Globalist Trudeau Brushes Off The Rise Of Populism In Canada

Globalist Trudeau Brushes Off The Rise Of Populism In Canada

how much are you seeing the the rise of either nationalist movements or or isolationist or populist movements in Canada how is that playing out in the face of these forces we have a little bit of that but I mean for example the the one thing that you know one of the things that we have that is extraordinarily valuable is a population that is positively inclined towards immigrants and refugees and that comes from and that's not sort of the government driving that that's Canadians in their communities right across the country people are welcoming Syrian refugees knowing that being able to draw in great talent from around the world is going to create better opportunities and jobs for everyone in Canada and as a government being able to promote that and protect that with a strong and rigorous immigration system bringing in things like our global skills strategy that means that if you're a company wanting to invest in Canada you can bring in some of your top talent in two weeks get a get a work permit in two weeks because we know that that means you're going to be hiring up some of our great local engineers the great graduates we have from our top universities and creating good jobs for them instead of what we have up until now which is recognizing that the top universities in Silicon Valley where they get most of the graduates from are you know for example University of Waterloo so we have a lot of great Canadian talent going elsewhere now with the stability with the approach with the basket of solutions that we're creating in Canada that is bucking a little bit of the tides that are of concern to people who play in the globalization sandbox there is a real interest in what Canada has to offer and I think that's one of the reasons I'm so happy to be here and chatting with all of you is to say that Canada is often overlooked but I'll tell you I was listening yesterday some of the countries that weren't the companies that weren't overlooking Canada you know the big Amazon's and Facebook's and apples and Google's are all investing in Canada because there is a quality of work of innovation of solution of quality of life for workers and citizens that is a very exciting place to be and an important driver of success in the global economy

35 thoughts on “Globalist Trudeau Brushes Off The Rise Of Populism In Canada

  1. what Western cities have been built in Africa in the last century ???
    who built them ???
    when was slavery ended in the middle East ???
    what equality rules does the middle East have ???
    does Canada have laws in place too assure assimilation???
    did Muslim rape gangs supply children to British government pediphiles???
    why did the pedifile airplane Lolita express fly elite pediphiles to the Caribbean???
    why did Justin trudoue meet a Muslim representative in the Caribbean???
    what is ADRENOCHROME???

  2. How about Rob Ford ….most dont want more immigrants Some will never work.Some immigrants will only hire own people.
    Not us . Especially since every every immigrant must be Muslim.

  3. Let me tell you all something. Justin Trudeau visits the HQ's of Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc…in Toronto at least once a month. Why?….he is making sure all the media on board with his (Globalist) agenda. I have no doubt he is telling them what they are to report on and what agenda to push. In this case it is "Genders" and "Migration", the only two things he can talk about because, as an unqualified leader, those are the two subjects he was "put into power" to push. Everything I have just written is my opinion, but the part about him visiting the top media centers in Toronto once a month is a fact. Don't ask me how I know.

  4. GLOBALISED SAND BOX ?? what on earth are you saying Trudeau ? you need to go back to drama school you seem to be forgetting your lines .

  5. Prime minister Trudeau will be remembered as the worst leader of a western nation in all of history.

  6. If you ever listened to Canadians, you'd know what we really think of your open border policies. Then there's your allowing ISIS fighters to return to Canada and just resume their lives. How about the fact that it's recently been discovered that you're funding terrorism. Trudeau is so clueless about what Canadians think about anything, and he's the most dangerous thing we're facing right now. Come on Oct. 2019.

  7. I came looking for stupid comments. I was not disappointed. I wish all the populist fan could live in Yugoslavia before and during the war.

  8. No you are driving all this immigration you are ruining Canada just stop just quit your job just quit please just quit I'm begging you you're embarrassing Canada

  9. What a dumb ass….
    The Canadian government has the slowest, most confused and deficient system on the planet!

  10. Western mainstream media, is the enemy of the white christain race. Their not going to tell you they are, your going to have to find it out for yourselfs

  11. He has NO IDEA what Canadians think! No idea whatsoever! That's why he isn't going to be PM for very much longer.

  12. I left Canada because this mannequin weaseled his way into higher office. He is a cad. He does NOT speak for Canadians.

  13. Let's face it, the only reason Trudeau was elected was because he was talking about legalizing weed. That's it.

  14. I voted For Trudeau….. Worst decision I ever fucking made. A conservative Canada is the best Canada. End the Islamisation of our great nation

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