comes from “Globe” and means the worldwide coming together of countries and nations Let’s look at an example. Companies used to manufacture products into home countries just like the companies “Profi-TV” and “Supercolor” who produced televisions in Country A. Their products are in direct competition with each other, but both companies pay the same salaries and production costs. They have the same customers, use similar suppliers, and sell televisions at similar prices. In short, the same conditions apply to both companies. So far, so good. Due to technical, cultural, and economic developments that have come about through globalization, other companies which manufacture products under different conditions can now offer their products in Country A, too. That’s why a company from country B, can sell televisions here, at a lower price, because they were produced for less. The local firms SuperColor and Profi-TV have to react to withstand the competition and so the world grows closer together and there is an active exchange of goods between countries. More affordable products are available for more people. However, not only does an exchange of products and economic goods take place, but also of services, knowledge, cultural goods and even languages. All of these individual elements are closely linked and influence each other. But, where there is light, there is also shadow. Because of globalization and its intense exchange of goods, people and the environment often suffer. If a company decides to move production to an economically disadvantaged country, people in industrialized countries lose their jobs. At the same time, job opportunities open up to many locals in the economically disadvantaged countries. Many people in these countries work for very little money in comparison to those in industrialized countries. Therefore, they often remain poor and more often than not do not have sufficient insurance, social insurance or health insurance cover. A further disadvantage of globalization is ecological problems such as climate change. The use of airplanes, ships and lorries to transport goods over international borders is constantly on the increase. This causes more carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere which, in turn, is the main cause of global warming. Even national environmental standards are ignored. This is a further cost factor in the worldwide international site competition which should be kept as low as possible to be attractive for a company. There are, therefore, many sides to globalization which affect almost all aspects of life causing me to think that the chain of positive and negative effects will continue to grow further. What’s important is to realize that globalization itself is neither good nor bad. It just depends how the people deal with all the new possibilities in the future.

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  2. “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will you realize that one cannot eat money.” Quote of victims of a genocide nobody talks about…..

  3. Globalism destroys the most beautiful things about our world. Our culture, our identities, our proud histories. It destroys what makes us, us. It makes us into millions of insects crawling the earth. We as humans have walked a long journey in this world, and we should embrace and love our past and our ancestors who strived to give us what they couldnt have. Globalism is my enemy and I love my country and my heritage, i am a nationalist and proud to defend my homeland.

  4. What a bunch of crap! Let me tally it all… you the consumer will pay for it all. While the 1% gets and excuse to get away with slavery, either here in America or overseas (Globalization: it only work for corp. Try an find a job [your services] across the world while you reside in another country.)

  5. carbon dioxide from vehicles is not the main source of global warming by a long shot. Although everyone assumes it and think its basic knowledge it is wrong. Big green companies/charaties say it is to make it easier for people to follow and donate. People buy bikes and energy saving light bulbs and low flow nozzles but what causes 51% global pollution and makes Americas constant grid locked traffic and races that only 13% of their pollution is cows. They release huge amounts of methane and for 1 litre of milk need a 1000 litres of water. If you want more information watch cowspiricy.

  6. Basic Income—-Global State—–Freedom to move + Cosmic Evolution. Global Offices for the Global traffic: basic needs, info, work, study, homes, etc. One passport.

  7. Family Society: 1) flying home 2) self food production 3) self health care 4) central world data base 5) aim in life 6) technology global share practice. Working number is 3/12 Capricorn-Taurus-Virgo.

  8. How we communicate in Global? Do I have enough of energy power to talk so much that it is enough to hear in Global. How we meet foreigners, when is no at all our home familiar things abroad? How we understand everything, have energy for everything, will get a basic needs everywhere: food, clothes, health (Global Clinic), family, home?

  9. Can someone please help me i have a presentation about that topic & i don't know what to say about it😔😔😔😔

  10. The intro music killed my eardrums 😂😂 By the way. Thank you for this great video. I finally learned something. Really helpful 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  11. please brothers and sisters can you please answer my question /…. WHAT IS THE STRUCTURE OF GLOBALIZATION ???


  13. yeah about global warming, it may do damage to nature but it is not really harming the earth. We are going to wipe ourselves out at a certain point with all the greenhouse gasses but not the earth. You should also call it "climate change" because it is a change in climate and doesn't always have to be a place getting warmer because of human interaction.

  14. wonderful explanation thank you! I hadn't thought of globalization as being such a cause of social and environmental issues, had only considered the jobs/economic aspect when choosing to 'buy locally', we can all help the world by buying locally, reducing carbon use and maintaining social standards in our own areas.

  15. Content was proceeding credibly until 'Global Warming' was presented as fact. As a result this 'explanation' becomes wrought propaganda. Caveat emptor most certainly applies.

  16. DescriptionGlobalization or globalisation is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide

  17. Funny how they sugar coated the fact that corporations take advantage of slave labor in these 3rd world countries and that the 3rd world has an endless supply of around 3.8 billion people living on around $2 per day to exploit. Meanwhile, the American people who made these corporations possible get nothing in return as they watch their jobs disappear and watch the greedy fat cats who run these carpet bagging corporations become obscenely wealthy through a system of modern day slavery.

  18. Globalisation =the globalised exploitation of the working class for the sake of profit. Globalisation is good if you are not working class and it's bad if you are. That's all you need to know children. Run along with your smartphones that are produced in countries where exploitation is worse and just be thankful you are not one of the workers who produced it.

  19. Globalization is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It will cause the transfer of wealth from western nations to poorer nations enriching the uber wealthy in the process. It will kill the middle class in western nations and destroy the many freedoms held there. The "advantages" of Globalization is a mirage. Globalization should be resisted by all nations, rich or poor.

  20. Since 1990 global economy started Post millennium Internet and Information Technology have United our world World is one how wonderful 👍 👏

  21. Globalization allows your boss to earn 20 % higher profits while paying you 20% less wages. But atleast you get ethnic food!

  22. So our universities have become marxist re-education camps.
    Fucking more insane than flat earthers – at least they are harmless.

  23. Globalisation only multiplies the positive and negative products of CAPITALISM.
    Extreme everything.

  24. I study at Uni and they provide us with this link. Frankly, I am super happy. as english people say 1 picture is better than 1000 words,

  25. Remember the days when lefties and liberals used to protest on the streets against globalisation? What happened to them!!

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