Globalisation Over Nationalism: Historian Yuval Noah Harari | India Today Conclave 2018

Globalisation Over Nationalism: Historian Yuval Noah Harari | India Today Conclave 2018

36 thoughts on “Globalisation Over Nationalism: Historian Yuval Noah Harari | India Today Conclave 2018

  1. The first few minutes talk by Harari was interesting until the Q&A when the moderator ruined it with most irrelevant and dull questions.

  2. It's really great to have Yuval in India to clarify many point of Indian perspective on history belief religion and myth of which many pol. leader try to picture to gain power and personal benefit. Truth sets ablaze on certain aspects, by his speech…

  3. Im with him on Globalism but he places too much optimism on technology. We will never gain immortality. Death is destiny.

  4. I’m so glad India Today brought him. Harari is the most interesting popular public intellectual at this point.

  5. 1:18:35 He lost me the moment he decided a cheap & silly feminist joke was a great idea. Also there are films with antagonist male AIs as well.

  6. Globalization is good, but from the view of "spiritual socialism",
    Not from the view of " material capitalism "( also national capitalism said)

  7. These peoples r pure capitalist and want to exploit India more and more.
    While by tradition ,India is pure strict socialist country.
    And now India have to awaken for into it's traditional socialism which is based on god centered life.

  8. Great India Today for this !
    Next time around, you can take a little bit care about the questions / more importantly how they are framed and asked

  9. So much advertisement, just so distracting ! Please know when to use it and when not to….it takes away from this great speaker 🙁 thank you Mr Harari !

  10. Good lecture. But I profusely disagree with some of the points he's trying to make. E.g. Lives lost in Cold War and assumption that it ended peacefully – nuclear war in Cold war era was prevented but the proxy wars caused much of the damage which we cannot ignore e.g. Korean War or South American Wars or Afgan Soviet war which gave rise to Al Qaeda. And "War WAS the only tool used to advance it's interests" – I think it still IS for United States. Look at Iraq – I'd recommend reports by Jeremy Scahill (editor of The Intercept) on wars on middle east, or regime changes in Africa and South America. Noam Chomsky also sheds light on the history of United States trying to use war as the only tool to advance it's interests.

  11. "If a temple brings violence and disharmony to the world, it's a broken temple. What do you need it for?" – Perfect question for current situation in India.

  12. Loved the talk, but I was a bit puzzled by his answer about wheat. Would he have said the same thing about domesticated animals like pigs, cows and chickens? Would he have said that they are the ones who domesticated us, the "poor apes" who kill them by the hundreds of millions and billions? I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't have said that, since he's vegan.

  13. 43:40 loved it- the part about God. The host asked some really silly and some great questions. The way he answered was phenomenol.

  14. When groups began to settle in one place there came the need for rules governing the shared access to nature, to the water, timber, plants, animals and other resources necessary to support life. While these rules were early on based on a desire to achieve equality of opportunity, eventually every society succumbs to the creation of a privileged hierarchy based to a large extent on monopoly control over nature, over land. Control over nature results in the concentration of economic and political power, with the landless forced to compete with one another for a subsistence existence. While we see that the percentage of desperately poor people in almost every society has fallen in recent decades, the absolute number of very poor people continues to increase. And so, millions and millions of people accept and endure the worst hardships in an effort to escape from poverty, from oppression and from brutality.

  15. You are a real Teacher prof. Harari ! Pls. Keep up the good work saving the trough from being abused ! Or miss used !!

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